New makeup trends: tendencies and eye makeup ideas

Makeup Ideas

In this article, we’ll get introduced to new makeup trends and eye makeup ideas, which will help women to stay in trend and look stylish.

new-makeup-trends-eye-makeup-ideas-makeup-looks-New makeup trends

New makeup trends: Retro, Nude

Among novel makeup trends can be distinguished well-groomed and accurate natural eyebrows. Main motive of fashionable eyebrows is smoothing of bends, creation of straightness, combination with color of hair.

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Broad eyebrows are relevant, but they look spectacular only on an ideal face.

new-makeup-trends-eye-makeup-ideas-makeup-looks-New makeup trends

As for makeup of lips, stylists advise experimenting with a makeup in style of ombre.

To perform it you need to use 2-3 contrasting lip gloss.

There are several types of makeup that will look luxurious and elegant:

  • Nude
  • Cat’s sight
  • Retro

Makeup should create impression as if there is practically no cosmetics on face.

Main condition is perfect skin without flaws. Decorative means that used are bulk mascara, foundation, and blush of natural shade, transparent lip gloss.

new-makeup-trends-eye-makeup-ideas-makeup-looks-New makeup trends

new-makeup-trends-eye-makeup-ideas-makeup-looks-retro-eye makeup ideas

To perform extravagant makeup in style of Marlene Dietrich will require bright lipstick. Makeup artists recommend using a rich burgundy color.

Red, contrary to the prevailing opinion, doesn’t look so spectacular and doesn’t fit all girls. A wide black eyeliner or a golden one will add a zest to the image.

Dark rouge and bronzer from the arsenal of cosmetics are better to exclude. But friable radiant powder when creating retro makeup looks is very appropriate.

new-makeup-trends-eye-makeup-ideas-makeup-looks-eye makeup ideas

Makeup looks: Color trends

Cat’s look is one of trendy eye makeup ideas. Main emphasis is on eyes. With help of a pencil, they are given an almond-shaped shape, like a cat. The color palette of shadows is dark blue, brown, black, gray. This eye makeup is ideal for bright brunettes. To make makeup look perfect, you need to combine it with neutral tones on lips and face.

new-makeup-trends-eye-makeup-ideas-makeup-looks-cats-eye-eye makeup ideas

new-makeup-trends-eye-makeup-ideas-makeup-looks-cats-eyes-eye makeup ideas

In new makeup looks will be a variety of color combinations.

Purple and black arrows and golden brown shades are suitable for brown-eyed beauties.

Kind of makeup looks, as a retro.

For green eyes, stylists recommend using a reddish, purple and wine palette of shadows and classic black arrows for eye makeup ideas.

For blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls give preference to shades of blue color and black pencil.

new-makeup-trends-eye-makeup-ideas-makeup-looks-green-eyes-makeup-eye makeup ideas

The pledge of beautiful expressive makeup is an ideal skin.

Before creating makeup, the skin should be cleaned and moistened with a light texture cream.

False eyelashes aren’t in trend for eye makeup ideas, but if you need to make eyelashes lush and bulky, then it’s better to use individual beams.

The use of rhinestones isn’t forbidden.

new-makeup-trends-eye-makeup-ideas-makeup-looks-eye makeup ideas

new-makeup-trends-eye-makeup-ideas-makeup-looks-blue-eyes-makeup-eye makeup ideas

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