Fashion makeup 2018: stylish trends and tendencies of makeup 2018

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We already know about makeup trends of 2017, let’s find out what awaits us in 2018. We have talked about makeup 2018, let’s summarize what new trends will lead to fashion makeup 2018.

fashion makeup 2018, trends and tendencies of makeup 2018

Stylists suggest classic black eyeliner in 2018. These aren’t thin lines from the year 2000, but thick and daring cat’s eyes from the 60’s.

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The familiar classics are diluted with current notes, and the successful formation of the arrow goes practically to everyone. This is the hit of fashion makeup 2018.

fashion makeup 2018, stylish black eyeliner

The trendy colors of the season hint that in the winter we clearly don’t have enough hot and bright,  it should be filled with clothes, makeup, and accessories.

The gentle pink blush is in trend. No wonder that winter pink in makeup is popular and relevant.

It is good as a blush, and even as a shadow.

fashion makeup 2018, fashionable pink makeup

Don’t like tenderness and youth? Excellent, for lovers of experimentation and shocking in fashion includes gothic.

This is probably the first time since the 2000s when the total Gothic style is so popular.

Moreover, stylists say that this is the leading trend of this winter.

Dark shadows, eyeliner, saturated lips are in trend.

Especially pay attention to lipsticks, they complete the image.

fashion makeup 2018, stylish gothic makeup

Saturated lipstick of berry shades is in fashion makeup 2018.

A logical continuation of the Gothic trend, resulting from the postulate of lipsticks is in trend.

The most popular shade on the lips this season will be the berry lips, both dark and cold. Imagine a mixture of purple, lilac, red and burgundy. There will be something in between plum and currant.

Such a bright accent is easy to dilute with light shadows and highlighter.

fashion makeup 2018, fashionable berry makeup

Glitter on the lips is also in trend. You can simply cover the lipstick with a transparent luster.

Or just apply it to the lips without any substrate. Make the edges especially uneven, slightly unadorned. Add to this a clean face without structuring.

fashion makeup 2018, trendy glitter makeup

The maximum naturalness and uniformity of colors will be relevant in 2018.

Neutral lips, a natural form of eyebrows, no bright cheekbones are the key to success. Instead of tonal moisturize the skin, with concealer hide redness and flaws.

And your skin will shine.

fashion makeup 2018, trendy natural makeup

Fashion makeup 2018: other tendencies

Maximum natural eyebrows are in fashion makeup 2018.

Don’t spend 40 minutes on makeup, 30 of which take creativity in the style of the best artists of the world with the drawing of contours.

Now it is enough to comb the edges, minimize the hairs to look well-groomed, and apply a transparent gel for fixation.

fashion makeup 2018, stylish natural eyebrows

Metallic, especially silver and steel, was relevant throughout 2018.

It seems that he isn’t going to surrender his positions. Only now silver is not the most important shade.

Moreover, the metallic moves strictly on the eyes and only on the eyes. Now it’s desirable to choose something warmer, such as gold, bronze.

fashion makeup 2018, bronze makeup, gold makeup

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