Best Eyebrow Makeup: Architecture of eyebrows, correction with makeup

Fortunately, there is no need to think out an ideal form of eyebrows: the hint is given by nature. There are various types of eyebrows and a range of ways to make them look classy and perfect. So, let’s find out the best eyebrow makeup corrections with the help of makeup.

Best Eyebrow makeup: Makeup tendencies

Light eyebrows: Best eyebrow makeup

In case of light eyebrows, soft, not clearly outlined form will be the best solution. For makeup of light eyebrows, choose a shade that is close to your natural hair color or slightly darker, but not more than a couple of tones. Such makeup you can easily do, using eyeshadow and a beveled brush.

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Best eyebrow makeup: Light eyebrows

Lowered eyebrows

If you have lowered or low-set eyebrows, you should utalize a lighter shade over the lower arch of the eyebrow, and dark one on the top. With an outline on the top of the eyebrow, you visually lift them and make them more open.

Best eyebrow makeup: Lowered eyebrows

Be careful when drawing the upper arc, the line should be very feathured so that the effect of the drawn eyebrow is not created. For such makeup, both dry and products with a creamy texture – colored waxes, will suit.

Rare eyebrows

This problem can be solved by carefully drawing hair. To do this, you need a thin liner shade, close to the color of your eyebrows, creating the desired shape. Then gently shade the drawn hair with shadows and a brush and, if necessary, fill in the blanks.

Best eyebrow amkeup: rare eyebrows

Thin eyebrows

To visually expand the eyebrows, you need to balance its top and bottom. You can achieve the necessary width, using the technique of drawing eyebrows (as in the case of rare eyebrows), but you can just use the shadows.

Best eyebrow makeup: thin eyebrows

Tricks and Secrets: Best Eyebrow makeup

  • In addition to the basic rules of beautiful best eyebrow makeup, there are universal secrets and rules that work without fail on the beauty of the look:

Do not make your eyebrows too curved.

To reveal the desired bend, you need to mentally draw a horizontal line between the upper border of the beginning of the eyebrow and the lower border of its bend.

Best eyebrow makeup: tricks and secrets

  • Use a gel for the eyebrows, it will help to fix the eyebrows for the whole day which will give the appearance of naturalness. For these tasks, a transparent gel is ideal.
  • Adjusting the shape and outlinig the look will help not only the makeup of the eyebrows, but also the zones around them. Draw a line under the eyebrow and above the tail with a dry highlighter or a light pencil.

Best eyebrow makeup: Light makeup: Secrets

  • For a natural effect, use 2 shades of shadows: dark – for the outer part, light – for the inner.

Best eyebrow makeup: Thin eyebrows: Light effects

  • Carefully choose a color – too bright eyebrows or an unsuitable shade can spoil the overall appearance. Use shades that match your color. Choose color in the tone of natural color on the roots of hair or a little darker to make the look more stunning and expressive.

Best eyebrow makeup: Tricks of eyebrow makeup

Not so long ago thin eyebrows were in fashion, and more recently – geometric. Now the preference is given to a wide and dense natural eyebrows. Each girl needs to know how to properly care for the eyebrows, so that they remain healthy, shiny and thick.

Best eyebrow makeup: Tricks and eyebrow care
First, it is better to avoid or very carefully carry out self-correction at home. It is better not to use wax at home, but to use tweezers.

Secondly, do not forget about regular eyebrows care, use caring oils for moisturizing. Perfectly suitable in this case is almond, coconut or argan oil, as well as nutritional cosmetic gels.

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