High fashion makeup: current makeup trends and tendencies

High fashion makeup isn’t used for ordinary outlets, but for thematic parties or special events. To make beautiful makeup, it’s necessary to make an ideal base for it. A good and even tone of a face is half the battle. Let’s get introduced to current makeup trends.

high-fashion-makeup-beautiful-makeup-current-makeup-trends-High fashion makeup

High fashion makeup: tendencies

A tonal cream of suitable color is applied to the face, masking skin imperfections and unevenness of  epidermal tone. And even if nature doesn’t offend woman in this sense,  basis for beautiful makeup is still needed, otherwise it will seem incomplete. It’s necessary to disguise  dark circles under eyes. A liquid concealer or highlighter is used for this.

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Powder is one more step on the way to ideal tone of face. It will give skin velvety, soft and pleasant appearance. In high fashion makeup it’s recommended to observe maximum naturalness of face tone, without making it too dark or too pale. Bronzing means in this case are inappropriate.

high-fashion-makeup-beautiful-makeup-current-makeup-trends-High fashion makeup

high-fashion-makeup-beautiful-makeup-current-makeup-trends-High fashion makeup

To perform current makeup trends you will need shadows of bright colors, light lemon and saturated emerald. Shadows of a lighter tone are distributed throughout upper mobile eyelid and area that is 1 cm higher than it. Emerald shadows are applied under stencil in corner of eye, because you need to get smooth and clear line running parallel to eyebrows.

If there is no stencil, then you can use an ordinary sheet of paper attached to eyelid. For upper eyelid, there is no need to use a pencil, but for lower eyelid should definitely be used. To do this, you need a bright green pencil of emerald shade. The line emphasizes entire eyelid, after which it’s shaded to smoky state.

high-fashion-makeup-beautiful-makeup-current-makeup-trends-emerald-High fashion makeup

high-fashion-makeup-beautiful-makeup-current-makeup-trends-lemon-color-High fashion makeup

Current makeup trends emphasize features of free and volitional nature. It takes only one color of shadows. For example, colors of coffee with milk. Shadows are applied to entire mobile eyelid with a neat layer without overexposure.

high-fashion-makeup-beautiful-makeup-current-makeup-trends-Current makeup trends

To create rock style makeup arrows will require pencils for eyes of two colors, black and white.

By growth of eyelashes, the main arrow is drawn using a black pencil. It follows from outer corner of eyes and up to the line that goes beyond natural edge of upper eyelid by 1 cm. Another black arrow is drawn directly above black arrow, but this time it’s a white one.

It completely repeats lines of black pencil. Using  special forceps, upper lashes are twirled, and  voluminous ink is applied in two layers.

high-fashion-makeup-beautiful-makeup-current-makeup-trends-rock-makeup-Current makeup trends high-fashion-makeup-beautiful-makeup-current-makeup-trends-rock-makeup-Current makeup trends

Peach blushes highlight the area of ​​cheekbones. Beautiful  makeup in rock style is done with red lipstick. It will take a fairly dense layer, which will emphasize beauty of lips. It looks attractive, stylish and unusual.

high-fashion-makeup-beautiful-makeup-current-makeup-trends-red-lipstick-Current makeup trends-Beautiful  makeup

high-fashion-makeup-beautiful-makeup-current-makeup-trends-peach-blush-Beautiful  makeup

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