Lingerie 2022: Fashion Trends for Ladies Underwear To Try In 2022

Women’s lingerie is clothing that is worn directly on the naked body and serves to maintain hygiene and create comfort. Each of fair sex has ladies underwear for different occasions. Let’s discuss fashion trends for lingerie 2022.

lingerie-2022-womens-lingerie-ladies-underwear-lingerie 2022

lingerie-2022-womens-lingerie-ladies-underwear-lingerie 2022

Fashion trends of ladies underwear 2022

Designers offer to stock up couple of sets that excite imagination.

We recommend paying attention to retro prints, ribbons, and lacing. Retro style made ladies underwear comfortable and incredibly luxurious.

Undoubtedly,  classic underwear will be key element of every woman’s wardrobe in 2022. Particular attention deserves underwear in pastel colors, elegant, warm and concise.


Incredible variety of styles and colors allows to choose any color of linen, but in special list still burgundy, red, black, blue, emerald and white.

lingerie-2022-womens-lingerie-ladies-underwear-lingerie 2022

At the height of popularity in 2022 are rhinestones and ribbons.

When choosing seductive set, give preference to black color, seductive red or trendy Bordeaux. Women’s lingerie of gentle pink color will also look beautiful.

lingerie-2022-womens-lingerie-ladies-underwear-red-and-purple-ladies underwear

lingerie-2022-womens-lingerie-ladies-underwear-lace-and-ribbons-ladies underwear

If you prefer classic sets of quality materials, please yourself with new set created in romantic mood.

Piquancy to gentle image will add floral print or, for example, contrasting embroidery.

In new season, romantic style means abundance of tulle, lace, smooth microfiber, shiny satin.

Designers include guipure in form of inserts, contrasting or in tone of product for women’s lingerie decor.

lingerie-2022-womens-lingerie-ladies-underwear-floral-womens lingerie

Lingerie 2022: Corsets and bustiers, sports style and erotic underwear

Bustiers and corsets are one of lingerie  2022 trends. In sporting direction designers offer tight cups for bustiers and bras, backrest without decor should be as laconic as possible.

In contrast to retro style, thong will be another most fashionable form of panties.

lingerie-2022-womens-lingerie-ladies-underwear-corset- lingerie  2022

Erotic underwear, like no other, emphasizes natural beauty of female body, performing more decorative than hygienic role.

Thin transparent fabrics, richly decorated with ribbons, paillettes, and rhinestones, beckoning into a sweet world of dreams and pleasure.

Erotic underwear is almost work of art,  best gift for loved one, expression of deep feelings and unrestrained attraction.

Many manufacturers of ladies underwear represent both everyday clothes and erotic underwear for females and their courageous companions.



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