Top 10 Stunning Medium Length Hairstyles 2023 For Women

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Medium length hairstyles 2023 are the most popular and common among women.

This is justified by the fact that the preferred majority of fashionable haircuts that are designed for medium length are quite versatile and will suit women with any type of appearance and face shape.


Among other things, the medium length is incredibly practical and comfortable, since it is very problematic to take care of long hair, as it takes a lot of time. And on medium hair you can quickly do a simple styling and look stunning at the same time.

That is why, the owner of medium hair in the fashion season 2023 presents the most diverse selection of fashion trends and medium length hair trends 2023. And the length itself has been trending and popular for many years now.

The fashion season 2023-2024 will please the owners of medium hair with a wide variety of medium length hair trends 2023.

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Like several previous seasons, this year the trend will remain the fashion for naturalness. This will apply both directly to the haircuts themselves, and curls with styling.

Hot medium length hair trends 2023 of the season will be:

  • The most natural styling with moderate lush and natural volume;
  • Medium hairstyles for 2023 with a slight and not too expressive asymmetry;
  • The presence of geometric lines in the hairstyle, which are expressed by careless curls that have remained in trend for more than a year in a row;
  • Eccentric hairstyles in which shaved sides or the back of the head and feminine haircuts are combined;
  • Graduated styling with side parting;
  • Vidal Sasson medium hairstyles 2023 for female;
  • Layered medium hairstyles for 2023;
  • Classic haircut options for medium hair, complemented by creative performance.


For many years now, the most relevant and sought-after haircut for owners of medium length hair is the bob.

However, in each new season, it receives various creative modifications and additions, due to which the haircut looks quite fresh and fashionable.

Improved layers and many varieties of fashionable bobs will also remain no less in demand.

The main trend element of medium length hairstyles 2023, which will remain a burning hit of the season, is a slight negligence, which will be complemented by styling with the most natural disheveled curls.

All this together will create a natural and relaxed look, due to which you can visually reset a few years.

The fact that a beautiful hairstyle can cheer you up and your own significance, women know firsthand. And, as practice shows, transformation in a hairdressing salon can work wonders.

Taking into account and putting into practice fashion trends for women of all ages, there is always the opportunity to look younger than your age and more attractive.

It is worth noting that the chosen hairstyle should emphasize the dignity of the face and hide the flaws, as well as be easy to style. You also need to choose a hairstyle taking into account individual characteristics.

At the peak of fashion in 2023, simple hairstyles will remain, which, even without complex styling with a hair straightener or a dryer, will look neat. Classic options will also be in demand, which can easily be turned into a creative mess.

At the same time, it is worth noting that natural small curls will remain in fashion. Therefore, owners of hair with curls will not have to stand idle for hours with a straightener or resort to other methods of straightening naughty hair.

Varieties of Medium Length Hairstyles 2023

The medium length hair is shoulder-length, plus or minus a couple of inches. There are many options for medium hairstyles for 2023 for such curls, however, the preferred majority of them are varieties of several standard hairstyles.

One of the most relevant classic haircuts, which is constantly being modified and improved, is the layered haircut.

It is very versatile and practical, because it allows you to add the desired volume to your hair, or to put in order too thick and unruly curls, as well as hide various minor defects in the appearance of its owner.

Applicable to hair of any texture and any type of face, and also allows you to do quite a variety of styling and hairstyles.

An invariably popular classic that changes from year to year remains a bob. This is not the first season that it has remained a burning trend, so the 2023 season will not be an exception.

It allows you to experiment with the image due to its versatility and practicality, as well as ease of bob and a large number of all kinds of styling, with which you can easily create unique images every day. This year, a bob with ragged bangs will be a more popular option.

An excellent option for the brave and daring women will be a pixie haircut for medium hair.

Due to the presence of mischievous feathers, the owner of such a hairstyle will look original, emphasizing her individual style as much as possible. Such a hairstyle is perfect for women with thin hair.

Varieties of Medium Length Hairstyles 2023

Medium Length Hairstyles 2023 for Female: Bob

Bob has been a burning hit for many years in a row. Therefore in the 2023-2024 season it will be very popular and in demand. Due to its simplicity and versatility, this haircut is constantly changing, acquiring various variations of performance.

The current version of the fashionable bob 2023-2024 will be a combination of elongated front strands and not too thick torn bangs. The trend will be shoulder length, or a couple of inches higher.

The classic smooth cut lines will be replaced by creative cutting of the tips, which will visually give the hairstyle a careless disheveled and slight unevenness.

Another relevant option for medium curly hairstyles 2023 would be an asymmetric bob with torn ends. This will help stretch the face somewhat and visually rejuvenate the owner of the hairstyle for a couple of years.

To give a natural volume, you can try on a graduated bob, which is still popular, and the combination of such a haircut with beveled bangs will also be very relevant.

Do not forget about such a fashionable trend as shaved sides, which is quite successfully combined with this haircut option.


Trendy Shaved Haircut 2023

If earlier shaving was considered a rather outrageous and eccentric way to diversify a hairstyle, now it has been an integral trend of fashionable haircuts for several years in a row.

In the 2023-2024 fashion season, haircuts with shaving for medium hair will be very diverse, so any woman can find an option for herself.

Such medium length hairstyles 2023 will undoubtedly remain a burning hit, as they make the image more interesting and extraordinary.

It will become very popular not just to shave the sides or the back of the head, but to decorate it with all sorts of patterns from slightly overgrown bristles. Also, it is quite important to color these drawings with different bright shades.

Trendy Shaved Haircut 2023

Medium Hairstyles for 2023 after 30 Years

According to experienced hairdressers and fashion designers, it is optimal to part up with a long braid before 30. And all because after 30, this heavy hairstyles add years.

