Makeup trends 2018 and fashionable makeup styles 2018

Modern women are already interested in makeup trends 2018. Several directions of trendy makeup 2018 is topical in coming season. Let’s get introduced to makeup styles 2018.

makeup-trends-2018-trendy-makeup-2018-makeup-styles-2018-Makeup trends 2018

makeup-trends-2018-trendy-makeup-2018-makeup-styles-2018-Makeup trends 2018

Key trend is femininity of image, naturalness and natural beauty.

That is why nude makeup is in makeup trends 2018.

Cold nude, transparent tone, silvery shimmer, white liner for eyes, pale pink blush and transparent shine is actual in 2018. However, this doesn’t mean that besides nude makeup, artists don’t offer girls anything new.

Experiments are also welcomed. Main rule is to focus on one thing, for example on lips, eyebrows or eyelashes.

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makeup-trends-2018-trendy-makeup-2018-makeup-styles-2018-nude-Makeup trends 2018-trendy makeup 2018makeup-trends-2018-trendy-makeup-2018-makeup-styles-2018-nude-1

Here are the most interesting makeup styles 2018, interesting techniques and directions, which must be tried in 2018.

A black pencil is in fashion. We draw fatty confident lines, make smoky eyes and graphic makeup with black pencil.

Cool motifs come in form of silver and metallic. It can beautiful fascinating shadows, eyeliner, sequins.

Trend of season is metal look in smoky eyes. You can accentuate lower eyelid with help of false eyelashes, fat shooters, abstract futuristic graphics.

makeup-trends-2018-trendy-makeup-2018-makeup-styles-2018-silver-eye-trendy makeup 2018

makeup-trends-2018-trendy-makeup-2018-makeup-styles-2018-smoky-trendy makeup 2018

Trendy makeup 2018: Neon and peach shades

Trendy makeup 2018 are considered to be multicolored sequins that are applied to lipsticks, eyelids or eyebrows, cheekbones when it comes to evening makeup. On weekdays it’s better to limit one thin arc under eyebrow or shiny dots in corners of eyes.

makeup-trends-2018-trendy-makeup-2018-makeup-styles-2018-eyebrows-makeup styles 2018

makeup-trends-2018-trendy-makeup-2018-makeup-styles-2018-sequins-makeup styles 2018

Brilliant shadows are great idea for New Year party. Neon shades are also trendy in 2018.

Scandalous electric palette will be relevant not only for dyeing hair but also in makeup styles 2018. Such makeup in cold, cloudy days will look amazing.

makeup-trends-2018-trendy-makeup-2018-makeup-styles-2018-makeup styles 2018

Wide eyebrows are one of trends in 2018.

Accurate sable eyebrows, as in fairy beauties, and also shaggy boyish, deliberately rude eyebrows are in fashion again. Peach shades have successfully replaced pink.

This warm juicy tone can be applied not only on cheekbones but also on eyelids.

makeup-trends-2018-trendy-makeup-2018-makeup-styles-2018-wide-eyebrows-peach-shade-makeup styles 2018

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