Lipstick trends 2018: stylish trends and tendencies of lips 2018

Any professional makeup artist insists that the lips are no less important part of the image of a woman than anything else. And to follow the fashion trends in the makeup of lips isn’t less important than for actual trends in clothing and jewelry. We have talked about lipstick colors 2018. So, what to expect in lipstick trends 2018?

lipstick trends 2018, trends and tendencies of lips 2018

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lipstick trends 2018, stylish lipsticks 2018

The makeup of lips ombre is extremely trendy in recent years and will be relevant in lipstick trends 2018. Basically, designers use two shades, close to each other.  But you can choose more colors. Otherwise, makeup will not be appropriate.

lipstick trends 2018, stylish ombre lips

If you want creativity, stop picking what’s fashionable, it’s wine, orange, purple, pink, terracotta and scarlet, and a shade of fuchsia.

Types of permanent makeup lips are a feathered outline which is suitable for those with a problem only with the sharpness of the contour.

The shades should be as much as possible natural. The intensity of shading depends on the desired effect. If you just want to correct the contour, then make a feather for a third, if you dream about juiciness – two-thirds.

lipstick trends 2018, permanent lip makeup

Watercolor is an ideal choice for those ladies who want naturalness, the excessive pallor of their own lips makes the technique of the shaded contour not entirely successful. Filling, in this case, is complete, but the color gamut is gentle and differs by smooth transitions.

lipstick trends 2018, watercolor lips 2018

The effect of lipstick excellently corrects asymmetry, makes the lips always bright. As if they’ve just been painted.

lipstick trends 2018, fashionable 3d lips

3D is a game with several shades, in which on the lips as if constantly glare, a game of light and shadow. Such an effect will look perfect both in the natural palette and in a brighter. It’s one of the boldest lipstick trends 2018.

lipstick trends 2018, trendy wine lipstick

Makeup artists agreed in opinion that the main trend of this autumn is lipstick of wine color, and the most different shades (from light to as dark as possible). The lipstick of the wine range looks perfect with the lack of makeup in your eyes and a pale face.

The lack of clear outlines and fuzzy boundaries, as if you have just kissed passionately, is also one of the main tendencies of autumn. To create the effect of “kissed” lips, makeup artists advise applying lipstick, not in a classical way but to drive it with the pads of fingers. Don’t draw a clear outline, it should be blurred.

lipstick trends 2018, stylish kissed lips

Lip makeup looks pretty interesting but hard to perform. In general, this trend came to us from Korea, where they came up with a concealer for the lips and covered the lip with tint or lipstick. Such an illusion of freshly kissed lips is really one of the marvelous lipstick trends 2018.

lipstick trends 2018, fashionable lips 2018

To make a similar makeup, you will need two lipsticks, close to each other in shade, a napkin and a pencil (or tint) for the lips). Cover your lips with a pencil (tint), after staining the edges (neatly and with a thin line) with a darker lipstick. Blot with a napkin. And it’s ready.

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