Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023: Top 18 Useful Tips For Thick Hair

Hairstyle Ideas

Haircuts for thick hair 2023 look rich, but care takes 2 times more time.

The right haircuts for thick hair 2023 reduce styling time and create a well-groomed look.


Women’s hair has a special power and can drastically change the whole image.

Natural Haircuts for Thick Hair 2023

What do we know about thick hair?

It’s a heavy burden, literally and figuratively.

Natural Haircuts for Thick Hair 2023

To lighten the hair and preserve the appearance, you can use a couple of tricks:

  • bangs
  • shorten everything to the shoulders
  • cut layered bob for thick hair 2023

In 2023, long hair remains at the height of fashion. But instead of complex styling and voluminous braids, naturalness and simplicity are in trend.

Straight Haircuts 2023

For good density, a classic straight parting with even tips is suitable. Agrees with a side parting. A good cut does not allow the hair to scatter and keeps them even.

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If a straight line looks heavy, it can be rounded, tapered, horseshoe-shaped, or profiled at the ends. Such a small nuance reveals the appearance in a new way.

It is worth remembering that falling hair expands the face.

Curly hair will not be able to reveal its beauty with this technique. They will fluff and break out. This will create a messy effect.

Positive points:

  • will always be popular;
  • does not need care.

Straight Haircuts 2023

Filleting Or Thinning

The technique allows you to keep the freshness at the roots and get rid of excess density at the ends.

The method was invented specifically to reduce volume and density. You can mill not only bangs.

Thinning is beautiful without bangs. However, in some cases, it will complement the look.

The main thing is that its outlines emphasize the appearance, and do not highlight the minuses.

Thinning from above removes the fluffy hat, and at the bottom makes hair light and manageable.


  • corrects proportions;
  • gives texture;
  • draws up the image to the end;
  • gets rid of split ends.


Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023

Not suitable for porous and curly structures.

To make it look beautiful, you need straight hair.

Asymmetrical. Gives lightness and femininity. Suitable for oval smooth outlines. Coexists with any shade.

Torn. Differs in sharp transitions from one length to another. Usually, the first cuts are at the shoulders.

Classic. The shortest part starts from the ear or temple.


  • removes excess weight;
  • gives shape;
  • will be in trend for a long time.

Asymmetrical, torn or classic is selected in accordance with the face shape. The layered haircuts for thick hair 2023 highlight the shade, which harmonizes well with thick, nourished hair.

At the same time, the heaviness is broken down with the help of multi-level hair. With this technique, you can lengthen the shape of the face.

Perfect for girls with thick hair. It breaks down excess weight and speeds up the styling process.

Torn will suit extravagant women. It is distinguished by sharp differences in cuts. The smallest ones start from the ears.


  • additional volume;
  • correction of shortcomings;
  • complements highlighting, reveals it better.

Layered Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023

Multi-layered Haircuts 2023

The fashion trend for multi-level hair will continue for many more years. They become light, and the structure appears.

In several layers, it keeps a fresh look well. Does not dissolve heavy hair and gives them grooming. It goes well with blond, highlights, and balayage.

Suits curly hair.

Shades beauty and vigor, rejuvenates.

In combination with a beveled parting, it gives impudence.


  • removes excess density;
  • changes and corrects the face;
  • beautifully “plays” with balayage and light blond color;
  • keeps everything in place.

Multi-layered Haircuts 2023

Trendy Haircuts for Medium Length

Medium bob hairstyles for thick hair 2023 with rounded ends inward will do. You can leave long ends in front. This will give rigidity and will not weigh down.

Torn ends make it easier to wear. The cut is made with a sharp razor. The direction is chosen at will.

With the help of well-chosen bangs, you can correct the cons and soften the rough outlines.

Trends of 2023 are agitating for natural beauty. The lighter and simpler the haircuts for thick frizzy hair 2023 look, the more likely it is to get into the top fashionistas.

Hairstyles for medium hair are multifunctional.


Graduated Hairstyles 2023

The secret of grading lies in cutting to different lengths, while all transitions are very neat and not conspicuous. After it, giving a neat look in the morning takes a few minutes.

Not compatible with curly hair. With natural curls, it is better to grow the natural length, then they will straighten out under their weight.

It will help lighten the look. The shape will keep even after waking up.

Creating a presentable appearance is done 2 times faster or not done at all.


  • universal technique is used in different images;
  • does not need frequent visits to the hairdresser;
  • retains its own shape.

Graduated Hairstyles 2023

Stepped Layers For Thick Hair

Creates a very gentle look.

Strands of different lengths relieve heaviness and refresh.

Suits all types.

It does not need regular care, but you still have to visit a beauty salon at least once every 3-4 months.


  • goes to any color;
  • It does not require special care.


Layers With Slight Asymmetry

Asymmetry is still popular. It gives zest, as if making a challenge to others.

The hair is different both throughout the head and in front.


  • makes the girl bold and daring;
  • remains in trend for several years;
  • quickly corrected.


Bob Haircut 2023 With Milled Ends

Goes with both straight and slightly curly hair.

Also combined with highlights and even natural color.

Sometimes it forms a cap effect, in which case the milling removes the heaviness from the ends. At the same time, the outlines of the bob hairstyles for thick hair 2023 are not lost even in the morning.

Not suitable for ladies with rounded faces and cheeks. It is better for such ladies to pay attention to elongated bob hairstyles for thick hair 2023.


