Makeup looks 2018: fashionable ideas and images of makeup 2018

We have already discussed fashion makeup 2018 trends. Brushes on arrows, blue shadows, and rhinestones on the lips are the leading trends in makeup looks 2018. We’d present a selection of fashion trends of makeup, which will be relevant in 2018.

makeup looks 2018, stylish ideas and images of makeup 2018

Wide graphic arrows will still be relevant in the warm season of spring-summer makeup looks 2018. In addition to the usual forms, double arrows will be claimed about themselves, as well as bright ones. By the way, while working on their makeup, makeup artist Tom Pesho added bright tails to the black lines.

makeup looks 2018, stylish arrows in makeup

Peach blush is in the trend. Makeup artists applied blush not only to the cheeks of the models, but even to the eyelids, and up to the eyebrows.

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makeup looks 2018, fashionable peach blush

In your spring cosmetic bag, there must be a place for bright shadows. Matte, flickering textures will be equally relevant. Yellow monotony, metallic light green with blue on the eyelids will be in fashion. Pink with yellow, neon-orange in the eye makeup will be trendy in 2018.

makeup looks 2018, stylish bright shadows

Makeup artists recommend to give preference to matte textures of blue shades and cover them with a mobile eyelid. They have used a silver pencil and the same shade of eye makeup in their makeup looks 2018 fashion shows.

makeup looks 2018, makeup in blue shades

Glitter and rhinestones are again in fashion. They can be spread without hesitation on the lips, eyelids, and cheekbones. A variation of the smock in golden-bronze tones, which will be appropriate in the warm season, could be seen at the Daks show. In order to repeat it, you need to mix the bronzer and brown shadows until you get the right shade.

makeup looks 2018, makeup with rhinestones

On fashion shows, Roberta Einer makeup artists used a grassy-green eyeliner in the lower eyelid, other beauty gurus painted wide lines with a black pencil on the models’ eyes.

makeup looks 2018, fashionable green eyeliner

Makeup looks 2018: stylish ideas

Undoubtedly clear, graphics, without shading bright lips will come in the coming season in place of a kissed and slightly touched shade. Scarlet, corral, fuchsia shades with minimal eye makeup will be in makeup looks 2018 fashion.

makeup looks 2018, stylish colors of lips 2018

The thicker your eyelashes will be in the new season, the better. There are no restrictions. For example, the options with the displays Aquilano Rimondi and Christian Dior are quite applicable in life. The main thing is not to touch your lips and cheeks.

makeup looks 2018, stylish thick eyelashes

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