How to do makeup: makeup steps, tips and techniques

Using different techniques for applying makeup, you can appear in front of others in image of passionate lady-vamp, romantic young lady or sexy businesswoman. A rare representative of fair sex can boast of such skills. How to do makeup, which are makeup steps and makeup techniques? Let’s discuss it in our topic.

how-to-do-makeup-makeup-steps-makeup-techniques-How to do makeup

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how-to-do-makeup-makeup-steps-makeup-techniques-How to do makeup: makeup steps, tips and techniques

How to do makeup: main tips

All outgoing and decorative cosmetics differ in skin type. Don’t be surprised if expensive foundation cream swam on oily skin, and transparent powder can’t help hide redness on skin.

Means for oily skin have absorbing and matting properties, for problematic are suitable antibacterial and drying, for dry skin type protective and nutritious. How to do makeup without knowing if cosmetics meet requirements of your type of epidermis?

how-to-do-makeup-makeup-steps-makeup-techniques-skin-type-How to do makeup

Use simplest indicator a paper towel to find out individual type of facial skin. Clean face of dirt and residue of makeup, carefully wipe it off. Two hours after washing, attach napkin to face. Bold epidermis will leave on paper bright traces of skin secretion, normal slightly noticeable specks. Dry skin can’t allocate a drop of secret in short period of time.

how-to-do-makeup-makeup-steps-makeup-techniques-skin-type-How to do makeup

Knowing type of epidermis, you can choose right makeup. Oily and combination skin needs a special fixing base. Before using tonal and corrective agents, dry or normal epidermis should be moistened.

Makeup steps: trick and techniques

When doing makeup, use toning in form of gel or fluid.
How to learn how to do makeup if you have greasy skin? Girls with fat type of epidermis are familiar with problem of selecting shadows.

how-to-do-makeup-makeup-steps-makeup-techniques-type-of-skin-How to do makeup

Cream and powder textures quickly mix with sebum and soak into skin of eyelids or roll down. Powder eyelids with friable powder before applying makeup and use gel or waterproof shadows.

how-to-do-makeup-makeup-steps-makeup-techniques-type-of-skin-Makeup steps

We’ll learn makeup steps in order to do magnificent makeup. If your eyes are small, paint eyelashes with coal-black pigment ink. If you have traces under lower eyelids put on them a green concealer, gently knock it into skin and powder on top. Make a glossy look with white or silver eyeliner. Draw them a slender line along line of eyelash growth. These makeup techniques will help to open eyes, visually increasing them.

how-to-do-makeup-makeup-steps-makeup-techniques-makeup-tricks-Makeup steps

After applying lipstick, give them sexuality with transparent luster. Use bright red lipstick to emphasize whiteness of teeth. To hide yellowness of teeth will help shine with golden or silvery shimmer. Apply 2-3 layers on lips, covering them with powder. The last layer isn’t necessary to powder.

how-to-do-makeup-makeup-steps-makeup-techniques-lips-Makeup steps

how-to-do-makeup-makeup-steps-makeup-techniques-lips-makeup techniques

Thus, knowing makeup techniques and tricks, you can do magnificent makeup yourself. Hopefully «How to do makeup: makeup steps, tips and techniques» article will help you.

how-to-do-makeup-makeup-steps-makeup-techniques-professional-tips-makeup techniques

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