How to remove makeup: The most useful 3 steps of makeup removal

The routine called «Wake up and makeup» is very popular among women. Nowdays many of them can’t imagine a day without an eye-liner, mascara, lipstic, face cream, highlighters as any kind of occasion starting from going out for walks ending with weddings and parties, calls for a little makeup but few of them ask themselves «How to remove makeup correctly without harming the skin?».

How to remove makeup: Skin procedures

No matter what you wear, but a little dab of blush, a stroke of eyeliner and soft colour on your lips can change your look drastically. Many girls do spend much time for applying makeup, but meanwhile they fail to remember to remove it or simply become lazybones. But you should be cautious with your skin as a little mistake may lead to serious problems: sagging skin, wrinkled face, broken lashes, eye infactions, eye irritation.How to remove makeup: 3 steps of makeup removal procedure: skin

You shoudn’t leave your makeup overnight, as sleeping with makeup you interfere the process of cell repair and regeneration.The process of makeup removal  has several steps that you should follow to take away your makeup in order to have a fresh, soft skin.

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Here we go!

Step 1. How to remove makeup: Lips

how to remove makeup: 3 steps of makeup removal: Lips

The process starts from lips. Remove the remains of lipstick or shine applying a special cleanser on a cotton pad, taking off from corners of your lips to the middle. Besides, exfoliate and moisturise your lips utilizing gentle, circular motions.

How to remove makeup: 3 step of makeup removal procedures: lips

As an exfoliator use a toothbrush or the mixture of brown sugar and honey.

Step 2. How to remove makeup: Eyes

How to remove makeup

One of the arduous stages of makeup removal are eyes.The skin round your eyes differs with its sensitivity. Therefore, the first rule is the extreme accuracy. Take away makeup from the edges of your eyelid, particularly if you tight-line your eyes with waterproof liquid.How to remove makeup: 3 steps of makeup removal: Eyes

Make sure your cleanser have already penetrated and then press gently with a flat cotton pad, moving slowly in the direction your lashes grow. The final step to remove remains of makeup from eyes, you can wash with water.

For this stage of removal you can use cleansers, gels and tonics, designed special for makeup removal.

Step 3. Skin

For oily skin that is prone to breakouts, try a makeup removing wipe. This will desquamate your skin while removing makeup. It is better to wash your face with water using special gels, mousses or foams. So, you may apply your daily cleanser and move your fingers with circular, massaging motion. Spread the cleanser all over your face, including hairline. Long-lasting liquaid foundation should be moved before you start washing your face.

How to remove makeup: 3 steps of makeup removal: skin

Do not apply baby wipes.

How to remove makeup: 3 steps of makeup removal: skin

Though they work for most people, as they are specially designed to clean a baby’s skin and not as a makeup cleanser. Make use of a facial sponge, cotton ball or washcloth. Make sure that you have removed skin cream under chin and around ears.

how to remove makeup with differnet tipes of oils

For skin you may apply a natural oil, such as coconut, olive, almond or jojoba oil as they can take off any kind of makeup, starting from lipsticks to waterproof mascaras. Use milk, yogurts, honey, cucmber, witch hazel, avocado as natural cleansers that do not have any chemical ingredients.

how to remove makeup: Eyes

To sum up, we can state that taking off makeup is very vital. So, by following the steps that we have mentioned above and using special tonics or natural cleansers, you learnt how to remove makeup correctly and make your skin glistening and flawless.

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