Makeup trends 2017: fashion ideas for women

Makeup Ideas

Every woman should know what makeup ideas 2017 should be trendy, as to be fully armed. In creating an every day, evening, business image, makeup plays not the last role. Let’s look at makeup trends 2017 presented by popular fashion houses.

makeup-ideas-2017-fashion-makeup-makeup-trends-2017-Makeup trends 2017

makeup-ideas-2017-fashion-makeup-makeup-trends-2017-Makeup trends 2017


Makeup ideas 2017:  Makeup by eye color

For brown-eyed beauties, owners of pale skin, for makeup ideas 2017 it ‘s recommended to choose shades of beige, peach, coffee, and also pale lilac. For brown eyes and swarthy face, walnut and sand tones are suitable. Fashion makeup for dark-haired women is primarily blue, silvery, gray shadows.

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Redheads should choose from green, brown, black tones. Brown-eyed ladies with blond hair should use lavender, ultramarine, amber combinations.

Owners of charming green eyes and light hair can use pale pink shades, cold shades of purple, gray. Women with dark hair can choose from cold blue, gray. Brown-haired women should choose olive, beige, peach.

Brunettes with light eyes should prefer brown, clay palette.

makeup-ideas-2017-fashion-makeup-makeup-trends-2017-makeup-by-eye-color-Makeup ideas 2017

makeup-ideas-2017-fashion-makeup-makeup-trends-2017-makeup-by-eye-color-Makeup ideas 2017

makeup-ideas-2017-fashion-makeup-makeup-trends-2017-makeup-by-eye-color-blue-eyes-Makeup ideas 2017

makeup-ideas-2017-fashion-makeup-makeup-trends-2017-makeup-by-eye-color-green-eyes-Makeup ideas 2017

Makeup trends 2017: Twiggy Eyelashes, Glitter, Arrows, Bronze shadows

Densely painted eyelashes, glued together by large bundles and deliberately separated from each other considered fashionable. Suitable for creating an evening or afternoon image.

You can achieve this effect by using mascara and, without waiting for it to dry completely, apply another layer.

makeup-ideas-2017-fashion-makeup-makeup-trends-2017-twiggy-eyelashes-fashion makeup

Sequins on face make it possible to recreate a metal flicker that is so urgent in makeup trends 2017.

Glitter can be used on cheeks, cheekbones, eyelids, even under eyebrows.

Some women wear a part of lower eyelid or put a dot in corner of eye, creating effect of tears.

Forget about thin plucked threads, fashion makeup should be natural. No tattoo, tweezers, pencil.

To add color, you can use special shadows.

makeup-ideas-2017-fashion-makeup-makeup-trends-2017-glitter-fashion makeup

To make eyebrows look natural, they should be combed with a brush, directed upwards, fixed with wax or gel.

All shades of brown, gold, bronze occupy leading position among fashion makeup in 2017.

Especially they are good for gray, blue, green, gray-blue eyes.

This option allows you to create day, evening, wedding images.

To be in trend, just draw a wide line at base of eyelid and shade it lightly. In fashion, not only arrows but drawings, patterns on face, applied with a stencil and padded with soft texture.

makeup-ideas-2017-fashion-makeup-makeup-trends-2017-bronze-shadows-fashion makeup

makeup-ideas-2017-fashion-makeup-makeup-trends-2017-arrows-fashion makeup

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