Lipstick colors 2018: trends and tendencies of lipstick shades

The brightest accents of any makeup are invariably the eyes and lips. The fashion for colors and textures of lipstick is gradually gaining new directions. We have talked about lips 2018, but let’s find out what lipstick colors 2018 are in fashion.

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Lipstick colors 2018: new trend

In 2018, designers call on all women of fashion to acquire not only dresses with a metallic tint but also to try to create a metallic makeup. Metallic on the lips will be a real boom. If you like unusual makeup, then a metallic shade is just for you! Metallic hue is one of the trendiest lipstick colors 2018.

lipstick colors 2018, stylish metallic lipstick 2018

Makeup with a metallic tint will be an excellent alternative to the New Year’s makeup, or for a themed party. If you decided to create such a makeup, then remember that the emphasis should remain only on the lips. A little carcass, pink blush will harmoniously blend into a metallic shade of the lips.

lipstick colors 2018, fashionable metallic lips 2018

Lip can be either matte or lacquered, but the main thing is that they should have a silver, gold, bronze or platinum hue.

Lipstick colors 2018: stylish hues

Now not only world makeup artists on Fashion Week can dictate rules and trends in makeup, but also social networks that are already actively publishing their vision of trends. This time, beauty tags, makeup artists and just women of fashion decided to put into fashion a stylish and unusual shade of lips, a lipstick of a green hue. An unusual shade of green lipstick can range from light juicy to dark deep color.

lipstick colors 2018, fashionable green lips

According to makeup artists, the green tint of lipstick fits all, if you are swarthy, you are ideal for salad and olive, if you have a light or pale skin, then your option is an emerald and cobalt shade. However, if you have small redness on the skin of the face, we advise you to refrain from the green tint of lipstick, as it is able to focus on the redness of the skin. It’s one of the stylish trends of lipstick colors 2018.

lipstick colors 2018, neon-lilac lipstick, acid-yellow lipstick

Neon-lilac, sky-blue, poisonous-green, acid-yellow colors: that’s the choice of brave women of fashion! Now the lips of all colors of the rainbow from eccentricity turned into a fashionable chip.

lipstick colors 2018, blue lipstick, red lipstick

Lipstick colors 2018: trendy colors

For those who want to try on the unicorn color lips, there is a simpler option: to apply a little holographic dry highlighter over liquid matte lipstick. One of the very first and most interesting holographic are Diamond Crushers from Lime Crime. Some of these shades give an amazing duo-shining glow on the lips.

lipstick colors 2018, stylish holographic lips

It is time for lovers of bright colors to stray to the side of cold shades, such as various plum, wine and berry tones came into lipstick colors 2018 fashion. Red is now increasingly common with the blue sub-tone, which makes it cooler.

lipstick colors 2018, plum lipstick, metallic pink lips

The shades of raspberries, cherries, and blackberries are more popular than ever, and makeup artists suggest putting them rather casually. The result looks as if the girl had just eaten berries, and her lips retained color.

lipstick colors 2018, stylish berry lipstick shades

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