Short haircuts for women 2018: trends of latest haircuts

If you want to look stylish, bold, feminine and attractive, then you should read our «Short haircuts for women 2018: trends of latest haircuts» article. Pay attention to actual images with asymmetrical bangs, pixies, and even geometric style. Thanks to this article, you can choose a hairstyle to your taste and make your appearance much more interesting.

short-haircuts-for-women-2018-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-latest haircuts

short-haircuts-for-women-2018-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-latest haircuts

Short haircuts for women 2018: trendy haircuts

There is an opinion that length to the shoulders is characteristic for 50 years old women. But this is an erroneous opinion. Correctly selected image will give charm. It can make your appearance more interesting and modern.

short-haircuts-for-women-2018-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-latest haircuts

Following types of short haircuts for women 2018 will be particularly relevant:

  • Gavroche
  • Quads
  • Bob
  • Garson haircut
  • Pixie
  • Geometric styling.

The advantage of short hair is their versatility. This haircut looks equally stylish both on women in adulthood and on young girls. Choose short haircut if you have clean skin, symmetrical facial features, and correct shape of skull. Otherwise, all shortcomings and problem areas will be more noticeable and emphasized.

Geometry will be one of fashionable haircuts for short hair 2018. According to designers and stylists, deep violet tone, caramel or shade of strong cognac will be especially relevant in geometry styling.

short-haircuts-for-women-2018-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-deep-violet-haircuts for short hair 2018

Latest haircuts: Bob and Gavroche

Bob haircut again appeared among the latest haircuts for short hair 2018. You can experiment with staining, as well as length at nape and near face.

short-haircuts-for-women-2018-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-bob-haircuts for short hair 2018

Gavroche haircut is another trend that has again entered into fashion. Such hairstyle was especially relevant in the 90s of the last century, but now it has again become fashionable.

short-haircuts-for-women-2018-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-long-gavroche-haircuts for short hair 2018

You can experiment with coloring or toning. Also, the ripped edges or multilayer effect will look unusual.

short-haircuts-for-women-2018-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-pixie-short haircuts for women 2018

The trend of short haircuts for women 2018 is an unusual and bold pixie. What is a Pixie? It’s shaved or cut hair under the root on entire head except for the crown. On top of head are strings of different lengths, which, with help of fixing tools, turn into something bold and screaming.

Haircuts for short hair 2018: Quads and Garson

There are a lot of variations of quads hairstyle. It can be shortened, with bangs or even asymmetrical. Haircuts for short hair 2018 include another type, called Garson. It’s important to remember that bang emphasizes any skin imperfections in lower face area.

short-haircuts-for-women-2018-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-garson-short haircuts for women 2018

Light brown, chestnut, wheat and red are trendy colors for Garson hairstyle. These shades will emphasize refined facial features, and also visually extend the neck.

A strict classic haircut to the shoulders will also be relevant in 2018. It’s perfect for girls of all ages, including for women after 50 years. Classics will never go out of fashion and will always be stylish and attractive.

short-haircuts-for-women-2018-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-3-short haircuts for women 2018

Another feature that characterizes haircuts for short hair 2018 is asymmetry. You can cut in retro style, leaving long locks on back of head, and make a “hedgehog” on entire circumference of head. This image was especially popular in the 90s.

short-haircuts-for-women-2018-latest-haircuts-haircuts-for-short-hair-asymmetry-short haircuts for women 2018

Hopefully, you liked our «Short haircuts for women 2018: trends of latest haircuts» article. Experiment and try to find your style and keep on reading our topics!

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