How to do eye makeup; eye makeup tips and techniques

Some eye makeup techniques are classical, but performed in modern interpretation, while others are considered fundamentally new. We’ll discuss the most popular and famous eye makeup tips and learn how to do eye makeup in order to have impeccable image in our «How to do eye makeup; Eye makeup tips and techniques» article.

eye-makeup-tips-how-to-do-eye-makeup-eye-makeup-styles-How to do eye makeup

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eye-makeup-tips-how-to-do-eye-makeup-eye-makeup-styles-How to do eye makeup

Eye makeup tips: Smokey and graphic

Smokey eyes are one of eye makeup tips, which doesn’t lose its popularity.

Color palette that can be used is extremely diverse, so you can choose a shade according to your color of eyes.

eye-makeup-tips-how-to-do-eye-makeup-eye-makeup-styles-smokey-How to do eye makeup

Graphic makeup is performed by applying laconic black strokes parallel to eyebrow line from above or below, reminiscent of crow’s wing. This is done with help of liquid eyeliner and pencil.

eye-makeup-tips-how-to-do-eye-makeup-eye-makeup-styles-graphic-How to do eye makeup

Metallic assumes presence of sequins that look incredibly spectacular. In combination with shadows that correspond to certain color of eyes, they will help to shine on holiday or party. Thus, knowing eye makeup tips, you can choose appropriate style for your perfect image.

eye-makeup-tips-how-to-do-eye-makeup-eye-makeup-styles-metallic-and-sequins-How to do eye makeup

Eye makeup tips: How to do eye makeup

In order to look harmonious, and especially at parties, you should observe eye makeup tips for applying eye shadows, mascara and other components based on eye color.

Makeup of 2018 will look perfect if you follow several basic recommendations, such as for everyday makeup the eyes can be marked with an arrow or the eyelashes can be colored with mascara.

eye-makeup-tips-how-to-do-eye-makeup-eye-makeup-styles-How to do eye makeup

For evening, brown-eyed girls can choose variant of fig-ice, executed in a palette from light beige to dark chocolate and black shades.

Also, use of dark blue or purple flowers, which are applied to the shadows is trendy.

Eye makeup of brown eyes can be done with arrows of coffee or black colors.

eye-makeup-tips-how-to-do-eye-makeup-eye-makeup-styles-brown-eyes-How to do eye makeup

How to do eye makeup for green eyes? They are organically looked in colors contrasting green on the color spectrum. Basically, appropriate shades are pink, purple, lilac, reddish-brown, brown.

Using these shades, you can emphasize the depth and brightness of green eye color.

For a basis it’s possible to take light pink or shadows of ivory skin color, gradually shading them with dark purple or purple flowers.

Arrows can be both classic black and dark purple.

eye-makeup-tips-how-to-do-eye-makeup-eye-makeup-styles-green-eyes-How to do eye makeup-eye makeup tips

Makeup for blue eyes can be performed in light sand or golden shades, supplementing it with black piping or saturated black and black ink for eyelashes.

For evening makeup, blue-eyed girls can safely use black, combining shades of pearl and gray to rich black.

Blue-eyed girls befit soft glitter in makeup and black wide arrows.

eye-makeup-tips-how-to-do-eye-makeup-eye-makeup-styles-blue-eyes-eye makeup tips

eye-makeup-tips-how-to-do-eye-makeup-eye-makeup-styles-fairy-eye makeup tips

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