Top 19 Best Men’s Long Hairstyles 2023 You Should Try

Hairstyle Ideas

Spectacular, well-groomed men’s long hairstyles 2023 can look very courageous. The main thing is to choose a cool hairstyle that will harmoniously fit into the outfit.

Do you want to be like the Hollywood machos that millions of women around the world go crazy for?


It’s time to use their example by choosing one of the stylish long haircuts for men 2023!

Men’s Long Hairstyles 2023: The Main Secrets

Men’s long hairstyles 2023 are complex and controversial. They can cause admiration or rejection, but they certainly will not go unnoticed.

With the help of such a hairstyle, it is much easier to express yourself. And styling options allow you to experiment with styles almost every day.

If you are determined to grow strands at least to your shoulders, be sure to take into account all the pros and cons inherent in men’s long hairstyles 2023:

If you have thin, brittle hair, it will take a lot of effort to make it look beautiful.

Men’s long hairstyles 2023 are ideally combined with voluminous, large hair that obediently frames the face.

Men's Long Hairstyles 2023: The Main Secrets

If nature has not rewarded you with such a gift, you will have to take the process into your own hands. Regular care and strengthening will give the curls silkiness and shine, and carefully thought-out styling will visually increase the volume.

Men’s long hairstyles 2023 are far from the most versatile option.

They are best suited to owners of regular features and an oval face. If you plan to hide asymmetry, a too wide forehead or a disproportionate shape of the skull, you will have to look at men’s short haircuts 2023.

If you decide to grow chic curls, get ready for long morning preparations and daily care. Washing and drying your hair, using conditioners, masks and all kinds of styling products will certainly give you a luxurious look. But it will also require significant time costs.

Men’s long hairstyles 2023 are not the most convenient option for athletes and active guys. Because, during exercise, the strands will distract and climb into the face.

However, you can always offset this drawback with the help of neat styling. For example, a bun or braid.

As you can see, there are quite a few subtleties. But you should not be afraid. All of them are easily overcome if you are determined to opt for an elongated male haircut.

You can experiment with hair length in different areas, hairstyles and styling options – so you can choose your own option that fits into the overall style concept and provides comfort in everyday life.

Combination Of Style And Comfort

If you have not yet managed to grow a tangible length, it’s time to take a test drive, trying out haircuts for semi-long hair above the shoulders.

This option, on the one hand, leaves room for experiments with styles and images. And on the other hand, it allows you to feel comfortable and confident.

What men’s long hairstyles 2023 can you offer at the barbershop? Browse the selection carefully and choose the best one!


Spectacular gentleman’s hairstyle, invariably evokes associations with Hollywood handsome men.

Hair that is not very elongated in the frontal part with a smooth transition from the crown to the back of the head looks very elegant and even a little glamorous. Especially if individual strands are casually laid to the side.

Men's Long Hair Trends 2023: Fade

Undercut Hairstyle 2023

A good transitional half-length option, combining short-shaven temples and long top strands.

A classic of the genre is a smoothly combed back hairstyle fixed with a gel or hairspray, a small ponytail on the back of the head or careless styling with the effect of creative mess.

Long hair at the crown also allows you to make a pompadour-style bouffant or put a rocker mohawk – in a word, the field for experiments is quite wide.

The male undercut is at its peak in 2023. And its secret is that it looks great on any type of hair: straight, curly, and even rebellious.

The undercut covers short temples and the back of the head, sometimes even shaved and long hair on top.

The longer the strands, the more opportunities to diversify the style.

The longer part of the haircut covers short temples and the back of the head, without a smooth transition between short and long hair. Long bangs can be styled on the side or combed back.

Undercut Hairstyle 2023

Voyage Hairstyle For Men 2023

Fashionable elongated men’s haircut that looks stylish even without styling.

With proper execution, the hairstyle keeps its shape due to the shaded transition between the elongated parietal zone and short hair at the back of the head.

Voyage Hairstyle For Men 2023

Types Of Men’s Hairstyles 2023 With Long Hair

If half measures are not for you, you should not stop at the average length of hair. Strands below the shoulders can become your calling card. Especially if you choose the right haircut.

A variety of men’s long hairstyles 2023 allows you to take into account all the nuances of appearance and temperament in order to choose a truly harmonious option.

Types Of Men's Hairstyles 2023 With Long Hair

Long Haircuts For Men 2023: Bob

A fashionable unisex haircut that combines nobility with a touch of extravagance.

