Top 30 Amazing Women’s Layered Haircuts 2023 and More

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When girls complain to stylists about the lack of volume and styling problems, the masters often offer them to try on layered haircuts 2023.

Hailing from the 1980s, it’s back on the 2023 trend charts.


Everything about them is good. They can be with bangs, without them, only on the face.

Layers are cut on medium, long, and short hair.

Layered Haircuts 2023       

A layered haircut is a complex haircut that the master performs according to a certain scheme, gradually reducing the length of the layered hair 2023 in certain areas: the stylist forms conditional steps that gave the name to the hairstyle.

Speaking about layered haircuts 2023, we immediately remembered Jennifer Aniston, who can be called its ambassador.

Layered Haircuts 2023

The actress has been faithful to this hairstyle for many years.

Other stars were seen with the layered haircut: Sandra Bullock, Eva Longoria, and Selena Gomez looked just great. By the way, they often went out with straight hair, and this says a lot about the quality of the haircut.

Optionally, you can add bangs to layered haircuts 2023, the hairstyle will only benefit from this. With strands framing the face, styling looks very impressive.

At the same time, a straight bang is a dubious idea for a layered haircut, but an oblique or torn one will decorate this haircut.

Pros Of Layered Haircuts 2023

The haircut technology has been worked out for a long time, and the advantages of this choice are obvious. Let’s list them again.

The ability to change the haircut while maintaining the length.

Volume! It is rarely superfluous, and with this haircut, styling pomp is much easier to achieve than in the case of hairstyles that are characterized by a straight cut.

Good compatibility with a variety of complex dyeing options. Ombre, balayage and shatush seem to be designed for cutting a layered haircut – the result looks very fresh.

Easy to style, which significantly reduces the time for morning preparations.

Pros Of Layered Haircuts 2023

Cons Of a Layered Haircut

There is practically no cons.

Layered haircut is a universal type of haircut, for which it is critical only that the tips look well-groomed. To do this, it is important to use thermal protection during hot styling, systematically apply leave-in care products and renew the haircut in the salon every 2 months.


Layered Haircuts 2023 Without Bangs

Layered haircuts 2023 without bangs suit women with oval, square, or triangular face. Layers will balance the central and lower part of the face, and hide wide cheekbones.

This haircut will turn you into a real beauty queen, without having to spend hours on your hair. Layers can start at ear level or straight from the chin.

The choice of shape is influenced by the type of face and hair length.

This hairstyle attracts practical girls who do not want to spend a lot of time styling.

If you are one of those, you might be interested in a couple more tips on how to maintain and prolong the effect of a haircut. First, always use heat protection when styling curls with high-temperature gadgets.

Secondly, do not be lazy to apply a hair conditioner every time you wash your hair, and a nourishing or regenerating mask 1-2 times a week.

When it comes to the health of your strands, it’s easier to prevent damage than to repair your hair later.

Layered Haircuts 2023 Without Bangs

Layered Hair 2023 With Bangs

Trends are constantly changing.

Either a simple bang is in fashion, or an option on the side or laid on the sides.

In 2023, Korean bangs and curtain bangs are in fashion. These are light strands spread over the forehead that reach the eyebrows and frame the face.

Layered haircut with bangs is a great option for women with a rectangular, elongated face and a high forehead. It will balance the proportions and visually make the top of the head wider than the bottom.

For a round face, slanting bangs and side parting are great. This hairstyle will make your face look slimmer.

Bangs for a square face should be light, asymmetrical, and slightly jagged. Avoid heavy, straight bangs, which only emphasize the clarity of outlines and visually expand the face. Falling strands on the face, turning into layers on the sides, soften the square and add sophistication.

Layered Hair 2023 With Bangs

Short Layered Haircuts 2023

The main difference between the layered haircut is the numerous strands framing the face. When creating layered short hairstyles 2023, volume is additionally created at the crown.

The topmost layer is cut to 10 centimeters. Smooth steps are created from it, which lie on top of each other and create a three-dimensional shape.

Short layered haircuts 2023 look good with bangs.

The ideal option would be graduated or torn. It smoothly passes into the total volume and a beautiful lush hairstyle is obtained.

If you have a wide, round, full face, choose oblique, laid on the side, and tapering to the tip of the bangs.

Short Layered Haircuts 2023

Long Layered Haircuts 2023

On long hair, shorter strands look interesting, which start from the earlobe, framing the chin, and emphasizing the face.

This is an ideal solution for owners of straight and thick hair who do not want to part with the length, but dream of a change.

