Makeup Trends 2023: Top 8 Amazing Ideas For You To Try

Makeup Ideas

In the art of makeup, like in any other, there are tendencies that set the tone for what fashion makeup trends 2023 will be like.

A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, exercise, eight hours of sleep and the skillful use of fashion makeup trends 2023 help a woman look good at any age.


The main makeup trends 2023, why they are so popular and what makeup products must be in the makeup bag in the new season, will be discussed in this article.

Nude, meaning “naked”, is fashion makeup 2023 that is almost invisible on the face.

All makeup products are applied as thinly as possible and blend well so that there are no clear lines.

This eye makeup 2023 has attracted women of all ages and not only in everyday life.

Even young girls often choose nude for evening outfits.

The main focus of nude makeup is healthy, clean and smooth skin.

Makeup Trends 2023: Delicate Nude

To achieve this you will need:

  • corrector or concealer;
  • foundation;
  • powder;
  • highlighter.

If the skin is without flaws, then fashionable nude makeup can be done without a corrector or concealer.

But if there are rashes or dark circles under the eyes on the face, then these products will help even out the tone and make the appearance more rested.

Foundation for “naked” fashion makeup looks 2023 should be chosen with a light or medium coverage so that the face does not have the effect of a mask.

It must be applied moistened with water and well wrung out with a sponge (beauty blender).

Instead of foundation, you can use BB and CC creams. The powder is responsible for durability, so you can’t do without it.

This tool should have a light, crumbly, almost transparent texture.

One of the main modern makeup trends 2023 lies in the phrase: healthy skin is radiant skin. So often the final step in working with a tone is a highlighter, which will give a healthy glow.

As for the use of shadows, mascara and lipstick, this is acceptable in nude fashion makeup 2023. But all shades should be as close to natural as possible.

Eye Makeup 2023: Winged Eyeliner

This fact may shock someone, but there are more than 20 ways to beautifully emphasize the eyes with the help of eyeliner.

Using all possible options has become one of the makeup trends 2023.

Before moving on to modern makeup trends 2023, consider what makeup products will be needed for such makeup:

  • eyeliner – it can be gel, liquid, or in the form of a marker, with it, it is easy even for a beginner to create clear and neat winged eyeliner;
  • a pencil is a universal beauty soldier that can easily draw a clear line and easily cope with a shaded version;
  • shadows – only ultra-pigmented products are suitable for winged eyeliner, it is also necessary to use a base under the shadows.

Among the fashionable winged eyeliner options for trendy makeup 2023 are the following:

Basic winged eyeliner – suitable for any eye shape. It is a line from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer. The line can be of different thickness, and in accordance with the latest makeup trends 2023 and different colors.

Double modern – will be the main focus. Shadows in this case are not used, but only a primer on the eyelids. First, a thin line is created along the upper eyelid. Then the moving eyelid is drawn with a line from the middle to the main wing. The lower eyelid is brought down by a thin line. Such winged eyeliner can also be made in color.

Dots instead of winged eyeliner. The makeup artists found the graphic line around the eyes too boring, so dots are increasingly replacing it. They can be on the lower eyelid, upper or temples. The author of this makeup was stylist Pat McGrath, adding to the images of the models at the fashion show. But the idea was also liked by many stars, for example, Sarah Paulson.

Eye Makeup 2023: Winged Eyeliner

Clear Eyebrows

Considerable attention to eyebrows has led to the emergence of specialists in the beauty industry, who are able to significantly transform the face, only slightly changing the shape of the eyebrows.

All eyebrow masters agree that there is no universal fashionable shape that will suit absolutely every woman.

On the contrary, they believe that you need to look for your own, which will emphasize the individuality and beauty of a particular person.

At the same time, makeup trends 2023 are such that thick, as close to natural, well-defined eyebrows will still be in fashion.

In the process of creating such a trendy makeup with an emphasis on the eyebrows, you can not do without the following makeup products:

  • tweezers – it is better that a specialist gives shape to the eyebrows, and in the intervals between visits to him, the hairs that appear can be removed independently with tweezers;
  • brush – on a daily basis for styling hairs, you can not do without a round brush;
  • flat beveled brush – it is needed for drawing contours with shadows for eyebrows and for filling with color;
  • pencil – for a quick make-up, when you need to quickly draw a contour or fill in the voids with hatching;
  • shadows – give the most natural result, so most girls prefer to use this tool;
  • styling gel – transparent to fix the contour or colored to enhance the natural shade.

