Latest makeup trends and trending makeup ideas 2018

Makeup is indispensable component of well-groomed girl’s image. So it’s worthwhile to learn about latest makeup trends and techniques of 2018. We offer to read «Latest makeup trends: trending makeup ideas 2018» article and stay trendy.

latest-makeup-trends-trending-makeup-latest-beauty-trends-Latest makeup trends

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latest-makeup-trends-trending-makeup-latest-beauty-trends-Latest makeup trends
Latest makeup trends: False eyelashes, Green smoky eyes

Experts say that latest makeup trends are mix of all best that was invented in period from 1960 to late 90es of last century. This means that you need using friable powder in order to achieve absolute haze of face. On the contrary, trending makeup ideas 2018 should be completed by applying wet finish coat and using highlighter for cheekbones, chin and nose.

latest-makeup-trends-trending-makeup-latest-beauty-trends-highlighter-Latest makeup trends
Famous smoky eyes also continue to be in trend. However, in order to make trending makeup, black and graphite tones should be discarded. They are recommended to replace with shades of blue, pink, brown and green hues.

latest-makeup-trends-trending-makeup-latest-beauty-trends-smoky-eyes-blue-green-Latest makeup trends-makeup ideas 2018
Actual makeup also requires use of false eyelashes. However, if in last season it was recommended to stick them only on upper eyelid, now it will be necessary to focus on lower one. It isn’t necessary that eyelashes are glued apart from each other.

latest-makeup-trends-trending-makeup-latest-beauty-trends-false-eyelashes-makeup ideas 2018
Trending makeup ideas 2018: Metallic colors, Blue eyeliner

Let’s learn how to make trending makeup? How to paint eyes without touching mobile eyelid. So, just make accent under eyebrow and emphasize line of eyelash growth.

You can make latest beauty trends of 2018 using brown, green or blue eyeliner. You can draw yourself arrows of the most unthinkable forms. They can be double, climb to eyebrows and even reach temples. And don’t even think about using thin lines. It won’t be trendy in 2018.

latest-makeup-trends-trending-makeup-latest-beauty-trends-green-eyeliner-makeup ideas 2018

latest-makeup-trends-trending-makeup-latest-beauty-trends-blue-eyeliner-makeup ideas 2018

In fashion is wide arrows in style of Ancient Egypt, which will make you look like Queen Cleopatra.

latest-makeup-trends-trending-makeup-latest-beauty-trends-cleopatra-makeup ideas 2018

Another latest beauty trends of 2018 are makeup in metallic and neon colors . Especially original will look shadows of steel shades.

latest-makeup-trends-trending-makeup-latest-beauty-trends-metallic-steel-makeup ideas 2018

latest-makeup-trends-trending-makeup-latest-beauty-trends-metallic colors-makeup ideas 2018

Now you know what fashion makeup will emphasize your natural beauty in 2018, and hopefully «Latest makeup trends: trending makeup ideas 2018» article will help you stay fashionable.

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