To correct a wide and high forehead, it is worth making a beveled or even bang.

The parting may be in the middle. Side parting especially suits chubby. It will be ideally combined with oblique bangs and hide excessive roundness and width.

Long Layered Haircuts 2023

Medium Layered Haircuts 2023

Nowadays, a modern woman does not have much free time. She works, studies, she has a family. That’s why she needs an easy-to-care and modern haircut.

A graduated hairstyle is at the top of the list. The average length is the best choice. It goes with everything and is easy to care for.

Medium layered haircuts 2023 are always very voluminous and mobile. It doesn’t take long to set them up.

For medium-length hair, the layered haircut will lie optimally.

Some choose a layered haircut with an oblique bang for love, others – by calculation. Experts especially recommend this version of the layered haircut for girls with a square or triangular face shape to make the image softer.

If the face is oval or round, then the layered haircut will emphasize the initial tenderness of the features, but you must be prepared to regularly style strands around the face. High-quality styling will help increase discipline.

Medium Layered Haircuts 2023

Layers At The Face

When you want changes, but the fear of losing precious length is higher, a layered haircut near your face will come to the rescue.

Today, a single-length hairstyle is not so popular. Graduated haircuts look more modern, stylish, and easy.

Layers on the sides of your face instantly draw attention to your features. Reducing the length will remove the weight from the curls and they will acquire basal volume.


Layered Bob Haircut 2023

A layered bob haircut is ideal for those who dream of radical changes.

This trendy haircut is a good compromise between long layered haircuts 2023 that is difficult to maintain and boring short layered hair 2023. It is presented in several variations, which means that any woman can choose it.

The main plus of a bob with layers is the ease of care. Bob allows you to create a variety of styling.

Leave the layered hair 2023 straight, stretch it into brushing, style it with a diffuser in small waves, and create light curls.

Layered Bob Haircut 2023

Layered Hairstyle With Asymmetry

An asymmetrical haircut is an ideal solution if you need to create a bright image, emphasize your appearance, or remove low-quality length or badly split ends.

It can be more or less pronounced, partial, or throughout. The variety of shapes makes the asymmetrical cut an ally of all face types.

If you want a change, make a slight asymmetry. You can play with bangs, the temple area. Slight asymmetry will give the character of a classic haircut.

It will be easier to return to the classic form from it without having to sacrifice length.


All Over Your Head

In the classic version, layered sections are created in the frontal zone.

If a layered haircut is sheared all over the head, layers are made on the occipital, temporal, and frontal zones. They are combined into a common shape and a beautiful, voluminous shape is obtained.


Shoulder Length Layered Hair

Shoulder length is the golden mean between short hair and long layered hair 2023. It is easy to care for, easier to style, and can be collected in a hairstyle.

If your hair is not too thick and dense, your option is a shoulder-length haircut based on long curls.

The shortest strands will be at shoulder level. On the one hand, the hair will remain long enough to be collected in a ponytail or bun, on the other hand, it will be short enough to better keep the styling loose.


Fox’s Tail

The haircut got its name from its resemblance to a fox tail.

If you remove all the hair back, it will lie on the back in the form of a wedge, and the graduated strands will create a jagged outline on the sides. Such a contour visually resembles a fox tail – voluminous, fluffy, and tapering towards the tip.


Ragged Hairstyle 2023

It would seem that it looks rather careless, but it is the lack of perfection in this hairstyle that is the key to obtaining the desired, unmanageable image.

The lack of order hides the precise hairdressing skill and ability to create such a shape. If you dream of such a hairstyle, contact a reliable hairdresser.

It is very important that the ragged cuts are done professionally, otherwise, the hair will not gain volume and there will be chaos on your head that you will not style.

This hairstyle, in addition to the original image, has many advantages.

The main thing is that you do not need tools and devices for styling. It looks best when hair dries without the intervention of a hair dryer and styling products.

A ragged layered haircut should not be overloaded with cosmetics. Therefore, the best choice is a gentle foam that lifts the strands at the roots and splashes of sea salt – thanks to this, you will get the effect of gentle waves.

Ragged Hairstyle 2023

Layered Haircut from Bangs

It gives more movement, volume, and attention to the face.

Layers that smoothly start from the bangs will ideally correct the imperfections of the face. This hairstyle is a good choice for women with a square, wide, rectangular face.

In the case of full or round, the bangs should be asymmetrical, laid on the side or with a side parting.


