Eyebrow trends 2018: stylish tendencies and ideas of eyebrow 2018

Designers suggest the most different, unusual and eccentric versions of makeup that seduce and add the image of a young lady of flirtatiousness. Fashion shows did not do without sensational novelties. You can adjust your eyebrows to the requirements of fashion, but you should not abuse this. Learn eyebrow trends 2018 and choose the most appropriate option. Modern trends are interesting in that even the form is not necessary to change just adjust the color and choose an unusual makeup!

eyebrow trends 2018, stylish ideas of eyebrow 2018

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Thick eyebrows are in fashion, but the eyebrow trends 2018 is deflected towards even wider arcs. Just do not run them, leaving ugly single hairs. Keep the shape and length. If the volume is not enough, use makeup or 5D modeling. Extravagant stroke looks very nice on wide arcs.

eyebrow trends 2018, stylish wide eyebrows

In 2018, fashion trends on the eyebrows suggest the preservation of a sufficient density, which emphasizes the eyes and makes the look expressive. As for the form, it should not contain too sharp lines, transition, and fractures.

eyebrow trends 2018, dense fashionable eyebrows

A strong “sleekness” with gel or wax is one of the stylish eyebrow trends 2018. The crooks should be slightly careless, natural.

eyebrow trends 2018, fashionable sleek eyebrows

Among the fashion trends, extravagantly look bleached eyebrows. It’s a real find for those who prefer non-standard images and can afford to look unusual in everyday life. But consider some nuances: bleached eyebrows should be created with a contrasting skin color and hair. A professional will help to choose the optimal shade or create an effect of hoarfrost on hairs.

eyebrow trends 2018, stylish bleached eyebrows

Blondes can whiten eyebrows at home, without being afraid to look too defiant.Cilia can be both dark and light. Don’t forget to use special cosmetics for eyelashes and eyebrows.

eyebrow trends 2018, stylish dark cilias

Fashionable eyebrows should be natural and laconic, well-groomed and neat, but without excess fanaticism. Give preference to the natural curve of the line without sharp angles and creases. In the beauty salon, you can ask the master to choose the optimal form that will give expressiveness to the face.

eyebrow trends 2018, stylish natural curves

One of the key eyebrow trends 2018 is straight lines. Wide and thick eyebrows with a minimal bend are an ideal option and trend number 1. Another novelty of the season is straight eyebrows directed upwards, the tip of which only slightly drops downwards.

eyebrow trends 2018, stylish straight eyebrows

Another trendy form is the so-called boyish eyebrows, which look as natural as possible, the hairs may not be too tight to the main line. The upper line is strict, clear and even, but below all the hairs are not eliminated.

eyebrow trends 2018, fashionable boyish eyebrows

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