Bridal makeup trends 2018: stylish trends for wedding makeup 2018

As we have repeatedly written, bride makeup is one of the most important elements, because it can equally help to shine or completely destroy the image. Makeup, of course, must match the dress and image as a whole, and also reflect the individuality. Let’s see what bridal makeup trends 2018 are in fashion.

bridal makeup trends 2018, trends and ideas for wedding makeup 2018

The bridal makeup trends 2018 in the fashion world play an important role.

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bridal makeup trends 2018, natural makeup

Picking up makeup and hairstyles for brides, pay attention to the style of the dress, it is she who sets the style of the image. More and more fashion includes dresses from light flowing fabrics, in the style of fine-art, respectively, and makeup should not be too congested, more natural.

bridal makeup trends 2018, stylish smoky eyes

The fact that natural makeup is becoming more and more popular, we recently wrote. Nevertheless, natural makeup, for all its attractiveness, may seem to somebody not very suitable due to certain features of appearance. If you want to make your eyes more expressive, then smoky eyes in gray or brown scale will work fine, smoky eyes with a glare in the center of the mobile age are becoming more popular.

bridal makeup trends 2018, fashionable smokey eyes

Smoky eyes are an enduring classic, which is unlikely to go out of fashion. Eternal classic will not go out of fashion, 90% of brides choose makeup with darkening of the outer corner of the eye, while the lips remain neutral.

Let’s see other bridal makeup trends 2018. All of the above options give an emphasis on the eyes, but what about girls who want to focus on the lips? Lovers should not make red lips and arrows, makeup can be the same, with darkening the outer corner of the eye, but less saturated, and lipstick can be any” berry “shade.” So, don’t bet on the brightness of lipstick, bet on contrasts. If you have brightly colored eyes, lips should be as neutral as possible, the same principle works with lips: neutral shades on the eyelids, juicy berry color on the lips. Remember that it is the contrasts that emphasize features, not the bright, flashy color.

bridal makeup trends 2018, lip makeup

Also choosing a lipstick is based on what color the makeup artist uses so that you can easily fix makeup without problems.

bridal makeup trends 2018, stylish arrows

Classic makeup rarely does without arrows. Simple lines perfectly emphasize the eyes, making them look more expressive. Wide brown or black arrows are in fashion. They are better combined with nude and pastel colors of lipstick.

bridal makeup trends 2018, lip makeup

Juicy and rich berry shades of lipstick are real trends for both everyday and festive wedding image. In the trend, wine, burgundy, crimson or cold red shades. Lipstick should be either glossy or matte.

Wedding makeup can be bright, but not vulgar. Makeup artists offer brides a wide palette of blue shades. Especially popular will be saturated blue tones or light shades of greenery. It will be great if you use the same color in the decoration of a wedding dress or in a bouquet. It’s one of the stylish bridal makeup trends 2018.

bridal makeup trends 2018, blue makeup

Makeup in grunge style is in fashion: pale matte skin, bright lips and deliberately stressed eyes. The main thing is to observe moderation: for example, to make a clear contour of lips, but shade the shadows and choose light shades for the coloring of the eyebrows.

bridal makeup trends 2018, grunge style makeup

Graphic makeup is in the trend. It requires the graphics drawing of lines not along the contour: for example, next to the eyebrow line, in the center of the eyelid, or dashed lines on the surface of the lips.

bridal makeup trends 2018, graphic style makeup

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