For girls whose eyebrows are thin, sparse and lack volume, the lamination procedure will help to achieve a graphic outline and fashionable volume. After it, the hairs will retain the desired shape for a month.


Bright, Juicy Lips

A make-up with an accent on the lips is a simple version of a good and stylish make-up, which, by the way, is very popular with men.

This option will be relevant in 2023, which is confirmed by makeup artists working at fashion shows.

Bright red and juicy berry colors will be relevant, which will be appropriate both in everyday outfit and for an evening out.

In addition to the fact that you will need to choose a lipstick color suitable for your color type, you should consider a few more features of such a make-up:

  • Red color well emphasizes the condition of the skin. So you will have to work hard on masking the existing imperfections with the help of a corrector or concealer.
  • Girls with slightly yellowish teeth should choose a bright lipstick with a blue undertone that will make the tooth look whiter, or resort to a dental whitening procedure.
  • In the coming season, you can forget about lip liner. Natural lips even a little blurrier, without clear lines, are in fashion. Therefore, it is enough just to apply lipstick on the lips and lightly pat them with your fingertips.
  • Among the fashionable colors of lip makeup are burgundy, plum, various shades of red, brown and even black, dark blue, dark green, as it was on the catwalks at Max Mara.


New beauty eye makeup 2023 trends that won the heart of more than one beauty include a complete rejection of mascara.

Its popularity can be explained by the following advantages:

  • no need to experience discomfort from the proximity of makeup products to the eyes (especially for those who wear contact lenses) and be afraid that the mascara will flow;
  • removing makeup will be much easier, because washing off mascara is always a kind of challenge, so the delicate skin around the eyes will be less injured.

However, avoiding mascara can make the eyes look less expressive, which can be corrected by using bolder shades of shadows. They can create winged eyeliner or shade the upper eyelid by combining several seemingly incompatible colors. Here you can safely deviate from the canonical rules of the classic make-up.

In addition to bright shadows, you can make your eyes more expressive as follows:

  • Fill with eye pencil the space between the eyelashes, visually making the eyelashes thicker.
  • Curl the eyelashes with tweezers, which will make the look more open.
  • It is good to outline and tint the eyebrows.

Eye Makeup 2023 Trends Without Mascara

Natural Fashion Makeup Looks 2023

At first glance, it may seem that fashion natural makeup 2023 and nude are the same, but in fact, it is not.

If nude involves the use of a minimum amount of makeup products, which is applied in translucent layers, then natural is the maximum rejection of makeup products.

Natural involves hard daily work on yourself, which will help you look decent even with a minimum of makeup on your face.

What makeup products can be used for natural images:

  • light translucent tonal products that will not create masks, but will adapt to the natural skin tone;
  • eyebrow styling gel to beautifully style and fix them, and if you need to adjust the color;
  • mascara – only black or brown;
  • lip balm or lipstick close to natural shade.

Shadows, blush, bronzer and sculptor also have a place to be, if there is a need to somehow adjust the shape of the eyes or the shape of the face. At the same time, they should have a translucent texture, almost invisible on the face.

Natural Fashion Makeup Looks 2023

A striking indicator of the makeup trends 2023 are Fashion Weeks, mainly Milan and Paris. And we, as always, managed to peep what makeup will be relevant in fall and winter.


First of all, pay attention to the trend of the last few years – clear, radiant skin. Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, Sacai, Valentino and many other designers showed radiant, “clear” skin on their models, which certainly indicates that the trend will continue to be supported.


The trend will be all natural shades, the effect of lips untouched by lipstick, or as if a transparent balm was applied to them. Lip accents are also in makeup trends 2023 fall. Tom Ford, Calvin Luo, Lanvin, Ferrari show off red, black, purple, hot blue and pink eye-catching options.

Makeup Trends 2023 Fall/Winter


Gentle romantic shades of blush give us a feeling of warmth and femininity. Therefore, natural radiant skin in combination with a natural lip shade can be supplemented with natural peach, soft pink cheeks, as did, for example, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Coperni.

