Eye makeup 2018: eyeshadow palettes 2018 and eye makeup ideas

Beauty industry doesn’t stand still, and some tendencies boldly change to others. In eye makeup 2018 fashion will be bright, rich and unusual trends. In place of gentle pastel shades came a colorful and juicy eyeshadow palettes 2018 with wide eyeliner. We suggest interesting eye makeup ideas 2018.

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eye makeup 2018, trendy eye makeup ideas 2018

Eye makeup 2018: trendy styles

Geometry in the eye makeup 2018 is again in trend. Fashion podiums showed that in the fashion will be an unusual arrow with graphic elements. And it needn’t be a black liner, you can use bright and deep colors of the liner.

eye makeup 2018, fashionable geometric eyelines

Wide arrows are in the eye makeup 2018 trend. You can use both a liner and black eyeliner. This makeup is ideal for any image: be it classical, evening or casual. In 2018, makeup artists offer to perform in the makeup of eyes intense lines. Try to create in the makeup the outlined eyes from above and from below with thin or thick lines. Choose a pencil of dark shades or a black liner.

eye makeup 2018, stylish eyelines, stylish makeup ideas

The fashionable makeup of 2018  offer variety of styles. Extravagant women of fashion and supporters of natural makeup can find suitable eye makeup ideas in the arsenal of makeup.

Eyeshadow palettes 2018: modish hues

Bright shadows are the trendiest tendency in the eyeshadow palettes 2018. In the trend, there will be shadows of red, orange, yellow and burgundy colors. You can choose not only bright shades but also rich colorful linings. The main thing if you want to create such a bright accent on the eyes, then, not to oversaturate makeup, use beige or a transparent lipstick gloss.

eyeshadow palettes 2018, eye makeup ideas 2018

In smoky eyes trend will be 5 tones, differing in heat: cherry, wine, cranberry, Burgundy, brown. The blurring of shadows should differ in thoughtful carelessness, reach the eyebrows, or even slightly go beyond them. Adding this style of graphics or light shine can make makeup more effective and more stylish.

eyeshadow palettes 2018, stylish eyeshadow colors

For a futuristic graphic style, shadows are light, pastel gray, turning into dark smoky shades. Exotic arrows of graphic style emphasize the uniqueness of the appearance, make the makeup feminine and unusual. The thickness of the lines decreases, the stroke becomes shorter. The view becomes more open.

eyeshadow palettes 2018, stylish babydoll eyes

The style of the doll’s eye is ideal for young girls, enhancing their romanticism and the freshness of youth. Doll’s eyes are in the eye makeup 2018 trend. Fabulous fluffy long eyelashes, even false eyelashes with super-thick layers of the carcass will be suitable.

Eye makeup ideas: trendy shades

Shadows for natural makeup in the style of Nude is one of fashionable eye makeup ideas. Cream and gray shades with a light flickering effect are in fashion. Perfect naturalness and softness of tones are necessary for this style. Highlight the line of the upper lashes with a brown pencil.  Use colorless mascara to slightly raise eyelashes.

Choose shadows only on a tone darker than the skin, slightly emphasizing the eyes. For this style, naturalness is most important. In general, in eyeshadow palettes 2018 will be the predominance of shades of discreet shades: beige, sunny, sand. Only for evening makeup, more vivid shades of colors will look trendy.

eye makeup ideas, nude eye makeup 2018

The style of pop in eye makeup 2018 sweeps all the usual rules. Makeup begins with the design of the eyes. The color of the shadows should be the opposite of the color of the eyes. For brown eyes are suitable beige, pink or peach colors, on the fold you can add a copper-brown color.

eye makeup ideas, tangerine eyeshadow makeup

The trend of this season is orange or tangerine shadows for makeup in the style of “pop. Friable, slightly glowing shadows are applied with a special brush. Blue eyes stand out with bronze or copper shadows. The pop style requires bright shadows and flexible line.

eye makeup ideas, pink and bronze eyeshadow 2018

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