Fashion 2018: tendencies and fashion trends for 2018

Fashion 2018 is full of originality, riot of colors, feminine silhouettes and bold combinations. In fashion trends for 2018 designers presented complex styles with abundance of small accents, such as lace, embroidery, sequins, contrasting belts. In this article, you will get acquainted with 2018 fashion trends offered by famous designers. You will see how you can transfer fashion dresses 2018 from magazines to everyday life.

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Fashion 2018: Dior Style, Safari style

Silhouettes in style of Dior are one of fashion 2018 trends. Lush skirts on ankle will be relevant as ever. They will give femininity and grace to any image. In order to look modern, combine it with shoes without a heel – clogs on platform, elegant ballet flats, and even shoes will be successful options.

fashion-2018-fashion-trends-for-2018-fashion-dresses-2018-2018-fashion-trends-dior-style-fashion trends for 2018

Overalls and dresses with straight truncated sleeves, slightly flared skirts or shorts are one of 2018 fashion trends. Romantic style is never obsolete, but in the latest collections of designers, it’s traced especially clearly. Knitted pants or skinny trousers, tight tops and jumpers, sneakers and backpacks are all in 2018 fashion. Loose coats, blouses, and dresses sometimes emphasize figure better than tight fitting models.

fashion-2018-fashion-trends-for-2018-fashion-dresses-2018-2018-fashion-trends-knitted-pants-loose-coats-fashion trends for 2018

Embroidery is often found at the last shows and refers to the ethnic style. However, in combination with modern styles or elegant classics, embroidery is perceived in a different way. Often, it refers to the retro style. It is an important highlight in strictest manner.

fashion-2018-fashion-trends-for-2018-fashion-dresses-2018-2018-fashion-trends-embroidery-fashion trends for 2018

One of fascinating fashion trends for 2018 is decorative bows on sleeves or in the neckline, belts tied in a bow, small decorative bows in retro style or ribbons on sleeves and décolleté. Anyway, this detail makes image alive and playful. Usual models of jumpers, shirts, and blouses, where shoulders are lowered down is still gaining popularity in fashion trends for 2018. The bare belly is still in fashion, especially in combination with skirts and high-fit trousers. Pantaloons, wide trousers and flared trousers in retro style are comfortable to wear every day. It perfectly emphasizes slender legs and makes you visually superior.


Designers presented a huge variety of denim clothing, such as pants, overalls, dresses, jackets. And on the catwalks, you can meet the most unusual styles of 2018 season. Jeans trousers, shirts without buttons and skirts with uneven hem are all in 2018 fashion trends.  Particular attention is paid to shirts and vests. Fashionable denim clothing is far from classic styles. If you want to look original, you will surely find something for yourself. All this will be in fashion trends for 2018.

fashion-2018-fashion-trends-for-2018-fashion-dresses-2018-2018-fashion-trends-bows-2018 fashion trends

fashion-2018-fashion-trends-for-2018-fashion-dresses-2018-2018-fashion-trends-2018 fashion trends

Bright colors, adjacent to black and white, geometric prints on soft fabric folds create a rebellious and elegant image. The most successful solutions of outfits are shine and shimmer in 2018. This refers to the disco style of the 80’s.

fashion-2018-fashion-trends-for-2018-fashion-dresses-2018-2018-fashion-trends-trendy-red-2018 fashion trends

Fashion dresses 2018: Peas, flowing fabric, Japanese style

Extravagant fashion dresses can’t always be worn for a walk around the city. In fashion dresses 2018, the trends will find expression in more practical and less grotesque images. Jeans and white shirt are perfect combinations that will never go out of fashion. You can complement them with cozy overweight jacket. And bare shoulders look great on knitted sweaters. It’s trendy, but at the same time, it’s not provocative and comfortable option for everyday use. Fashion dresses 2018 are rich in color.

fashion-2018-fashion-trends-for-2018-fashion-dresses-2018-2018-fashion-trends-green-coat- fashion dresses 2018

Peas, flowing fabric and flared skirt create an actual and feminine image in retro style. It can be emphasized by wearing shoes with heels and taking clutch or making it more modern with jacket and ballet shoes.

fashion-2018-fashion-trends-for-2018-fashion-dresses-2018-2018-fashion-trends-peas- fashion dresses 2018

Simple and feminine dress in Japanese style with embroidery will be convenient for fashion dresses 2018. Overlay jacket, loose shorts, reminiscent of skirt with complex cut, loose blouse with accentuated shoulders and V-neckline visually enlarging chest are in fashion. Unusual combinations of colors, such as coral with cream and white, all these are fashion 2018 trends. Metallic color, rhinestones, and sequins are perfect solutions for fashion dresses 2018. If you choose so bright material, silhouette should be as simple as possible. 2018 fashion trends are full of different shades of red. In fashion trends for 2018 are lacquered leather raincoats of red color and bright monophonic dresses.

fashion-2018-fashion-trends-for-2018-fashion-dresses-2018-2018-fashion-trends-Japanese-style- fashion dresses 2018

Separate highlight of  2018 fashion trends is wide contrasting belts. The combination of sky-blue with red, and bright pink with green looks great. Boat shoes on a small hairpin fit well and don’t distract attention from dress. Pleating, lace and high collars, again referring to retro, will be relevant in fashion 2018. In order to add to image of modernity, these details can be combined with the silhouette of oversize.

fashion-2018-fashion-trends-for-2018-fashion-dresses-2018-2018-fashion-trends-coral-and-cream- fashion dresses 2018

Fashion 2018: tendencies of fashion

However, for looking really stylish, it’s worth choosing a reserved silhouette. Looks good blouses with sleeves bat, long flowing dresses or, conversely, silhouettes with rigid forms, slightly resembling a techno style. Great looks combination of shiny sequins with other textures – leather, suede, silk or corduroy. If you want to add color to the image, this can be done using artificial fur. With it, any comfortable and loose clothes will look unusual.

fashion-2018-fashion-trends-for-2018-fashion-dresses-2018-2018-fashion-trends-Fashion 2018

Designers use muted shades of bright colors to create a gentle feminine image. All with a tight top and high waist, and embroidered with flowers and floral ornaments are trendy, due to color contrasts. In fashion 2018 prevails free styles and pastel colors. These things are simple, practical, but at the same time very feminine due to the soft texture of fabric and flowing draperies.


fashion-2018-fashion-trends-for-2018-fashion-dresses-2018-2018-fashion-trends-Fashion 2018

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