Bridal makeup 2018: stylish trends and ideas for wedding makeup in 2018

Exclusive, airy and incredibly attractive bridal makeup is a special genre of the makeup art. The purpose of the bridal makeup is to focus on the impeccable skin of the bride, her integrity and natural beauty. Most fashion houses prefer a timeless classic, which, due to its relevance, always looks luxurious and exquisite. Cheerful shades and a radical color scheme are best left for the honeymoon. Let’s see what bridal makeup 2018 trends makeup artists suggest us.

bridal makeup 2018, stylish ideas and trends of bridal makeup

Stylists recommend giving preference to a pastel, discreet colour scheme for bridal makeup 2018, which places slightly noticeable accents in the area where it is especially necessary.

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Thus, Giorgio Armani and Max Mara advise using barely noticeable shadows that need to be shaded. Weightless light and melting textures are something that is always relevant, in addition to successfully performed makeup, such as peach cheeks and slightly pink lips, ready for the groom’s kisses.

bridal makeup 2018, pastel colors for bridal makeup

In the bridal makeup 2018, the lips play a dominant role. In combination with a smooth, radiant and well-groomed skin, they should look tempting. With a lighter shade of skin, give preference to the bright and juicy colour scheme, as well as matte and glossy textures.

Designers are advised to give preference to beige, peach and gently pink palette for a swarthy skin. In the next season, orange lipstick, as well as fuchsia, will be especially popular.

bridal makeup 2018, lips for bridal makeup 2018

As a basic shade for bridal makeup 2018 for brown-eyed brides, stylists advise using such shades as coral, creamy, white, beige and lilac. As an exquisite contrast, golden, brown, sand and violet are actively used, which make a highlight to the makeup. But the orange and pink palette is best given to a lady with blue eyes.

bridal makeup 2018, eyes for bridal makeup 2018

The eyes of the bride must attract attention and sparkle. Light pink, lilac, silver and gold shades will be suitable for eye makeup. In the trend of 2018 was sand, light brown and pearly, which riveted to his views. Use purple, grey, green, coral, emerald and lavender shades to emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes, their depth and superiority.

bridal makeup 2018, stylish images bridal makeup 2018

Long curved eyelashes are in fashion. The mascara should be with the effect of volume and maxi length. Eyeliner is an exquisite element, which can be a very different shade.

bridal makeup 2018, stylish eyelash makeup for bridal makeup

Bridal makeup 2018 is able to add an image of elegance, luxury and aristocracy that are on a fine line with impeccability.

bridal makeup 2018, lip makeup for bridal makeup

A peach or pink shade will suit for lips, which will add the image of airiness. This shade of the eye is multifaceted, deep, therefore it is an excellent field for experiments. It is worth giving preference to purple, pink and fervent lilac.

bridal makeup 2018, fashionable wedding makeup 2018

It is important to adopt the main rule: against the background of a warm shade the green eyes will look more expressive and bright. Don’t experiment with blue, which will not play in your direction. Sophistication and mystery of the eyes will emphasize the emerald or deep brown. On the lips, apply a light texture of lipstick pink or beige.

bridal makeup 2018, stylish bridal eye and lip makeup


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