Top 9 Options of Eyeshadow Palette 2023: Upcoming Best Trends

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Eyeshadow palette 2023 is a cosmetic product that, when applied correctly, can make the eyes more expressive and voluminous.

For the right choice of eyeshadow palette 2023, it is necessary to take into account the individual features and the texture of the product itself.


We reviewed the options presented in online stores, highlighted their main characteristics and studied the reviews of users about them in order to present you with a rating of the best eyeshadow palettes 2023.

The rating itself is divided into subgroups according to the most popular categories of queries.

How To Choose Eyeshadow Palette 2023

For 2023, the selection criteria are as follows:


When choosing eyeshadow palette 2023, eye color and skin tone are usually taken into account.

You need to understand that the division by eye color is very conditional.

For blue eyes, it is better to take warm shades with a predominance of red, orange, and yellow.

Cold and contrasting shades are suitable for green-eyed ladies: burgundy, lilac, purple and other shades with blue.

Brown eyes are emphasized by any color of the eyeshadow palette 2023. Beige-brown shades are suitable for any eye color.

The choice of the desired shade is best done according to skin tone. Owners of fair skin and eyes should beware of too bright or dark shades.

Tanned and dark skin will be an excellent canvas for dark and bright colors.

You can also consider the shape of the eyes. If you want to give volume to the look, take warm shades.

If on the contrary, cold, neutral, or matte tones will become your helpers.

With deep-set eyes, it is better not to use matte shades. Satin or matte textures are also suitable for the owners of hanging eyelids.

How To Choose Eyeshadow Palette 2023

Release form

Cream options are most often available in a stick or pencil. Powdery and loose in palettes, they are rarely released one by one, and it is better to use an applicator to apply them.


Durability is an important criterion for those ladies who do not want to constantly correct their makeup.

Longevity can be promoted not only by the characteristics indicated on the package but also by the correct application of makeup, in particular the combination of a dry and cream product.


Eyeshadow palette 2023 can be dry, liquid, loose, or creamy.

Dry-pressed and crumbly are suitable for beginners in makeup, they are easier to apply. They do not crumble, require shading, and do not roll into lumps.

Cream options fit well on the eyelids, but it is better to refrain from them if you are an owner of oily skin.

It is also necessary to use a primer for better and longer-lasting makeup.

But with the application of liquid eyeshadow palette 2023, you will have to work hard, because they can spread, but they are very easy to apply and blend. For them, it is also better to use a primer.

Pay attention to mineral eyeshadow palette 2023, if you want products with a minimum amount of chemistry, they can be sold in different textures.


The Finish

In simple terms, this is how the eyeshadow palette 2023 look on the skin.

The matte finish is non-shine and non-reflective, most commonly used in professional shoots to create a base.

The mother-of-pearl version has, as the name implies, a pearlescent sheen to create a bright and festive look, for example.


You should not get carried away with eyeshadows with a similar finish so that the makeup does not turn into too bright or even vulgar.

The satin finish is used to give depth to the look, it does not look defiant, so you can safely take any shades.

A glossy finish is used to highlight certain areas of the eyelid. The metallic version creates a metallic sheen for a more unique and mysterious look.

The Best Eye Shadows by Price/Quality 2023

Vivienne Sabo Metamourphoses

Vivienne Sabo Metamourphoses is an eyeshadow palette 2023 with matte, satin, and shimmery textures and trendy shades.

They are available in the form of a palette, where 12 colors are offered. For a more lasting effect, it is better to use a primer or base.

With a palette, it is easy to make both day and evening makeup. The dry texture of the eyeshadows makes it easy to apply and blend with the applicator.

The packaging is small, it is convenient to take it with you on the road, but keep in mind that the lid may crack from strong impacts. The eyeshadows are suitable for all skin types and do not provoke allergic reactions.

The Best Eye Shadows by Price/Quality 2023

REVOLUTION Reloaded Visionary Palette

REVOLUTION Reloaded Visionary Palette is among new eyeshadow palettes 2023 that include 15 shades with different finishes. There are both matte and glossy shining options that are suitable for everyday makeup or creating an evening look.

The silky texture glides on easily and spreads over the eyelid without smudging. High pigmentation gives rich and clear shades. The product can be layered to achieve the desired degree of saturation.

The eyeshadows do not crumble even without using a base or primer under them.

