Makeup 2018: trends and techniques of fashion makeup

We’ll tell you about makeup 2018 trends of season that have captured the world of beauty and fashion.

makeup-2018-beauty-trends-2018-fashion-makeup-Makeup 2018-beauty trends 2018

Makeup 2018: Smoky eyes, Scarlet lips

Smoky effect is still in vogue, but its variations have significantly increased. Now it’s recommended to use not only classic shades of gray, but also brown, blue, burgundy, etc.

Main thing is to perform smoky eyes using technique of “scattering” and smooth transition of shades. It’s also necessary to shade shadows under eyes with saturation you need.

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Smoky eyes are pretty provocative, which is generally considered to be evening makeup. However, this year, among features makeup 2018, smoky eyes are considered to be daytime version of makeup.

makeup-2018-beauty-trends-2018-fashion-makeup-smoky-eyes-Makeup 2018

makeup-2018-beauty-trends-2018-fashion-makeup-smoky-eyes-Makeup 2018-beauty trends 2018

Scarlet lips with unadorned eyes are considered one of beauty trends 2018.

Naturalness will only shade brightness and seductiveness of scarlet lips.

Lips will get bright accent, and eyes will acquire some unearthly effect. In addition, from predominantly evening fashion makeup, it will turn into universal one, which is suitable for work, as well as for party. In order to have fresh look, add highlighter to cheekbones.

makeup-2018-beauty-trends-2018-fashion-makeup-scarlet-lips-Makeup 2018

makeup-2018-beauty-trends-2018-fashion-makeup-scarlet-lips-beauty trends 2018

Rejection of makeup or maximum natural beauty is one of beauty trends 2018.

It’s not worth forgetting about even skin tone and perfect eyebrows. Natural shades of skin, lips, hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes are welcomed.

Makeup shouldn’t be so light and unobtrusive, it should become a part of natural beauty. Nude fashion makeup needs maximum grooming because noticeable shortcomings aren’t easy to hide.

makeup-2018-beauty-trends-2018-fashion-makeup-nude-makeup-beauty trends 2018

makeup-2018-beauty-trends-2018-fashion-makeup-nude-makeup-beauty trends 2018

In Gucci fashion show, models demonstrated interesting makeup of eyebrows.

Eyebrows were bleached and then dyed with shades of pastel colors (yellow, sky blue, pink).

Dior on one of their shows made their models’ eyebrows brilliant bright, leaving their eyes unpainted.

Those who prefer bright hair and makeup, boldly experiment with styles and don’t afraid of shocking, paint eyebrows in all colors of rainbow.

makeup-2018-beauty-trends-2018-fashion-makeup-colored-eyebrows-beauty trends 2018

Classic arrows are too boring. Unusual and original arrows for every taste is in fashion makeup trends in 2018. At Fendi show, arrows were the most important accent of models’ makeup.

With help of shadows, eyeliner or pencil, makeup artists drew graphic arrows in outer and inner corners of eyes.

Very interesting trend is white eyeliner. White eyeliner gives eyes unique expressiveness.

There are also double arrows, triple, rainbow, above eyelid, under eyebrows, art-arrows.

makeup-2018-beauty-trends-2018-fashion-makeup-arrows-beauty trends 2018-fashion makeup

makeup-2018-beauty-trends-2018-fashion-makeup-arrows-beauty trends 2018-fashion makeup

A modern range of rhinestones pleases us with richness of its color range and variety of forms for prom makeup.

You can choose from small sandstones or large sparkling asterisks, cones or flowers.

As for colors, it’s also completely transparent, almost invisible, defiantly bright shades are trendy in prom makeup.


You can buy rhinestones from Swarovski or buy artificial, but inexpensive stones.

Any part of the face can be decorated with rhinestones.

So on the lips better look the smallest pebbles and the most successful place is the lower lip and the center of the forehead.

A scattering of rhinestones around the eyes can create impression of sea spray.


Shining eyes and soft lips look as natural as possible in makeup 2018 in style of nude.

On many fashion shows, the models looked as if they had recently returned from a holiday on the sea coast, and don’t need to apply cosmetics.

Makeup palettes: trendy shades for makeup

Dark chestnut, turquoise, purple, gray of arbitrary intensity, black and wine makeup palettes are again in fashion for 2018.

Presenting trendy makeup 2018, makeup artists have tried to make it as cold and even a little icy, just like the Snow Queen.

Pale skin, eyes, or at the same time remain completely dyed or highlighted shadows cool.

“Snowy” colors, such as white, pale blue, silver is all in makeup palettes of 2018.

You can create the effect of snow-covered eyelashes by applying on their tips a white carcass. Lips should also be in cold shades, it’s permissible to put a little transparent shine on them.


In 2018 makeup palettes, stylists again decided to return to the podium already a somewhat forgotten red color.

A classic and sexy image in the style of femme fatale victoriously marches through beauty trends 2018.

In this season are in trend velvet wine lipstick, a softer version of red, and prom makeup in style of “Golden Age” of Hollywood.


Eye shadow can be selected in a rich range of brown, from chocolate to cream. As to have trendy makeup, try the original makeup 2018 in yellow tones. Also suitable are pink, burgundy, orange and golden shadows. Pay attention to the brown color with a reddish tone, cause it’s one of beauty trends 2018.

One of the main trends present in fashion makeup from leading makeup artists is the effect of “yesterday’s” makeup. It seems that the girl returned home in the morning after the party in a nightclub.

Many girls gladly accepted this version of makeup even for prom makeup. As to create it, you can simply not wash off makeup done in the evening, and in the morning, just slightly correct it and shade excess. However, don’t abuse this method.


Natural eyebrows – wide, with a gentle curve is also in trend.

It’s possible and necessary to make them even more natural. In new season virgin eyebrows’ in fashion.

We offer to stop pulling them (except those hairs that grow too far from the base line) and adjust shape only with help of cosmetics.

Previously, women didn’t pay attention to this part of the face, but times have changed.


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