Party makeup 2018: stylish trends and fashion tips for party makeup

Creating an evening makeup isn’t as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Its most important feature is the brightness of colors. Many girls ask a question, why the party makeup must necessarily be bright. The answer is simple: in artificial light, the colors are “eaten up”, so you need more saturated colors than with sunlight to highlight the eyes or cheekbones. Also, when applying more saturated colors, the quality of lines and feathering should be flawless, because all the shortcomings on bright colors are seen much more clearly than with the use of nude shades. Let’s see what party makeup 2018 trends will be in fashion.

party makeup 2018, stylish trends and tips for party makeup

Party makeup 2018: stylish trends

When creating an evening makeup use the base: it can be a matting base, for oily skin, and can be moisturizing, if you suffer from dryness. The base smooths the face, allowing the subsequent makeup to lie perfectly and stay for long.

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Remember, evening makeup should be perfect in terms of performance, because when using rich colors, all the shortcomings will be visible. A perfect makeup without an ideal skin doesn’t happen.

party makeup 2018, stylish ideas for party makeup

Party makeup 2018 should be brighter than the daytime if the event will be held indoors with muted light, use a tone for the face lighter than usual. If the light is bright enough, tonal means and powders with a flicker effect will suit the festive version, but in this case, it’s better to use shadows without shine, the accent in evening makeup, as in the daytime, should be either on the eyes or on the lips.

party makeup 2018, tips and tricks for party makeup 2018

Most girls emphasize the depth of their eyes. In addition, if you bet on the lips, you will have to constantly make up your makeup, especially if you are eating.

party makeup 2018, stylish lips and eye makeup for party makeup

Party makeup 2018: ideal makeup

The ideal tone of the face is the guarantee of a smart makeup. First clean and moisten your skin with cream. Having waited for a little, apply a tonal basis with a brush. If your skin has noticeable flaws, use a concealer. It will hide visible defects, making the tone of the face impeccable. If the skin is greasy, use powder.

A very important role in party makeup 2018 is played by eyebrows, especially without a bang. Eyebrows should be neat, combed and well-colored. In the evening makeup, eyebrows can be brighter, so black and dark brown pencils are allowed.

party makeup 2018, trendy eyebrows for party makeup 2018

If you decide to focus on the eyes, then you can use the brightest shadows. Don’t forget, the shades should be in harmony with the eyes’ color and your clothes.

party makeup 2018, party makeup 2018 with bright shadows

Mascara is applied in two layers, it is better to use black. If your eyelashes aren’t very thick and long, you can paste artificial ones for the evening.

party makeup 2018, stylish party makeup with mascara

Party makeup 2018: modish tips

Don’t hesitate in the party makeup 2018 to use liquid liner and draw arrows. Focus on your makeup, use pale beige lipstick or a barely noticeable lip gloss.

party makeup 2018, modish red lips, beige lips

In the case of an emphasis on the lips, apply a bright lipstick of red, cherry, plum colors, those that suit you more.

party makeup 2018, peach blush, terracotta blush

The finishing touch is the application of rouge to the cheekbones. Blondes should choose a blush apricot, peach or pink-beige. For brunettes are ideal bronze or beige-brown tones. Brown-haired and beige shades with pink undertones are suitable for brown-haired women. Red-haired girls need a blush of terracotta, beige or brick.

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