Eye Makeup Looks 2023

Here, as they say, from one extreme to another.

In the makeup trends 2023 winter, it’s like this: either we don’t pay attention to the eyes at all, using only mascara, and sometimes we do without it at all, or we make the eyes so bright that all attention rushes to them.

If we talk about accents, then it can be black or dark gray smoky eye makeup looks 2023 like Versace and Sportmax. Or they can be colored, for example, purple and blue options, like Undercover, Lanvin and Valentino.


Since we have already found out that naturalness will be the main trend of the Fall-Winter 2023 season, then the eyebrows should look as natural as possible, slightly, but not overly fluffy, simple shades that match the hair color. In shape, they can even resemble boyish ones, without sharp kinks.

And we also want to highlight a special trend that not everyone will like – bleached eyebrows. It is a very controversial phenomenon. But that’s why they are trends, so as not to stay with us for a long time.


So, what can be seen among makeup trends 2023 summer:

  • massive winged eyeliner. This trend is on the same level as smoky eyes. Maybe at first you will not succeed, but over time you can learn to do it at the level of professionals;
  • inner eyeliner. It may seem that this is a long outdated trend, but fashion is cyclical;
  • emphasis on the lower eyelid. Moreover, the eyeliner can be not only black, but also white, colored or even multi-colored. A large number of makeup trends 2023 will make even the most fastidious look stylish.

In addition, in 2023, makeup can be decorated with:

  • Highlighter under the eyes. This will not only refresh the look, but also give the whole face radiance;
  • Rhinestones. Thus, you can stand out from the crowd;
  • Wet lips. Wet lips and no bright colors will make the right accent.

Makeup Trends 2023 Summer/Spring

Smoky Eyes

Classic black smokey is still in trend. But designers have recently preferred dark brown tones.

Also, for bright spring 2023 makeup trends, you should choose smokey bright colors:

  • red and burgundy;
  • blue;
  • light green;
  • purple and pink;
  • yellow and orange;
  • combination of two bright colors.

It is also worth noting that by focusing on the eyes, the lips should be left inconspicuous, covered with lipstick in nude colors, lip balm or transparent lip gloss.

You can really feel luxurious in smokey makeup. Naturally, dark colors are suitable for evening makeup, and bright ones for daytime makeup. But for office everyday life, it’s better not to choose such makeup.



Glitter makeup is still in fashion and will suit those who love everything bright and original.

There are many glitter-fixing gels to make your makeup last longer.

Such gels can be bought at any make up store, and then, by experimentation, choose the best one for yourself.

Sequins on the face will make any day festive. Sequins can decorate not only the eyes, but also the cheekbones or lips.

The only rule for such makeup is the emphasis on only one detail. If you have decorated your eyes with glitter, then it is better to just cover your lips with lipstick, otherwise you risk looking like a Christmas tree.

Glitter can be applied to the eyes in two ways: on the entire eyelid – a brighter and more intense method; only along the growth of eyelashes, like winged eyeliner – a more restrained and neat way.

Thus, if you are afraid of looking too “brilliant”, you can choose the second method, which is no less popular.


Emphasis On Lips

The emphasis on the lips can be done in several ways:

with the help of color. Moreover, it can be not only bright red, but also blue, black or even purple. Such makeup will not be appropriate for office work;

with the help of technics. Many makeup artists focus on the lips with a highlighter. This will help not only to make the lips more voluminous without plastic surgery and thereby highlight them;

with sequins and rhinestones. This method is best left for photo shoots and special holidays. Firstly, you don’t want to eat all the decorations, and secondly, such makeup requires amendments.


Beautiful lips are not only sexy, but also spectacular. By focusing on the lips, you definitely will not be left without the attention of friends and the opposite sex.

If you have made an emphasis in makeup on the lips, then the eyes can be emphasized with the help of eyeliner and mascara, no more.

After all, if the eyes are also highlighted too much, you can look like a clown in a circus, but we don’t need this. It is better to stop on the lips.

It is better to make a contour with a lipliner, then paint over from the contour to the center, and only then apply lipstick.

Such makeup will be not only more resistant, but also more accurate. Then you definitely won’t be able to go beyond the contours and smear lipstick all over your face.

After all, everyone knows that bright or dark lipsticks are difficult to adjust.

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