Nail polish 2018: actual and trendy nail polish trends 2018

Do you want to follow all popular nail polish trends 2018 in order to look modern and stylish? Read this article about fresh novelties and ideas of nail polish 2018 that designers offer us for upcoming season.

nail-polish-2018-nail-polish-trends-2018-gel-nail-polish-Nail polish 2018

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nail-polish-2018-nail-polish-trends-2018-gel-nail-polish-Nail polish 2018

Nail polish 2018: Gel nail polish

Gel is the most stylish nail polish 2018, which combines beauty and practicality. It allows to create almost any design and make it resistant.

nail-polish-2018-nail-polish-trends-2018-gel-nail-polish-Nail polish 2018

Thanks to combination of lacquer and gel nail polish, surface of nails become very strong. This is great opportunity to grow long nails if they are fragile because with gel nail polish they are guaranteed not to break. Gel can last up to month, especially if nails don’t grow too fast, this will allow your hands look perfect without any effort.

Gel nail polish 2018

Gel lacquer gives much more intense color than conventional polishes due to its dense layer, and glossy texture. You should carefully choose salon and specialist in order to make your nails as strong as possible. Sometimes due to long application or insufficient drying under lamp, nail polish may not harden properly, and then it will be scratched or chipped.

nail-polish-2018-nail-polish-trends-2018-gel-nail-polish-gel nail polish

It’s necessary to avoid excessive exposure to water. Water, especially warm, soften nail plate, and gel lacquer can peel off. Don’t attempt to remove gel lacquer by yourself, it’s tightly adhered to nails.

Nail polish colors 2018

Trying to remove it by yourself you can damage your nails. The following color combinations will be fashionable, pale, almost transparent pink with raspberry, neon green with emerald, peach with juicy orange, sand with rich yellow, salmon with scarlet, gray with purple. Monochrome nail polish, made in one color is also in fashion. It can be both light gel of pastel tones of matte texture, and gel of bright neon shade.

nail-polish-2018-nail-polish-trends-2018-gel-nail-polish-gel nail polish

One of the most trendy nail polish trends 2018 is matte surface of nails, without gloss and mother-of-pearl, which looks advantageously on short nails. In spring-summer season, choose namely matte nail polish texture.

Also popular are metal surface, steel, gold, silver shades. Combination of matte nail polish and steel texture is current trend in nail art. Marigolds painted in matte pastel colors, such as soft beige, pink, blue, light gray with glued metallized horizontal or vertical strips will look interesting.

nail-polish-2018-nail-polish-trends-2018-gel-nail-polish-matte-green-nail polish trends 2018

nail-polish-2018-nail-polish-trends-2018-gel-nail-polish-matte-coffin-and-black--nail polish trends 2018

nail-polish-2018-nail-polish-trends-2018-gel-nail-polish-matte--nail polish trends 2018

Metallic nail polish color 2018

Fashionable metallic nail polish color looks superb on nails. You can add glossy metallic elements to any ordinary nail design or take gold, silver and copper shade for basis. For example, solid silver nails look great.

They are quite unusual and sparkling but don’t add bright, screaming tones that might look vulgar. If you choose metallic nail polish as main tone, you should either leave nails in one color or choose design with classic colors. Don’t overdo it with shine and don’t add nail polish based on color of metallic sequins and rhinestones, it will look redundant.

nail-polish-2018-nail-polish-trends-2018-gel-nail-polish-metallic-shiny-nail polish trends 2018

nail-polish-2018-nail-polish-trends-2018-gel-nail-polish-metallic-nail polish trends 2018

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