Pedicure 2018: stylish ideas and trends of pedicure designs 2018

Pedicure nail art is an integral part of the image of a modern girl. Women need to monitor new trends and use the advanced trends to create a fashionable pedicure 2018. Let’s get introduced to pedicure designs 2018 trends.

pedicure 2018, stylish trends and ideas of pedicure nail art

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Pedicure 2018: trendy styles

Monochrome nails are in the pedicure 2018 trend. Nail designers advise not to use the same colors on the hands and feet nails, believing that such a performance emphasizes provinciality and simplifies the image. Juicy colors are in fashion, such as coral, green, orange, yellow, transparent blue.

pedicure 2018, monochrome pedicure 2018

Blue, gold, wine-red, green polish colors are trendy for spring and summer nails. These colors are especially harmonious with light clothing and shoes. Chocolate and black color are also modish. A stylish monochrome coating is a bold trend of pedicure 2018.

pedicure 2018, stylish pedicure with rhinestones

The design of nails with rhinestones continues to lead. Don’t decorate the entire nail plate with rhinestones. Simply apply single stones at the nail base or in the center. Rhinestones made only on the nail of the thumb will look stylish.

Pedicure designs 2018: fashionable ideas

The classic lunar pedicure changes the color palette and the location of the “crescent moon”. White and silver, sky blue with bright yellow, pale pink with Bordeaux are trendy. Try to make a scarlet triangle at the base of nail plate on a clean white background. In addition, this solution will look appropriate, both on the beach and in the office. This is one of the trendiest pedicure designs 2018.

pedicure designs 2018, lunar pedicure 2018

A double “crescent” is one of the novelties in design. For a lunar pedicure, choose glossy polishes.

pedicure designs 2018, stylish french pedicure 2018French perfectly complements any image and remains in the trend for several decades. First, the color scale has changed. Bright colors saturated sunny and orange polishes, bright scarlet, blue, gold is in fashion. Ombre is a no less stylish trend of pedicure designs 2018. Fashion dictates a softer transition from one color to another and the use of soft, pastel shades. The most fashionable combination:

from deep blue to soft blue;

from bright salad to sunny yellow;

purple to lavender;

pure red to dark brown.

pedicure designs 2018, fashionable ombre pedicure 2018

“Striped” pedicure 2018 is in fashion. Soft, pastel hues are preferred. Flower design not only didn’t leave fashion Olympus but also strengthened its position in creating a pedicure nail art. Fine flower compositions will decorate the image making it more tender and sensual. Also, small chamomiles, violets, poppies, roses will look modish.

pedicure designs 2018, pedicure with flower elements

Fashionable multicolored nails give the image spontaneity, lightness, romanticism. It’s trendy to apply not only different shades of the same color range but also absolutely different, contrasting.

pedicure nail art, multicolored pedicure 2018

Mix several polishes and apply the resulting scale to 2 nails or make an accent, by painting them with polish with sparkles or confetti.  As for top trends, it is better not to use complex, ornate ornaments and drawings, because in fashion simplicity, brightness and style.

pedicure nail art, stylish ideas of pedicure 2018

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