Layered Hair 2023 From The Chin

For very long curls, layered haircuts 2023 from the chin will be a “breath of fresh air.”

The difference in length between the shortest and longest strands in this case will be maximum – the ends of the face will be at the level of the chin.

This option can be called a rehearsal of bangs: if you can handle the styling of the strands in front of your face, you can complicate the task by making bangs-curtains.

Layered Hair 2023 From The Chin

Layered Hair 2023 From The Crown

When there is no volume, you want to add structure and movement – slices from the crown will be the best solution.

There are several options for its implementation. It can be smooth, soft cuts. They create a rounded shape, lie on top of each other and create a convex, voluminous shape.

And you can make sharp, chaotic, torn cuts that form disorder and chaos on the head. This hairstyle is called shaggy.

Layered Hair 2023 From The Crown

Aurora Haircut 2023

The main feature of the Aurora is a fluffy hat.

At the highest point of the head, small sections are created, which smoothly go to lengthening. The ends of each strand are well-milled. This treatment makes the hairstyle easy to style, and the curls themselves fall into the shape that the hairdresser asked them.

Aurora Haircut 2023

Without Styling

If the hairdresser is experienced enough, he can create a haircut that does not need constant styling.

To ensure that the ends lie correctly and softly, thinning is performed. After washing your hair, it is enough to dry your hair and get a beautiful result.


Without Thinning

Thinning allows you to get away from the rough shape that is obtained during a haircut with straight scissors.

With the help of thinning scissors, ends are softened, and volume is removed.

If you need a clear transition, do without thinning.


Hot Scissors

Layered haircut with hot scissors is very popular. The technology allows you to create a cut that seals the tip.

The main thing is to choose the right temperature so as not to burn the hair.

As a result, the layers fit better and look more voluminous.

Hot scissors are purely cosmetic. They will not solve the problem of split ends.

During cutting, the cut is sealed. But if the length is dry, or damaged, it may begin to exfoliate higher. Therefore, they must be combined with constant care.


Up To the Shoulder Blades

Shoulder length is perfect for many.

It is easy to care for and looks beautiful and feminine.

To update it without losing centimeters, most women choose a layered haircut to the shoulder blades.

Mobility is preserved, curls do not lie with a heavy load and the root zone does not become flat. Well, such a haircut helps if they split along the entire length. Bad ends are removed and the strands look smooth and shiny again.


Blonde Layers 2023

On light shades, the layers look very advantageous. The blonde itself solves the problem of thin, devoid-of-splendor hair well. If you add layers to it, this effect will increase significantly.

Blonde Layers 2023

Layered Haircut for Dark Hair

Dark shades look dense and visually create density.

On dark hair, it is easier to achieve shine and a mirror effect. The main problem is the lack of mobility effect.

Chestnut, brown, and black curls often look flat. To give the hairstyle movement, beautiful randomness, stylists recommend layered haircuts 2023.


For Red Hair

The owners of red curls have pale, transparent skin with a golden, peach, or pink undertone. Freckles are often present.

Honey, golden shades of curls are very suitable for this color type. They look good in layered haircuts 2023.


Layers 2023 With Highlights

Modern dyeing methods are complex techniques that create beautiful, embossed patterns.

This is a complex air touch, natural balayage effect, and soft stretching of the shatush. Highlighting allows you to emphasize the texture of the haircut and its shape.

Layers 2023 With Highlights

Layered Hairstyles 2023 By Celebrities

This layered hairstyle comes back straight from the 80s and 90s.

It was during these times that there was a real boom in multi-layered haircuts. Today, such hairstyles are chosen by many celebrities.

This hairstyle is currently experiencing a great comeback.

Among the lovers of this hairstyle, we will find Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift, Martha Dix. They look incredibly light and feminine with this hairstyle. Modern variations allow for many options adapted to the shape of the face.

The most popular owner of the layered haircut is Jennifer Aniston. She cut her hair in the 90s and still does not cheat on it.

Another famous layered haircut lover is Aishwarya Rai.

Layered Hairstyles 2023 By Celebrities

Layered Haircuts For Women Over 50

For adult women, a graduated haircut can be a good anti-aging tool.

The layers cover the cheeks, and the cheekbone area, if there is a bang, the forehead is hidden. All this distracts attention from age-related changes in the skin.


Beach Curls 2023

Beach curls, due to their inherent randomness, are able to hide the imperfection of the haircut.

Beach Curls 2023

But this styling is also chosen with perfectly trimmed strands. We love how this layered haircut looks on medium-length hair.

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