Fashion jewelry 2018: stylish trends and tendencies of jewelry

Designers annually present us incredible collections of jewelry that can make catchy and memorable even the simple bow. Jewelry will play the role of the main accent in the image, eclipsing even shoes and bags. Let’s talk about what trends we should consider when choosing fashion jewelry 2018.

fashion jewelry 2018, trends and tendencies of jewelry

Feminine chains, bracelets, as well as massive costume jewelry are in the fashion jewelry 2018 trend.

fashion jewelry 2018, fashion brooches

Brooches are also trendy.  Retro options, decorated with Swarovski stones and pearls, and brutal jewelry made of metal are in the trend. The use of figures of snakes, butterflies is the main trend in the segment of brooches. Lovers of elegant brooches can look for a stylish pin with several tiers of chains. fashion jewelry 2018, stylish necklace


Asymmetry is in trend, women should wear only a massive earring or wear jewelry of the same style, but differ in size.

fashion jewelry 2018, stylish asymmetric earrings

Chokers from velvet are no longer trendy, but there are exceptions to this rule. Chokers in which thin strips of letters with a slogan on a thin leather strip are in fashion.

fashion jewelry 2018, stylish choker

We will separately mention jewelry with a decor in the birds’ form. You can see this exotic fashion jewelry 2018 trend on the shows from Lanvin and Gucci.

fashion jewelry 2018, earrings and rings bird

Trending boho from Etro, Missoni, and Valentino are in trend.

fashion jewelry 2018, boho style jewelry

One of the marvelous fashion jewelry 2018 is bracelets. If you don’t like decorating yourself with earrings or rings, just buy a pair of bracelets in the bunch of chains form. A massive product in ethnic or punk style or even a bracelet of sheared fur can be suitable.

fashion jewelry 2018, stylish bracelets

In the selection of a color solution, there is one important rule: your decorations should either harmoniously blend with the colors of clothing, or stand out in a monochrome image.

fashion jewelry 2018,stylish necklaces

Stylists insist on the rule of one accent: massive necklaces, earrings or pendants supplement with weightless decorations.

fashion jewelry 2018, fashionable rings

It is worth wearing a lot of elegant adornments in the lemon-gold or silver shades. In the winter season, small decorations are lost on the background of voluminous cardigans and overcoats. So choose huge brooches or frilly bracelets which will look perfect on the wrist directly over the glove.

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