Hair trends 2017: haircuts for short and long hair

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What exactly are tips of hair trends 2017 worth paying attention? Let’s discuss latest haircuts for fashionable women: long haircuts 2017 and short haircuts 2017.

hair-trends-2017-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-long-haircuts-hair trends 2017

hair-trends-2017-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-long-haircuts-hair trends 2017

Short smoothly laid hair in this season will lose some of its popularity, giving way to lead with disheveled, wavy and carelessly arranged haircuts. Among short haircuts 2017 are “cascades” and “stairs”, daring pixie, extravagant bean and square with shaven head.

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Trendy accents of latest short haircuts 2017 will be uneven cuts, torn edges, asymmetric strands and aggressive thinning that turn classically stern hairstyles into ultramodern masterpieces of hairdressing art.

hair-trends-2017-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-hair trends 2017- haircuts for short hair


hair-trends-2017-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-haircuts for short hair

Short pixie will be relevant hair trends 2017. Its versatility and maximum simplicity of packing perfectly fit into framework of fashionable desire for naturalness. In addition, this haircut due to variety of variations and interesting accents fits any type of face. The most relevant decision will be asymmetric pixie with creative additions, sticking strands of different lengths, highlighting and oblique bangs.

hair-trends-2017-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-and-middle-hair-haircuts for short hair

Bob on short hair returns to fashion with new interesting strokes, as grading, oblique bangs, asymmetrical strands, sharp length differences. Very short decisions will also be in vogue. It ‘s assumed that ultra short bean at its longest point should not fall below chin line.

hair-trends-2017-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-and-middle-hair-haircuts for short hair

Main innovations of 2017 in field of latest haircuts for long hair is final discredit of even, complex grading and textured curls. Long cascading haircuts at peak of popularity. Long haircuts 2017 include asymmetrical contrasts with long hair and shaven head, large careless waves, loose and disheveled straight hair. Representatives of fair sex who prefer classic haircuts, fashion stylists recommend paying attention to traditional cascade laid on one side.

hair-trends-2017-latest-haircuts-long-haircuts-Long haircuts 2017

hair-trends-2017-latest-haircuts-long-haircuts-Long haircuts 2017In hair trends 2017, hairstyles with long thick buns will again become actual. However, cuts of such buns hair designers don’t recommend to make perfectly even, as trend of year is lacerated edges and deep fining. Also in combination with long hair, use of front strings of unusual shapes, triangular, wavy, etc., is welcomed. In this case, almost all bangs should be laid on their side, since this is the most fashionable variant in this season.



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