Eyebrows 2018: fashion trends, tendencies and stylish ideas for eyebrows

Clearly outlined eyebrows remained in the past, and in their place came a natural negligence. What trends of eyebrows 2018  will be in fashion? Read more in our material.

eyebrows 2018, stylish trends and ideas

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Eyebrows 2018: fashion trends

We have talked about eyebrow trends 2018, let’s see what other trends are relevant. Don’t try to make your eyebrows perfect in 2018. Eyebrows 2018 should look natural and careless. This is the main trend of the year!

eyebrows 2018, stylish natural eyebrows

Asymmetric eyebrows are in trend. Don’t take this trend literally and deliberately seek asymmetry. If your eyebrows aren’t made and slightly different from each other, don’t worry about it.

eyebrows 2018, asymmetrical eyebrows 2018

Highlighting is also in fashion. An alternative to full staining of the eyebrows will be melioration. So, only some hairs are colored, which makes them more natural and bulky.

eyebrows 2018, stylish highlighting

Eyebrows 2018: modish tendencies

Powerful eyebrows can be created with the help of microblasting, which is a unique form of tattooing. Microblasting is characterized by a strict drawing of individual hairs, which gives maximum naturalness. For technology use a machine for creating tattoos. However, the blade is much thinner, and there are no vibrations during operation. The lines turn out to be natural and very thin.

eyebrows 2018, stylish microblasting of eyebrows


This technology helps to make eyebrows 2018 almost any style and shape. The master can adjust both the length of the hair, and the slope, and even their thickness and hue.

eyebrows 2018, fashionable microblasting of eyebrows

Eyebrows 2018: fashion trends of tattoo

Looking at a woman with a quality tattoo, one can’t understand artificial eyebrows or natural. To create fashionable, stylish and beautiful eyebrows 2018 you need:

eyebrows 2018, stylish tattooing of eyebrows

Carefully choose a master:  with feedback, experience, quality equipment, and a license. Get a full consultation before the procedure. A good master will tell the pros and cons, advise the optimal shape and technology. After choosing the form and type of tattoo, carry out the procedure.

eyebrows 2018, fashionable eyebrow tattooing

In some cases, correction is necessary, as well as the healing procedure. The expert will give all the recommendations.

eyebrows 2018, fashioale eyebrows 2018

Remember that a quality tattoo should be thick enough, thicker than average. There should not be any gaps, but it’s natural to look artificial. The color corresponds to the natural shape of the eyebrows. Don’t choose a form that is too small.

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