Wedding hairstyles 2018: stylish trends and ideas for wedding hairstyles

Wedding dress is necessary to complete the image of the bride. Often, hairstyle can be chosen even more problematically than a dress. Consider the most current wedding hairstyles 2018 in this article.

wedding hairstyles 2018, trends and ideas


Weaving is actually not the first season. Indeed, it is both elegant and beautiful, and modern. This style is suitable for most dresses. Usually weaving is done on long or medium hair, but if you find a suitable hairpiece in color, then this model is suitable for a bride with short hair.

wedding hairstyles 2018, stylish weaving

In this wedding season, brides should decorate their “hair” with large flowers, and the weave itself must be asymmetrical, with a slight slant to the side. Still, traditional accessories are actual: brooches, rhinestones, shiny hairpins, rims. It all depends on the wedding dress style. Below are photos of the wedding hairstyles 2018 for long hair.

wedding hairstyles 2018, hairstyles with flowers

This season ringlets are at the peak of relevance. Most of all, this elegant option is suitable for refined dresses with an open back.

wedding hairstyles 2018, hairstyles with ringlets

Such wedding hairstyles have one more indisputable advantage, the simplicity of creation. You can do it yourself, without the help of a hairdresser. It is enough only to be stocked with styling means.

Wedding hairstyles 2018: hairstyles for a wedding on medium and short hair

Girls with short curls often fall into a panic. And there are not so many possibilities to create an original “structure” on your head. In this case, overhead strands come to the rescue.

wedding hairstyles 2018, stylish artificial strands

Artificial strands are in wedding hairstyles 2018 trends. From accessories, you can choose as jewelry and real flowers. If the dress style allows, then the hairdo can be with a veil.

wedding hairstyles 2018, hairstyles for short hair

Moreover, on a short haircut, these models can look even more advantageous than on long ones.

wedding hairstyles 2018, fashionable beam

A flowing long dress in the forest nymph style is best suited for a low, slightly disheveled bunch. It will help to emphasize the touching and romantic character of the image. And vice versa, if you chose a dress with a corset with a puffy skirt, then it would be more appropriate to look at a tall smooth beam.

Variants of hairstyles with the veil are very diverse. The bundle perfectly fits with the veil. In this case, several variants of its fastening are possible. For example, for a high hairstyle, this accessory is attached from below, and for a low one from above.

wedding hairstyles 2018, hairstyles with diadem

An excellent accessory for the wedding hairstyles 2018 is also a diadem or a scallop. And if you decorate a bunch with a live flower, then this will further emphasize your femininity.

wedding hairstyles 2018, stylish loose curls

Loose curls are ideal for brides who prefer naturalness in everything. An ideal addition to this option will be a light makeup.


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