Lipstick shades 2018: trends and tendencies of lipstick hues

Do you want to look awesome? Focus on the lips, and just don’t lose. The main thing is to correctly emphasize them, giving a beautiful shape and choosing the right color. Recognize, orient yourself and create stunning images! We’ll suggest trends of lipstick shades 2018.

lipstick shades 2018, trendy colors of lips 2018

Lipstick shades 2018: general colors

General trendy lipstick shades 2018 are bright, juicy palettes, in particular, red and burgundy in the form of glossy luster will prove to be relevant. Another option is a watermelon sorbet, preferably saturated. But the spring and summer of 2018 are the time of calm and cold colors: dark chestnut, turquoise, purple, gray of arbitrary intensity, black, wine.

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lipstick shades 2018, trendy watermelon lipstick

lipstick shades 2018, dark chestnut lipstick, black lipstick

That is, there will be almost nothing acidic, as designers have tried to find a compromise between the delicate and caustic palettes. In autumn it will be necessary to update the stocks of lipstick, replenishing them with fresh shades: metallic, caramel, beige, chocolate, coffee, grayish-blue, sky-blue, cranberry.

lipstick shades 2018, cranberry lipstick, metallic lipstick

Most leading cosmetic manufacturers adhere to the principle of naturalness, trying to bring the tones closer to natural ones and achieve aristocratic pallor. Designers are actively promoting a variety of colors, confidently changing from season to season.

lipstick shades 2018, fashionable beige lipstick

The beige lipstick looks equally good with any type of makeup, creating a special romantic charm. For a greater appeal, it is worth combining with brightly colored eyes and rosy cheeks.

Lipstick shades 2018: stylish hues

To use in daily life cosmetics of unusual tones is a bold step. So a palette of dark purple to soft-plum color will be in lipstick shades 2018 trend. They can be successfully combined with clothes of a similar color.

lipstick shades 2018, stylish purple lipstick

Coral, peach, pink, carrot, berry, orange scales and their derivatives are also trendy. Just be careful, because the coral emphasizes imperfections of the face, so you have to carefully disguise them.

lipstick shades 2018, pink lipstick, coral lipstick

The main hit of the autumn of 2018 is plum lipstick. This time it doesn’t contain aggressive notes and doesn’t resemble a gothic makeup, but looks rather gently. Such a soft shade on the lips can be combined with brown and gray shadows.

lipstick shades 2018, plum lipstick, neon pink lipstick

Pink neon occupies a leading position and is relevant at any time of the year. Also fashionable is the ombre with pink, smoothly turning into orange. The most relevant option is matte because there is, even more, fluorescence here than in the shiny version.

Lipstick shades 2018: other trendy colors

Red lipstick is in the lipstick shades 2018 trend. It’s not even a trend, but a real classic. Its demand is easily explained: red color suits best for the image of a femme fatale. Although many are afraid to look with him too vulgarly, don’t be afraid of vivid experiments. Just find your shade in a large and varied palette (the assortment is really rich, take at least berry fuchsia or wine Marsala). Maybe you like a red-pink watermelon sorbet, which causes associations with juicy fruits? Or a rich bloody version, reminiscent of a ripe cherry?

lipstick shades 2018, trendy red lipstick shades

Wine and ink colors are trendy. Using this lipstick, keep in mind: the whole thing in the unpainted eyes and pale face. However, people of the creative profession are not restricted in convention and are free to choose what they like.

lipstick shades 2018, trendy wine lipstick color

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