Makeup styles 2018: trendy makeup styles and tips for makeup 2018

Since ancient times, women are doing everything possible to emphasize their beauty and personality. Correct and suitable makeup has always helped in this difficult task. Today there are a lot of unique types and styles of makeup, each of which has its own purpose and features. The choice of this or that makeup style is influenced by a certain case, time of day, age and appearance. Let’s see what makeup styles 2018 are in fashion.

makeup styles 2018, trends and tips of makeup styles

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Makeup styles 2018: daytime makeup

Daytime makeup style can be called the most popular makeup styles 2018. Its main principles include naturalness and the use of delicate flowers.

makeup styles 2018, daytime makeup 2018

Daytime makeup involves the intelligent use of cosmetics. It should never be in excess, refrain from heavy black eyelashes, bright tones of lipstick, wide colored arrows. All this will look unnatural in daylight. Of course, good makeup is impossible without clean and well-groomed skin.

makeup styles 2018, stylish daytime makeup tips

To achieve an even face tone it is possible with a corrective pencil and tonal basis and powder. Thanks to properly chosen tonal basis, powder, and blush, the image created will shine with health and beauty.

In daytime makeup refrain from using bright lipstick or shine.Focus primarily on the eyes. Note that black eyeliner and dark brown shadows are a taboo in this makeup style. The color should be gentle and natural. Also, cosmetologists do not recommend using cosmetics with pearlescent effects.

 Makeup styles 2018: evening makeup

Evening makeup is a real art, which can transform a girl, making her a real queen. Evening style makeup is almost mandatory for going on a date, to the theater, to a cocktail party or to a celebratory event, It’s also one of the makeup styles 2018 trends.

makeup styles 2018, evening makeup 2018

It’s necessary to allocate eyebrows, preference give to bright shades and lipstick. Accentuate and emphasize both eyes and lips. Be sure to listen to this advice, because otherwise, you will very much resemble a painted doll. Remember that beautiful and fashionable makeup isn’t at all an abundance of cosmetics, but its skillful use.

makeup styles 2018, evening makeup tips

A special charm and expressiveness will be given to eyes by false eyelashes, or by a special technique of applying makeup smoky eyes. Dark, saturated shadows around the eyes create a special spectacular smoky shine.

makeup styles 2018, evening makeup 2018 tips

Application of mascara can be done in several layers. Apply a soft and muffled lipstick or shine.

Makeup styles 2018: nude style

The nude style is especially relevant and popular in makeup styles 2018. It fits absolutely all age categories for creating both daytime and evening images. Its distinctive feature is naturalness.

makeup styles 2018, nude makeup 2018

Nude makeup emphasizes advantages and hide faults. Despite its simplicity, it is quite difficult to apply such makeup.

makeup styles 2018, nude makeup tips

Very often, nude style makeup involves the allocation and abundant dyeing of the eyelashes. Choose gray, brown mascara shades. Also, choose natural matte shades for lips and eyes. As for the contours, they must necessarily be clear. Lipstick can be in berry or wine-burgundy color.

makeup styles 2018, stylish nude makeup 2018 tips

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