Long hairstyles 2018: stylish trends of updos for long hair

Fashion hairstyles can be made of the hair of any length, but the most complex and virtuous hairstyles can be created only from long curls. Variants of updos for long hair are so numerous and individual. Let’s see trends of long hairstyles 2018.

long hairstyles 2018, trends of updos for long hair

Cascading haircuts are spectacular, stylish and dynamic. Cascade doesn’t give up its leading position. The cascading can be smooth, bulky or asymmetrical, with a short straight or long oblique bang. The look and intensity of cascading gradation can also be different, depending on your type of face, thickness, and texture of hair.

long hairstyles 2018, cascade stylish hairstyles

Multilayer cascading haircuts are significant ways to achieve volume and movement for owners of fine hair. The “cascade” gives thin hair volume, splendor in combination with interesting color solutions. Cascade remains in stylish long hairstyles 2018 trend.

long hairstyles 2018, haircut with straight bang for long hairHaircuts with a straight bang for long hair are in fashion. You can regularly make new fashionable nuances in your image just by changing the length and bangs shape. A short fringe, ending above eyebrows, gives the eye openness and some naivety.

Updos for long hair: stylish hairstyles

The long bang that covers the eyebrows is an ideal tool for long haircuts for women.

long hairstyles 2018, thick bang to the eyebrows

Textured bangs of various lengths and thicknesses are most often used in haircuts with graduation or in combination with wavy hairstyles. In this case, a smooth bang can be contrasted favorably with curls.

updos for long hair, graded haircuts, textured bangs

Multi-tiered long haircuts and graded haircuts firmly established themselves on the pedestal of fashion this year. A short “cap of hair” in combination with long hair in the lower tier is a bright trend of the 2018 season. You can use these updos for long hair filling the image with strength and special mood.

updos for long hair, asymmetric haircuts for women

Asymmetry makes each haircut not only trendy but also unique in its design.

Multilevel “ragged” edges, an indistinct parting, long strands falling on the face give deliberate negligence to the image. You can make fashionable curls and waves with hairdryer and round brushes with different diameters, as well as with forceps. The undisputed hit of long haircuts for women is sculpted waves and ringlets on long hair.

long haircuts for women, fashionable waves and curls

You can get very impressive and stylish images when you mix two different types of hairdos in your hair, such as smooth and wavy. Smooth roots combined with curled ends is the trend of long haircuts for women.

long haircuts for women, smooth roots with curled ends

If you are a confident admirer of naturalness then ultra-fashionable grange hairstyles are exactly what you need!

long haircuts for women, stylish grange styleA bunch is steadily in heading lists of the most stylish and fashion long hairstyles 2018. You can meet popular bunch with new bright strokes and fashionable effective solutions.  Lose and slightly careless bundles with strands which chaotically escaping from the hairdo look stylish. The bundle can be slightly fluffy or even disheveled which give the hairstyle a particularly fashionable appearance.

long hairstyles 2018, stylish bunches for long hair

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