Short haircuts are also far from always appropriate, because they open the neck and face, which indicate age.

Medium haircuts 2023 that rejuvenate a woman’s face are rightfully considered classic options that can be modified with styling.

One of the most popular medium length hairstyles 2023 is the bob. Combining this type of hairstyle with torn edges and making careless styling, you can get just an enchanting effect.

This form of haircut looks perfect on women of athletic build. The severity of the forms does not imply the use of multi-color staining, although highlighting or two-tone tinting in close tones can refresh the hair very well.

The layered haircut is very good for most women over 35. It allows you to hide facial imperfections. The main advantage in favor of the layers is the ability to play with the color palette. This hairstyle is ideal for women who have extra pounds.


Medium Haircuts 2023 After 40 years old

For women after 40, stylists recommend taking a closer look at the Aurora haircut. The format of these medium length hairstyles 2023 involves daily styling, which does not require much time.

The format of this hairstyle has much in common with the layers. But unlike the latter, the hair acquires a noticeable volume. The haircut is combined with any hair color, and therefore the owners of the Aurora can experiment with the image.

Medium Haircuts 2023 After 40 years old

Mid Length Haircuts 2023 after 50 Years

Medium length hairstyles 2023 for women over 50 should be concise. For the most part, hormonal changes in the body lead to a deterioration in the quality of hair.

Therefore, for many, it becomes important to create volume.

Bob and layered haircut are a good solution for most women over 50 years old. Such medium length hairstyles 2023 allow you to cover problem areas and visually lengthen the face.

Layered haircuts are ideal for medium length hair. A skilled and experienced master will be able to create a visual volume on medium-density hair using special techniques (torn edges, layers with transitions).

Mid Length Haircuts 2023 after 50 Years

Medium Length Hairstyles 2023 with Bangs

Medium length hairstyles 2023 with bangs that will suit women of any age will be popular.

The list of the best medium length hairstyles 2023 for female includes:

Bob. This type of hairstyle is considered very conservative. Playing with the color palette allows you to present the same option in different directions. A basic bob in a natural chestnut-blond range will suit everyone without exception. A bob in black tones will turn the owner into a lioness, and in light colors it will make it feminine and tender.

Layers. A layered haircut, which can give incredible volume with a small amount of hair and effectively tame thick hair, will always remain at the peak of hairdressing fashion. A hairstyle in this format can be safely offered to women under 50 years old. This format is combined with business-style clothing. The versatility lies in the fact that for sports, hair can be collected in a ponytail, and when doing housework, it can be effectively lifted with a hoop.

Mullet. The hairstyle is based on short hair in front and on the top of the head, combined with elongated hair at the back of the head. Women under 35-40 years old, who appreciate originality and are not afraid to express themselves to others, can safely ask the hairdresser to create a new image.

Wolf cut. This hairstyle is suitable for women with a long neck. Falling strands and thick-tiered bangs give the face playfulness. Despite the seemingly aggressive format, this styling allows you to emphasize femininity and hide wrinkles on the forehead.

All these hairstyles can be conditionally classified as classic, and therefore these options for medium hair length do not go out of fashion and will remain in demand in 2023.


Medium Length Haircuts 2023 with No Bangs

Mid length haircuts 2023 without bangs look best on women under 45.

Top styles:

Bob. This hairstyle is suitable for women of all ages. An open forehead visually lengthens the face and well hides the skin that has lost its elasticity on the cheeks. Light tone allows you to rejuvenate the image, and therefore ideal for older women. A square in dark colors looks good on young girls.

Asymmetrical bob. The hairstyle does not require styling and well hides a small amount of hair due to height differences. When creating a haircut, the hairdresser leaves longer strands in front, and removes excess from behind. A haircut in an asymmetric format is suitable for women who are self-confident.

Classic bob. This format is suitable for women over 30. Elongated strands framing the face, which are not bangs in the direct sense, allow you to emphasize the shape and divert attention from the neck. This type of haircut is ideal for women of medium build.

It is worth noting that neither a bob nor a classic or asymmetrical bob needs complex coloring. Along with this, natural lines allow you to fit the hairstyle into everyday style.
In addition, all of the above medium length haircuts 2023 will look spectacular with a festive outfit, emphasize femininity and make their owner younger than their years.

medium hairstyles 2023 for female

Medium Length Hairstyles 2023 for Different Face Shapes

In addition to fashion, women should take into account the features of the physique and pay attention to the type of face:

Round shape. A woman with rounded outlines will suit haircuts that cover her cheeks. Very often, a rounded face is complemented by a short neck. That is why asymmetric strands, as well as styles with a shortened nape, are considered the best option for many.

Oval shape. An oblong face is not recommended to be “cut” with a classic bob haircut. However, the owners of such features in most cases should try medium length hairstyles 2023 with even or arched bangs, as well as elongated curls of medium length. An overly elongated face will help visually reduce the classic bob. The original styling will also help to cope with the task. An asymmetrical parting or curls will serve you well.


Square shape. A wide forehead and a massive chin must be visually lengthened. To do this, hairdressers use an elongated bob without bangs. To bring the proportions closer to ideal try a layered haircut. The most inappropriate choice for women with a square face will be a bob with thick bangs.

Heart (triangle). A narrow chin and a wide forehead are the main design lines that you need to focus on when choosing the perfect haircut format. For women whose face resembles a heart, it is better to abandon thinned bangs and an open forehead, while options above the shoulders with a side parting, torn strands and oblique bangs can eliminate the imbalance and cover wide cheekbones.

Rectangular. A face with heavy cheekbones can be visually brought closer to ideal proportions with a haircut without bangs. An extremely inappropriate option would be a square in a classic format, and a short flight of stairs would be the most suitable option.

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