Eyeliner trends 2018: stylish ideas and tips for eye makeup 2018

Drawing beautiful arrows on the eyes is not an easy task. Initially, they come out crooked and sloppy. You can use several secrets of beautifully brought eyes to avoid surprises and learn to draw arrows quickly and qualitatively. Let’s see what stylish eyeliner trends 2018 designers suggest.

eyeliner trends 2018, stylish ideas and tips

Before you use eyeliner to dye your eyes, you need to know eyeliner trends 2018 and understand the possible options and alternatives. Today in the shops the following tools for drawing arrows are presented.

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Shadows or dry eyeliner is in trend. You can always shade them without ruining your makeup. They are applied by a small brush with small strokes.

eyeliner trends 2018, stylish dry eyeliner

Pencil can be retouched and adjusted. But the pencil has several drawbacks, because of which it can’t be used constantly. In addition, it is not as resistant as eyeliner. Fusing is in fashion. It’s easy to use, you can do a quick and symmetrical eye makeup 2018. But beginners will find it hard to work with this tool because of too large lines.

eyeliner trends 2018, fashionable fusing

Liquid eyeliner is suitable for those who already are masters. Arrows painted with liquid liner, look stylish, neat and long lasting. But beginners have a lot of chances to draw a curved line. If the arrow has failed, it will have to be washed off and painted again. Therefore, before using eyeliner, you need to practice a good pencil or shadows.

eyeliner trends 2018, stylish liquid eyeliner

There are several rules for how to properly paint eyeliner. They will help you learn how to quickly make beautiful and symmetrical lines. The eyelid should be prepared. For this, the shadows-base under the arrows are perfect. It is best to prefer shades of beige color they will look perfect with any eyeliner or pencil.

Moreover, with their help, makeup becomes more resistant, even in hot weather. Before you use eyeliner, you need to perform all the other stages of makeup and get informed about eyeliner trends 2018. But curling and dyeing eyelashes is necessary after eye reduction.

eyeliner trends 2018, fashion tips and tricks

Just drawing a successful arrow is a very difficult task. Therefore, first draw a contour arrow, and only then paint it over. This step will help ensure against major deficiencies, which can’t be remedied. Contour is best done with small sharp strokes. At the stage when we learn how to draw arrows, the beveled brush will be irreplaceable. With its help, the line is evener.

eyeliner trends 2018, stylish tips for eye makeup

Before you draw your eyes with eyeliner, you should take into account the individual features of the eyes, their shape, color, fit, cut and also eyeliner trends 2018. Arrows can hide some of the shortcomings of a person if you approach their choice wisely.

The line that begins in the middle of the eye approaches the small eyes, expands and extends beyond the outer corner. It visually enlarges the eyes and makes them look more vivid and expressive.

eyeliner trends 2018, eye makeup for small eyes

Close-fitting eyes should be painted over the entire length of the eyelid, gradually expanding the line to the outer corner. For wide-set eyes, the emphasis should be on the inner corner. It should be carefully drawn, but not overdo it.

eyeliner trends 2018, eye makeup for close-fitting eyes

Excessively round eyes decorate a uniform long line that extends beyond the eye. Thus, they will seem more elongated. Narrow eyes decorate a long line along the entire line of eyelash growth. Thanks to this nuance, the eye will look more wide and open.

eyeliner trends 2018, eye makeup for round eyes

Having understood the system of how to correctly draw with eyeliner and which shape of the arrow is suitable specifically for your eyes, you can easily create a successful and beautiful makeup.

eyeliner trends 2018, eye makeup for narrow eyes

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