Hairstyles for long hair 2018: trends and tendencies of long hair fashion

For creating a fashionable and appropriate hairstyle much depends on the body texture and the face shape. Let’s see trends and tendencies of hairstyles for long hair 2018. What hairstyles are modish in long hair fashion? Find out what hairdos for long hair professionals advise in 2018.

hairstyles for long hair 2018, trends and tendencies of long hair fashion

The style of slicked back at the peak of fashion again. The hair is combed back, and those that cover the face are cleaned by the ears. Mousse for styling with strong fixation helps to keep the hairdo. Another feature is the effect of light moisture. Designers advise using this hairstyle to holders of high cheekbones. Slicked back style is one of the trendiest hairstyles for long hair 2018.

hairstyles for long hair 2018, slicked-back hairstyle

Hairstyles of bright colors don’t signal a frivolous attitude of the world. Colored locks are quite prevalent. Neon shade is trendy. Coloring the hair as well as possible denies this stereotype. Stylists advise adopting a special powder or crayons. Anyhow, it’ll give a charge of fresh energy. This style is in a fashion of hairstyles for long hair 2018.

hairstyles for long hair 2018, neon shades for long hair

Hairdos for long hair: fashionable hairstyles

Waves are trendy in this season. Professionals advise starting doing them in the evening. Simply go to bed with a wet head and braided braids. You can use a ploy or foam and fingers.

hairdos for long hair,trendy waves and curls

The cold season enjoins a note of warmth, and besides neon shades, ombre is also trendy. These staining techniques will enliven the natural shades. Various shades of blond can help, such as platinum, champagne color, strawberry blond. In the fashion of hairdos for long hair will also be the brunettes, honey and brown colors.

hairdos for long hair, honey shade, strawberry blonde shade

The fashion industry is promoting retro style. Hoops, bandages, simple and complex weaving, bundles are all in hairstyles for long hair 2018 trend. Babette will become fashionable. It’s not difficult to repeat them yourself. Hair tied on the head top is divided into two parts, one is combed and pinned using invisible, the second is laid on top and tightly fixed.

hairdos for long hair, retro hairstyles for long hair

Long hair fashion: modish tendencies

Weave add attractiveness and originality. Some of them can be performed even at home. Long or medium hair is placed in a classic braid or spikelet. The hairstyle is simple but gives the impression of grooming. Weaving is appropriate for any event, it’s only necessary to decorate it with original accessories and choose a bizarre shape. The choice itself is quite large, such as a basket, waterfall, French braid and much more.

long hair fashion, fashionable weaving for women

The cascade is also in long hair fashion, regardless of the manner of execution. Grunge style and negligence will be recommended. Stepping will allow you to experiment with a wave. It can be performed on layers or completely.

long hair fashion, fashionable cascade braids

Multilevel hairstyle will look original and modern. For example, a small “cap” at the top and long curls withal.

long hair fashion, cascade trendy hairstyles for women


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