Lipstick shades 2019: Trendy and fashionable lipstick colors for your lips

Lipstick is considered to be woman’s best friend. It knows woman’s secrets and helps to hide mood and changes night into morning. So, lipstick is somehow serves as an indicator of woman’s mood. Lipstick shades 2019 offers various shades that will help you to feel beautiful and self-confident. We have tried to find out what shades will be popular in 2019. So, let’s discover shade that will perfectly match with your skin color and casual look.

Lipstick Shades 2019: Red Lipstick Shades

Lipstick Revolution

Lipstick has long history. In ancient times even tribes and pharaohs used it in order to demonstrate their social status. In 18th century it became popular in Europe, especially in England. Later its use was prohibited as lipstick consisted of some ingredients that caused some facial problems.

Lipstick Shades 2019: Red Lipstick Shades

Later, in 19th century French cosmetic company called Guerlain began to manufacture lipsticks. They were covered in paper and made of beeswax, castor oil and deer tallow. At this period, women applied lipstick with blush. Only some decades later lipsticks were produced in plastic and metal tubes.

Lipstick Shades 2019: Lipstick shades of pink

Lipstick Shades change over years. For instance, in 20th centure there were several lipstick shades. Dominant and trendy lipstick color of this period was red. This color was popular among artists and actresses.

Lipstick Shades 2019: Red Glossy Lipstick

Elizabeth Arden, who was famous American businesswoman, founded her own cosmetic company. It was called Elizabeth Arden Incorporation. She introduced various color shades that attracted everybody’s attention.

Lipstick Shades 2019: Red And Pink Lipstick Shades

A bit of history

In 1950s Hazel Bishop Cosmetic Incorporation introduced long-running lipstick, called «kissproof lipstick». Later Gala costmetic company introduced its pale shimmery lipstick shade. Max factor presented its Strawberry Meringue lipstick shade, which became popular lipstick color among women.

Lipstick Shades 2019: Light Pink Lipstick Shade

In 1960s strange colored became popular. American rock bands, such as Shirelles and Ronettes, applied mainly white lipstick shade. Later cosmetic companies presented blue and green lipstick shades.

Lipstick Shades 2019

Nowdays there are many lipstick shades that may please every woman. If you are fond of glitters, then use glitters. Don’t like applying bright colors? Then use lip balms or utalize nude, pastel lipstick shades.

Lipstick Shades 2019: Nude Lipstick Shade

Lipstick Shades 2019 offers you mainly nude colors that will match nearly with every look.

Lipstick Shades 2019: Palette Lipstick Shade

Creamy nude will be one of dominant lipstick shades of 2019. Maybelline New York Cosmetic company presents raw choclocate lipstick shade. It will highlight natural beauty of your lips and will give gentle look. Whereas MAC Cosmetics offers satin lipstick with medium buildable coverage and amplified lipstick, ultra creamy shade with full coverage.

Lipstick Shades 2019: Nude Lipstick Shade

Matte Lipstick will be on pedestal of lipstick shades 2019. If you are fond of liquid lipsticks with applicator then be sure you will find shade that best suits you. Besides liquid lipsticks are very comfortable as you may apply it when you are in haste and don’t have enough time even to look in mirror.

Lipstick Shades 2019: Appliement of lipstick with brush

Try to match your lipstick shade with your outfit and eyeshadow color. Generally, eyes and lips are important parts of makeup. As they are highlighters of your look. They «wear» colors that you apply. So, find your lipstick shade, feel power inside you and conquer the world!

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