Neat ragged strands to the shoulders or just below are a classic hairstyle for men with long hair, which, nevertheless, does not look trite or beaten.

This technique will allow you to tame naughty curls, add volume to thin hair and easily correct small facial defects, especially if you complement it with a catchy milled bang.

A unisex haircut looks especially brutal in combination with the magical appearance of Johnny Depp.

For the first time, he tried on such a hairstyle in the film “The Tourist”. And after filming, he did not immediately abandon the fatal image, thanks to which he gained fame as a real seducer.

Men’s long hairstyles 2023 are for those who care about their appearance. Because such hair requires care.

You will need to pick up shampoo, conditioner and styling products in your hand. It is better that your hairdresser picks all this up, depending on your hair type.

The bob hairstyle is not easy to style and is best for thick, coarse and straight hair. And it needs to be updated at least once a month.

The classic bob is long hair to the chin or half of the cheekbones on the face, combined with shorter fluffy hair at the back of the head.

Long hair is more difficult to care for than short hair. So a daily conditioner to avoid split ends and special styling products are indispensable.

Shampoo and conditioner should be selected depending on the type of hair. For example, if you have dry hair, look for a shampoo that is designed for dry hair. Not all hair types or those that tend to be oily.

This hairstyle requires maintenance and daily styling.

The hairstyle itself has many options and suits almost everyone. Despite the fact that the classic haircut is a straight and defined haircut, today stylists are increasingly choosing a graduated, asymmetrical haircut with ragged strands.

Long Haircuts For Men 2023: Bob

Layered Haircut For Long Hair 2023

Men’s hairstyle with long hair in the back and short hair in the front.

A chic option for owners of thick, dense hair of a dark color. However, blond hair will look quite attractive. Especially if you comb it carefully and add a little shine with styling products.

This haircut goes best with straight hair, as layered curls can look chaotic.

However, if you are striving for a creative mess on your head, you can safely choose a layered haircut for curly hair. The main thing is not to forget to style them daily.

Long strands are styled with a slight carelessness or with the effect of “dirty hair” – one of the most beloved male looks among girls.

The layers give volume to the hairstyle. Although it is not easy to give it the desired shape, however, it is worth applying it to an experienced master.

With the help of a layered haircut, you can easily correct the shape of the face, hide imperfections and emphasize the advantages, playing with hair length and layers.

In addition, the layered haircut is suitable for straight, curly, thick and thin hair.

As an addition to styling long hair, use a special cream, gel or wax. The layered haircut has many styling possibilities.

Layered Haircut For Long Hair 2023

Men’s Long Hair 2023: Grunge

This is not just an option of a male hairstyle with long hair. It is rather a lifestyle, a clear sign of a rebellious spirit and a slight recklessness.

Voluminous and eccentric styling with careless torn strands significantly below the shoulders adds a touch of audacity to the image. Therefore it is suitable only for young guys who prefer extreme rocker style.

Men's Long Hair 2023: Grunge

Perhaps one of the best men’s long hairstyles 2023, which easily combines comfort and eccentricity.

Strands from the crown, collected in a tight bun, effectively emphasize temples shaved almost to zero, while all that is required for styling is 2-3 minutes of free time, a comb and a thin elastic band.

The modern version allows for creative hair tattoos in the temporal zone or complex coloring – in a word, everything that helps to attract attention.

Topknot hairstyles were known hundreds of years ago, Japanese soldiers wore the haircut for the helmet’s strong behavior in combat. The style has now been somewhat adapted to European and American culture.

The Topknot hairstyle suits men with round and oval face shapes, but looks best on thick, straight hair, so there is plenty to make a bun.

The minimum hair length for this haircut is 15 centimeters, but for the best effect, it is recommended to leave a more impressive length.

If you are thinking about long hair and you want to look cool, this hairstyle can be a great choice, Top Knot is one of the main men’s long hair trends 2023.

Men's Haircut Trends 2023: Top Knot

Trendy Bun Haircut 2023

Hipster men’s haircut with long hair at least to the shoulder blades, which are usually tied in a ponytail.

Strands can be combed back or parted, supplemented with asymmetrical bangs or let out a few curls at the temples to emphasize the cheekbones and visually stretch the oval of the face.

This fashionable long men’s hairstyle at one time complemented the image of many handsome men from the world of the film industry.

Leonardo DiCaprio teamed a messy bun with a massive thick beard to create a truly dizzying look.

