New beauty trends 2018: stylish ideas and images of makeup 2018

Boldness and extravagance are the main principles which use makeup artists of the past weeks of fashion in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. We advise adopting them in order to replicate the images of the catwalk models. Let’s see what new beauty trends 2018 makeup artists suggest us. Read about it in our article.

new beauty trends 2018, stylish ideas of makeup 2018

One of the main Milan new beauty trends 2018 were colored bright shadows. It was applied with wide strokes without shading, saturated with a homogeneous shade. You can find this technique in the shows of Marni, Missoni, Anteprima, and Byblos.

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On the show John Richmond, bright shadows were not the only accent: their makeup artists supplemented the black eyeliner wide around the eyes.

new beauty trends 2018, bright eyeshadows

Not just scarlet, but with electric light, almost neon-red lipstick is the hit of on several shows. At the show Dolce & Gabbana and Marco De Vincenzo makeup artists used red lipstick with an orange pod, applying it to the lips tightly and evenly along the contour. Another idea appeared on the show Philosophy By Lorenzo: a gloss with a diffuse outline on the lips.

new beauty trends 2018, red orange lipstick

Makeup in one scale is one of the new beauty trends 2018. In the previous weeks of fashion, there were already similar images. Use some blush in peach or tender pink color. The main point here is to pick up a balm or lipstick.

new beauty trends 2018, makeup in one scale

Overhead and dyed eyelashes will remain relevant. As examples, you can take variants from the shows N.21 and Aquilano, both are quite appropriate in everyday makeup.

new beauty trends 2018, stylish eyelashes makeup

Arrows remain at the peak of popularity as graphics and graceful feline arrows. In addition, among all the variety there was an original version with white eyeliner. In the fashion makeup 2018, you don’t need to blur the arrows and draw them around the entire contour of your eyes, as in Valentino’s autumn-winter show, you should opt for clear and noticeable white lines from afar.

new beauty trends 2018, makeup with white arrows

Gray lipstick is in new beauty trends 2018 fashion. In the summer of 2018, makeup artists of the Acne Studios offer to combine a makeup with lips of dusty asphalt. It’s not gothic, but it’s not a boring Bordeaux either.

new beauty trends 2018, stylish gray lipstick

Art makeup is a hit of makeup 2018. Pour a few shades of metallic shade onto the palette, mix with the shimmer, add a little oil or water in them and pour into this mixture of a cylindrically shaped tube. Make a print on one side of the face, leaving neat, even circles, as in the Issey Miyake show.

new beauty trends 2018, stylish art makeup

new beauty trends 2018, fashionable art makeup

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