  • rejuvenates;
  • emphasizes feminine features;
  • easy to style.

Bob Haircut 2023 With Milled Ends

Long Bob with Graduation

Graduation relieves heaviness, and the bob hairstyles for thick hair 2023 visually make the cheekbones thinner. It suits women with broad shoulders, because it visually changes proportions.


  • rejuvenates;
  • creates fluffiness.


Short Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023

Most often, stylists recommend cutting thick hair, because it makes the look stylish.

So that short haircuts for thick hair 2023 do not look like a hat, you need to choose the optimal length. It should be below the lobes or very short.

Garcon or pixie cuts for thick hair 2023 have always been a challenge for brave girls. Currently, it has acquired a special charm and popularity.

Short Haircuts For Thick Hair 2023

Garcon Hairstyle For Thick Hair 2023

Many stars have already tried on this novelty.

Garcon adds femininity and rejuvenates.

Fashionable short haircuts thick coarse hair 2023 with shaved temples and bangs suit ladies with fragile physiques. It helps to emphasize smoothness and lightness.


  • the garcon has not yet become boring;
  • emphasizes female features, makes them clearer;
  • rejuvenates.

Garcon Hairstyle For Thick Hair 2023

Pixie Cuts For Thick Hair 2023

Perfectly harmonizes with feminine ladies.

The open neck adds charm, and the ragged bangs correct the cons.

It is very difficult to hide weaknesses with a pixie, so you should first consider a radical change in appearance.


  • suitable for ladies with fragile shoulders and neck, thin wrists;
  • corrects shortcomings;
  • brightens lips and eyes.

Pixie Cuts For Thick Hair 2023

Shortened Bob Hairstyles For Thick Hair 2023

Bob fashion was introduced by Cleopatra, and to this day it remains in fashion.

Good for oval and elongated feminine faces.

Elongated or asymmetrical bob hairstyles for thick hair 2023 fit more rounded outlines.

Asymmetry goes to wavy and porous hair.


  • adds harmony;
  • preserves the richness of the hair.

Pros and cons of thick short hair 2023:


  • washing, drying takes less time;
  • not so hot in summer;
  • fashionable bob rejuvenates.


  • few hairstyle options;
  • highlights flaws in appearance;
  • regular visits to the hairdresser.

Shortened Bob Hairstyles For Thick Hair 2023

Tips To Make Life Easier

Caring for haircuts for thick hair 2023 takes a lot of time and effort. Let’s look at some tricks that will speed up this process.


The frequency of washing for everyone is individual and depends on the type of skin.

Lather the shampoo in your hands and only then transfer it to the roots. The foam mass is applied only to the roots.

The tips do not need frequent washing. This will damage them, make them porous, and depleted.

The foam is washed off with slightly warm water. You can not rub the hairs like a rag or twist them strongly when squeezing, this destroys them.


A big mistake is not to comb the hair before washing. Such a mistake can lead to the formation of dense nodules. The comb should be made of natural bristles or wood.

Regular combing helps distribute sebum while nourishing the ends.

haircuts for thick frizzy hair 2023


Do not dry with hot air. It is better to give up the hair dryer and dry it naturally.

If there is no way without drying, then the flow of cold air must be directed from top to bottom. So that the fibers stick together and do not fluff.


By the hair, you can determine what substances were in the human body. It can be concluded that nutrition directly affects external beauty.

To transform yourself, you should use:

  • fatty fish;
  • fruits vegetables;
  • nuts and oils;
  • extra vitamins.

Tips From Professionals

Use a comb made of natural materials.

Use conditioner and leave-in oils to prevent tangling.

Combing begins at the ends to untangle them and not damage the roots.

Masks and conditioners should not weigh down, it is worth giving preference to light and nourishing formulas.

We need regular trimming of split ends. They cause problems by getting tangled.

haircuts for thick hair 2023


Secrets For Styling Naughty Hair

To create high-quality styling with brilliant highlights, pre-stretch them with hairspray.

If the head quickly becomes dirty and loses volume, it is treated with dry shampoo at night. This will give it freshness and lightness in the morning.

To style the remaining sticking hair on the finished shag haircuts for thick hair 2023, you need to use hairspray on the comb and lightly walk on top.

Heavy haircuts for thick hair 2023 are easy to unravel. To additionally fix them in place of invisibility and hairpins, it is better to sprinkle them with hairspray. You should use durable and high-quality hairpins.

It can both emphasize features and highlight flaws. To prevent this from happening, you need to take into account the type of hair and the shape of the face.


Round Face

Chubby people need to visually lengthen their faces. This will be handled by side parting or oblique bangs, as well as long straight hair in front.

It is desirable that part of the face be covered. Sharp and straight lines add volume.

Oval Face

An oval is a real gift for a girl.

Absolutely any haircuts for thick hair 2023 are suitable for it. These are light hair and daring pixies. Layers, bob – they all go well with the oval shape.

Rectangle Face

The rectangle lacks additional volume in the neck area.

To create it, you have to add density to this zone. Sleek buns and ponytails that fit the entire head are prohibited. This will highlight imperfections.

Triangle Face

Here it is necessary to create splendor at the top, additionally hiding the cheekbones.

Bob hairstyles for thick hair 2023 can easily cope with this task. The crown should be airy, and the bottom should be massive. Soft smooth curls will get rid of rough features.

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