Cosmetics are not tested on animals. The product can be applied with a finger or an applicator.


Make up Factory Eye Colors

Make up Factory Eye Colors is a pressed eyeshadow palette 2023 that comes in a set of 4 shades. Practical and convenient packaging fits easily into a cosmetic bag or purse without taking up much space. It has an applicator and a mirror in case you need to put on makeup or fix your makeup.

The soft texture of the eyeshadows will ensure easy application and blending, the eyeshadows will not roll into lumps.

A set of shades is suitable for creating various images. The staying power is average, and the shadows last long enough, but at the same time, they are washed off with water if necessary.


The Best Creamy Eyeshadows 2023

BelorDesign Color Drops

BelorDesign Color Drops are creamy eye shadows that will help you create makeup of any complexity.

Aloe vera in their composition allows the product to lie on the skin without tightening it. The creamy texture makes it easy to blend the shadows.

Light shades will do a good job of highlighting, while dark ones will add depth to the look. The shadows are fragrance-free, which is a plus for many as it makes the product suitable for those who can’t stand chemical smells.

The collection of shades is universal, but will not surprise with brightness, although it is suitable for everyday and discreet makeup.

Maybelline New York Color Tattoo 24 hours

Maybelline New York Color Tattoo 24 Hours is a creamy eye shadow created with a special tattoo pigment technology that allows it to last up to 24 hours on the skin. They are available in jars in the form of mono-shadows.

The product perfectly evens out skin tone, easy to apply and blend.

Even one layer will give even coverage and distribution of the product.

The shadows can be used as a base for makeup in several colors, as well as combined with loose or dry options. The product is used quite sparingly.


Best Loose Eyeshadow 2023

TF Cosmetics Ultra Pearl Pigment

TF Cosmetics Ultra Pearl Pigment is a loose eyeshadow that can be worn on its own or with other textures. They are produced in a jar as a mono-shadow. Under different lighting, 2 different shades appear.

The product is suitable for those who love a shiny finish.

It applies and blends well, but before applying the right amount of product, you need to pour it into the cap or onto another surface, and then take a little on your finger or applicator and blend it on the eyelid.

Shadows can also be applied to lashes, and mixed with gel to create a tint or color.


Crystal Decor Eyeshadow

Crystal Decor Eyeshadows are loose eyeshadows that come in a jar in the form of mono-shadows.

Their light texture allows you to blend the product well over the eyelid.

Shadows will emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes and give the look depth. They can be used for both daily and evening make-up. The product can be used alone or combined with other shades.

Lighter shades can be the base for darker ones. Useful minerals in the composition do not harm the skin and do not provoke allergic reactions.

The Best Liquid Eyeshadows 2023


LUXVISAGE Metal Hype is a liquid eyeshadow with a vibrant metallic and pearly finish.

The high content of pigments creates a bright and saturated color. The texture allows you to quickly and evenly blend and apply shadows, however, remember that they dry very quickly.

The product can be used without a base or primer. Softening and moisturizing components in the composition take care of the skin and do not cause allergic reactions.

The product is applied with the help of an applicator. After application, there is no sticky feeling. There is no perfume or fragrance.


Influence Beauty Glitter Dose

Influence Beauty Glitter Dose are liquid glitter shadows that are suitable for use not only on the eyelids.

They come in a bottle as mono-shadows and are applied using a special applicator. Their liquid texture allows you to quickly apply and blend the product, but you need to remember that it also dries quickly.

The gel base evaporates, leaving a shine on the eyelid.

Flavored glitter shadows, each of the shades smells in its own way. The product is suitable for all skin types.

Special particle processing technology avoids damage, inflammation and allergic reactions.


The Best Compact Eyeshadows 2023

TF Cosmetics Expert Color Metallic

TF Cosmetics Expert Color Metallic is a compact mono eye shadow released in a jar.

They come with an applicator for easy application of the product. High pigmentation provides bright and juicy colors and shades.

The product is easy to apply due to its texture, it is also easy to shade on the eyelid. With the help of shadows, you can create beautiful soft transitions from color to color.

They can be mixed to create new make-up with different color schemes.

The product is not only easy to apply, but also quickly removed with the help of special tools. After application, it does not leave a sticky feeling.

L’Oreal Paris Color Queen

L’Oreal Paris Color Queen is a compact mono shadow with a delicate floral scent that comes in a box.