However, it is not at all necessary to take an example from him – you can wear a bun without a beard, as, for example, Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt.

Trendy Bun Haircut 2023

An informal hairstyle is not suitable for everyone, as it is combined only with a certain style of clothing and lifestyle.

If you want to look like Bob Marley and significantly save time on everyday styling, give preference to modern and daring dreadlocks. But before that, think carefully. Because it will be very difficult to dissolve them while maintaining the length.

Advice! To make dreadlocks look well-groomed, do not forget to regularly strengthen them with oils and hair masks. This will give them a special shine.

Hair Trends 2023: Dreadlocks

Afro Braids For Men 2023

Another extreme version of a fashionable long men’s hairstyle, which will certainly appeal to rebels and daring rockers.

Unlike dreadlocks, they are easier to dissolve, returning the hair to its original state. In this case, you can braid Afro-braids on the whole head or only on the back of the head, after making a male haircut with long strands at the back.

Many types of long haircuts for men 2023 allow you to show maximum imagination when choosing a styling.

Do not be afraid to experiment – if the result does not live up to expectations, in extreme cases you can always just cut the length to medium or even short.

Afro Braids For Men 2023

Shoulder-Length Frizzy Hair

The hairstyle became mega popular thanks to the main character of the series Lost, performed by Josh Holloway.

Although the actor himself complained about certain inconveniences associated with long hair, he liked the image of Sawyer, as, indeed, millions of girls around the world.


Layers With Complex Coloring

Jared Leto‘s calling card is casually loose thick curls with a central parting.

The effect of burnt ends is achieved through complex coloring, which, on the one hand, significantly increases the volume, and on the other hand, adds a touch of careless chic.


Tousled Man’s Curls

Dense curls just above the shoulders, randomly styled with wax or foam, were once worn by Orlando Bloom and Kit Harington.

Matthew McConaughey also liked this hairstyle, but he lightly styled the hair at the roots with a wet effect gel.


Shoulder-Length Hair Styled Back

Long hair is a sign of strength and freedom, it is rather a lifestyle and a choice of a certain image. Today we have so many men who look chic with long hair.

Hair with such a haircut can be worn loose, slightly casual, or gathered in a bun.

Learn how to style your hair easily: after washing your wet strands, apply a little modeling paste, rub into your hands and apply to your hair, combing back. Then blow-dry your hair in the same direction, and your hairstyle is ready.


Style Tips For Men’s Long Hair 

What hairstyle to do for long hair for a man?

It all depends on the type of appearance, the condition of the hair and stylistic accents. Before you go to the hairdresser, take into account the following nuances – they will help you make the right choice:

If nature has given you straight thick hair, you can choose from almost any of the many types of men’s long hairstyles 2023.

Such hair allows you to grow asymmetrical bangs below the eyebrow line, perform noticeable texturing of the ends, and experiment with length and creative elements.

An elongated layered haircut will help to replenish the volume of thin hair.

In this case, it is better to refuse a strand below the shoulder blades, preferring the average length to or just below the shoulders. Side parting or back styling will hide the lack of thickness, and torn strands will add embossed shapes.

Unruly curls can be tamed with careless long grunge hairstyles, trendy wet-look styling and wax sculpting.

In addition, you should take into account your age.

There are practically no restrictions for the young and outrageous. They can braid dreadlocks or Afro-braids, do a perm or complex multi-color dyeing, choose a men’s haircut with long hair at the back and creatively shaved temples. In a word, everything that seems interesting.

Older men also often wear long hair. But, as a rule, they prefer more restrained options – a ponytail, a bun, or a top knot.


Hair Texture and Face Shape

When choosing a hairstyle, there are two things to consider:

Hair texture – thin, thick, straight, curly.

Face shape – oval, triangular, square, round.

If you have wavy hair, you can wear most men’s long hairstyles 2023 due to their volume. If you have thick, straight hair, don’t brush it back, as it can look rough and won’t hold its shape.


Bob and layered hairstyles look good on such hair. If you have thin hair, it is easier to style it with styling products.

For men with a round face shape, short haircuts on the sides and long hairstyles on the top of the head are enough to lengthen the face.

Long hair is a good choice. But it should be parted so that it contrasts with the shape of the face. For example, in a layered haircut.

Most lucky are those men who have a square face shape. Because there are so many haircut options that almost any haircut adds masculinity.

Men with a triangular face can always wear more volume on top and less on the sides. The oval face shape is suitable for all long haircuts for men 2023.

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