2018 hair trends: fashion trends and tendencies of haircuts 2018

If earlier haircut was a usual procedure, which was rather hygienic, now you won’t find a person who goes to a beauty salon simply to cut her hair. Now everyone follows latest hair trends. Perhaps the most dramatic changes in 2018 hair trends will affect short haircuts. So, let’s get introduced to haircuts 2018.

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-Hair trends 2018

2018 hair trends: short hairstyles options

Man-like and boyish haircuts lose their leadership positions, giving way to feminine forms, elegantly framing the face. Some girls consider the choice of such hairstyle a very bold and daring choice. Short haircuts have proven that they can look no less sexy than long. It will give its owner a lot of advantages, such as convenience in hot weather, minimum effort for styling hair and others. If you are just going to get a stylish haircut or haven’t imagined your image for a long time without short hair, then it’ll be useful for you to read what will be 2018 hair trends. So, at the peak of popularity of haircuts 2018 will be:

  • Short haircuts with geometric shapes
  • Haircut Bob
  • In grunge style
  • Short carre
  • Pixie
  • Ultra-short haircuts with brightly colored hair
  • Short and smooth haircuts “for a boy”
  • Short voluminous haircuts

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-short-haircuts-Hair trends 2018

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-short-haircuts-Hair trends 2018

Haircuts 2018: Medium haircuts

Not so long ago, medium haircuts were at the peak of popularity. However, gradually they went out of fashion, giving way to long curls, hair extensions. Such kind of haircuts 2018 will suit absolutely every woman.  Such fashionable haircuts are universal, as they can easily be collected or left loose. Medium-length hairstyles are still popular due to the fact that not many people want to grow long and silky hair, and short one doesn’t suit everyone. Thus, popular and favorite medium-length haircuts will become a real trend. Stylists are advised to try the following variations of haircuts 2018:

  • Combination of straight or asymmetrical bangs with medium-length hair
  • Ultrashort bangs
  • Haircuts in the Vidal Sasson technique
  • Cascade for medium length of hair

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-medium-haircuts-Hair trends 2018

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-medium-haircuts-Hair trends 2018

Haircuts 2018 gives you a huge variety of styling methods. You can make large curls with a curling iron, ironing straightener, gather hair into a tall tail, make an elegant bun or high hairstyle. For cascading haircuts, “disheveled” styling that gives carelessness and adolescence to your image will be relevant.

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-medium-haircuts-Hair trends 2018

 2018 hair trends: trends for long hair

Long hair is a trend that will never go out of fashion. But it’s not enough to just grow your hair. To be an effective long-haired beauty, you need constant care for your curls. And brightly colored strands, strands of different lengths, interesting coloring, all this will help you become trendy. 2018 hair trends for long haircuts offers the use of 2 basic techniques of latest hair trends :

  • Cascading hairstyle
  • Patchwork haircut.

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-long-haircuts-2018 hair trends-Haircuts 2018

Such variants of 2018 hair trends will make your hair incredibly voluminous and interesting. Long haircuts look great with buns of very different shapes and textures. Of course, when choosing a bang, lean on the structure of your hair. Girls with long hair always look very feminine and sexy. It allows you to create an incredibly huge amount of hairstyles. The most fashionable long hairstyles will be:

  • Weaving
  • Large curls
  • Perfectly straight, mirrored hair
  • Ponytail
  • Negligent bundles, etc.

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-long-haircuts-2018 hair trends-Haircuts 2018
hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-long-haircuts-2018 hair trends-Haircuts 2018

Latest hair trends: Carre

Despite the fact that carre has already been more than 100 years old, it doesn’t lose its popularity, but on the contrary, with each season it recruits new fashionable strokes and variations. This universal haircut is suitable for any type of hair, face shape, and status of a woman. It’s ideal not only for creating a business image but for everyday life. A large number of variants of laying carre attract women even more. You can wear both a strictly geometric straight hairstyle and a romantic one with light curls. In latest hair trends  the following types of carre will undoubtedly remain fashionable:

  • Clear rectangular carre
  • Elongated
  • An elongated carre with a “short” occiput
  • carre “on the foot”
  • With broom
  • Ultrashort
  • Bob- carre
  • Graduated, etc.

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-carre-2018 hair trends-Haircuts 2018hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-carre- latest hair trends

2018 hair trends: Long bangs

Long bangs are one of latest hair trends. This element of haircut will make your image sexy, sensual and slanting. Long bangs looks mysterious. Fashionable will be both long bangs under a straight cut, closing eyebrows, and oblique. It’s worth noting that such type of bangs fit the owner of thick hair. The slanting fringe has an incredible number of benefits for any haircut:

  • Long oblique bangs diversify the most boring and habitual haircut
  • Perfectly adjusts the face oval
  • Makes the hairdressing plastic and lively
  • A long slanting fringe approaches to haircuts of different length

Long slanting bangs are an indispensable element of haircut for girls with a “square” shape of the face.

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-long-bangs-latest hair trends

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-long-bangs-latest hair trends

As for fashionable colors and shades of hair, in hair trends 2018 you will have absolute freedom to use your imagination. You should definitely try one of the suggested types of staining, which will be ultra modern in 2018 hair trends:

  • Dark-colored roots of blonde girls
  • Gothic black hair color
  • Noble chestnut color
  • California or Venetian highlights for girls with light brown hair
  • Moderate shade of hair in red-haired girls
  • Bonding
  • Ombre
  • Coloring

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-trendy-colors-latest hair trends

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-medium-haircuts-long-haircuts-2018-latest-hair-trends-trendy-colors-latest hair trends

Nature has not awarded every girl with thick hair. But everyone can choose a universal haircut, which will hide this feature of hair. 2018 hair trends for thin hair include:

  • Asymmetrical
  • “Shaggy”
  • Short haircut
  • Cascading

Stylish will be many shades of blonde, light brown, red and dark hair. The more natural the selected color will look, the better.
In fashion will be some not very familiar shades and tones. The effect of “bronzing” will become very popular. Ashy hair color will also become a trend.

hair-trends-2018-haircuts-2018-2018-hair-trends-latest-hair-trends-color-trends-latest hair trends

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