Their texture is plush, which helps to blend them well, however, when applying them in several layers, you need to be careful not to notice a color difference.

In general, the pigmentation is high and the product can be applied in 1 layer, the shade will be good.

Shadows can be used without a primer or base, and lighter shades can themselves serve as a base for darker ones.

Due to the presence of oils in the composition, the product is easier to blend with synthetic brushes, rather than natural ones.


The Best Eyeshadow Palettes 2023

REVOLUTION Donuts Berry Jam

REVOLUTION Donuts Berry Jam is a purple eyeshadow palette containing 5 shades and a small mirror.

It does not have an applicator. The shades here are blueberry-lilac, the pigmentation is high, and the color saturation is good.

Thanks to the silky texture, the shadows are easy to apply on the eyelid and blend on it. This allows you to achieve beautiful and smooth color transitions.

With the help of the product, you can create many types of makeup, both for the evening and for everyday wear.

The shadows have a pleasant aroma, as well as a box with a soft cap. To make the makeup last even longer, you need to apply a foundation under the shadows.

Maybelline New York The city mini

Maybelline New York The city mini is an eyeshadow palette that works with a variety of makeup looks. Its main colors are neutral, and the box itself fits in the palm of your hand.

There are 6 shades in the palette, each packed in a separate cell.

The combination of colors here is very thoughtful and harmonious. The kit does not include an applicator and a mirror, but the low cost pays for it.

When applied, the shadows are dusty, but in general, they shade well and evenly fall.

In shiny shades, sequins do not crumble from prolonged wear. For longer wear, it is better to use a primer.

The Best Eyeshadow Palettes 2023

Upcoming Eyeshadow Palettes 2023

Natasha Denona Retro Glam Eyeshadow Palette Winter 2023

Natasha Denona launches a new 15-color Retro Glam Eyeshadow Palette.

It is based on the combination of two of Natasha’s most famous palettes – Mini Retro Eyeshadow Palette and Glam Eyeshadow Palette.

The novelty includes 7 matte and 8 metallic shades in smoky green, pink and neutral nude tones.

Upcoming Eyeshadow Palettes 2023

Byredo Eyeshadow 5 Colours Palette Purple Echo 2023

Byredo is about to release new eyeshadow palettes 2023 limited-edition Eyeshadow 5 Colors Palette.

This purple palette is called Purple Echo. It comes in 5 shades with 3 finishes – matte, metallic and ultra-shine.

All shades are easy to shade and are highly resistant. They can be applied with a brush or with your fingertips. Each shade can be used alone or mixed together.

The metal case of the palette is also purple this time. It symbolizes a drop of rain, as well as ripples from the rain falling on the water.

The new Byredo Eyeshadow 5 Colors Palette Purple Echo will be available internationally soon.

Best Inexpensive Eyeshadows 2023

LUXVISAGE Matt Tint Waterproof 12h

LUXVISAGE Matt Tint Waterproof 12h is a budget mono shadow in a bottle.

Their liquid texture makes them easy and even to apply, but you need to remember that the product needs time to blend due to very fast drying.

It stays on the skin for several hours and does not roll off.

The eyeshadows are waterproof, they can only be washed off using a special makeup remover. The finish is high quality, velvety, and matte. The eyeshadows can be used both independently and as a base.

Best Inexpensive Eyeshadows 2023

Charme Mono

Charme Mono is an affordable mono eyeshadow in a minimalistic applicator pack.

You can take them with you, they fit in a small cosmetic bag or handbag. The packaging is strong enough.

Shadows are well applied and shaded, do not provoke allergic reactions, and do not crumble. To obtain a more saturated color, several layers must be applied.

A primer is needed for a longer-lasting effect. The product is removed with a make-up remover.

The composition contains vitamin E and vegetable oil. After application, the shadows are not felt on the skin.

Which Brand to Choose

There are a large number of eyeshadow manufacturers in the 2023 market, but you only need to take proven ones to avoid allergic reactions, since the product is applied to the face close to the eyes. Try to pay attention to Maybelline and REVOLUTION.

With the right color and texture of the eyeshadow palette 2023, your look will not only gain attractiveness, but also depth.


Remember that the product should not contain substances harmful to the skin.

Pay attention to the above criteria so as not to miscalculate with the choice, then more than one assistant will appear in your cosmetic bag to create images of different brightness.

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