2018 hairstyles: hair accessories and trendy hairstyles 2018

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2018-hairstyles-hair-accessories-2018-trendy-hairstyles-2018-2018 hairstyles2018-hairstyles-hair-accessories-2018-trendy-hairstyles-2018-2018 hairstyles

2018 hairstyles: stylish hairstyles

  • Corrugation styling is one of modish 2018 hairstyles! It’s better collecting corrugated hair in a magnificent tail, as in Vanessa Seward show. Gently comb it back, as the Ports 1961 suggests. The famous stylist-hairdresser Guido Palau at the Alexander McQueen show acted even more original. He corrugated only a part of strands and tied them in a small tail. Take the idea for a note!

2018-hairstyles-hair-accessories-2018-trendy-hairstyles-2018-corrugated-hair-2018 hairstyles

  • Stylist Sam McKnight, at the fashion week in Paris markedly lifted models’ hair at roots. The result was highlighted by wide bright bandages. It was created an impression as if girls are pacing catwalk with crowns on heads.

2018-hairstyles-hair-accessories-2018-trendy-hairstyles-2018-fashion-week-hair accessories 2018


2018-hairstyles-hair-accessories-2018-trendy-hairstyles-2018-fashion-week-hair accessories 2018

Hair accessories 2018: fashionable and charming trends

Hair accessories 2018 will be three-dimensional bandage with stones, black velvet bow or thin elegant hair band. All kinds of wreaths, hairpins, and hoops with flowers are special chic of season. Stylists assure that roses and peonies should not leave your hair until winter.

2018-hairstyles-hair-accessories-2018-trendy-hairstyles-2018-1-hair accessories 2018

2018-hairstyles-hair-accessories-2018-trendy-hairstyles-2018-trendy hairstyles 2018

  • Old good tails will be another version of trendy hairstyles 2018. You should pay attention to slightly disheveled large braids or small tight braids at forehead. French braids are one of trendy hairstyles 2018.Try to combine spit and flowers in one hairstyle.

2018-hairstyles-hair-accessories-2018-trendy-hairstyles-2018-flowers-trendy hairstyles 2018

Trendy hairstyles 2018: Double braids

  • Complement hairstyle with original turban wrapped around your head. Take them behind your back and leave them loose. In order not to suffer from handkerchief, buy ready-made bandage-turban.

2018-hairstyles-hair-accessories-2018-trendy-hairstyles-2018-turban-trendy hairstyles 2018

  • Variety of tails and loose hair with plaited braid behind or simply bandaged strands is one of trendy hairstyles 2018.
  • Double braids have become popular trend in weaving braid. Weaving will give naivety and playfulness, so you can use two tails on sides for romantic dates and summer walks. Such hairstyle can be ideal option even for wedding celebration. You can also weave flowers, decorate hair with stones or beautiful hairpins.

2018-hairstyles-hair-accessories-2018-trendy-hairstyles-2018-double-braids-2018 hairstyles

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