Makeup ideas 2018: face makeup tips, ways and ideas

Makeup ideas 2018 are full of sensuality, rich colors and clear lines. We’ll tell you in more detail about main trends of this season.

Makeup ideas 2018,face makeup tips, easy makeup ideas-Makeup ideas 2018

Makeup ideas 2018: Grange, wet laser

Black shadows, black eyeliner, black eyelashes are the heading sets for makeup ideas 2018.

Pay special attention to the shading of shadows in lower eyelid, so that makeup turns out to be truly fashionable.

If you are afraid that makeup may turn out to be too gloomy, limit only lower eyeliner and choose gold or bronze shades.

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makeup-ideas-2018-face-makeup-tips-easy-makeup-ideas-Face makeup tips

Now it’s more important to observe a balance between dullness and healthy radiance.

You can dust only necessary areas, and arrange shining accents on matte skin. In addition, contouring in style of Kim Kardashian was replaced by a fresher contouring with blush in style of dripping.

makeup-ideas-2018-face-makeup-tips-easy-makeup-ideas-kim-kardashian-makeup-Face makeup tips

Black and red are an exciting combination. In autumn, you can use it to the maximum. And classical receptions and bold solutions in the form of red shadows and dark gray lipstick is in trend of face makeup tips. For everyday easy makeup ideas, an excellent option will be red line drawn over black arrow.

makeup-ideas-2018-face-makeup-tips-easy-makeup-ideas-red-and-black-Face makeup tips

makeup-ideas-2018-face-makeup-tips-easy-makeup-ideas-red-and-black-Face makeup tips

Try to use easy makeup ideas not on mobile age, but over the fold of century.

Draw a straight line, paint over shadows or repeat Twiggy’s makeup. By the way, spider legs and thick eyelashes are also a trend.

makeup-ideas-2018-face-makeup-tips-easy-makeup-ideas-spider-legs-easy makeup ideas

Face makeup tips: Bright saturated colors

You can use makeup artists’ face makeup tips, such as bright saturated colors and straight makeup. Feel free to apply a deep blue shade to entire eyelid. Let boundaries be clear.

makeup-ideas-2018-face-makeup-tips-easy-makeup-ideas-saturated-colors-easy makeup ideas

In contrast to the previous point, clear boundaries on lips dissolve almost completely. But effects of kissed and “puppet” lips surely hold in top ten of main trends of year. Also “reverse gradient” in Korean style is in trend. Before women have darkened corners of lips and applied a light lipstick to center. Now we act exactly the opposite.

makeup-ideas-2018-face-makeup-tips-easy-makeup-ideas-korean-style-easy makeup ideas

makeup-ideas-2018-face-makeup-tips-easy-makeup-ideas-kissed-puppet-lips-easy makeup ideas

Persistent matte lipstick in classic red shade will always be relevant. With its help, you can create easy makeup ideas, such as fashionable effect of kissed lips, with a blurred outline.

makeup-ideas-2018-face-makeup-tips-easy-makeup-ideas-matte-red-lipstick-easy makeup ideas

To create the most fashionable options for makeup, you’ll need a soft colored eyeliner. You can use it as a liner, drawing a thin line, and instead of shadows, filling entire eyelid with color.


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