Popular makeup palettes 2018: stylish shades of makeup 2018

Variety and no framework: this is the main trend in the makeup 2018. This means that the abundance of colors, styles, and techniques of application will be more than ever. And this, in turn, means that there is open space for the most distant and bold flights of your imagination. We’ve talked about eyeshadow palettes 2018, let’s find out what popular makeup palettes 2018 are in trend.

popular makeup palettes 2018, stylish shades of makeup 2018

Playful Fuchsia is in popular makeup palettes 2018 fashion. This color will be appropriate for entertainment in a friendly party, and for a business meeting. Choose the right tone and make one more emphasis on eyebrows or eyes. If you don’t make mistakes, you can give the appearance of a significant amount of romanticism.

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popular makeup palettes 2018, fuchsia makeup

In 2018, the appropriate makeup is in trend: expressive lips and smoky shadows on a pale face. Even black lipstick is suitable if only it doesn’t get out of the general ensemble.

popular makeup palettes 2018, black makeup

Bordeaux lipstick and all its tones will be in demand. You can create a variety of effects with it.

popular makeup palettes 2018, bordeaux lipstick

This season will be fashionable extremes: from natural colors to the graphic arrows, from nude, to an unusual gum, from absolute naturalness to dark lipstick and orange shadows.

This season, a light fluid with reflective particles is trendy. This base is suitable for makeup in the natural style.

popular makeup palettes 2018, brown smoky eyes

Smoky eyes in brown tones are fashionable. It implies a gloss before the eyebrow line, going beyond the eyelid line. Initially, the stylists believe that he will give the image a deliberateness and audacity. Wide brown or gray-brown eyebrows, laid with a wax, a special gel or fixer is also trendy.

popular makeup palettes 2018, brown lipstick, blue lipstick

Dark lipstick, such as brown, burgundy, blue, black, purple, wine is in popular makeup palettes 2018 fashion.

popular makeup palettes 2018, orange makeup

Couturiers didn’t hesitate to present an orange shade on the cheeks, nose, forehead of models. Orange, tangerine or coral shade is the trend of spring 2018. Marble skin, especially welcome in wedding makeup.

All the rest, such as peach, sand, light cream and coffee shades on the eyes, transparent on the lips or transparent with pink also remains in the trend.

Let’s talk about lips and eyes popular makeup palettes 2018 fashion. With green, yellow, orange, red, purple, sky-blue shadows, you can create the most real art masterpieces. And thanks to all the same iridescent shadows, in addition with the same bright lipsticks, you can create another fashionable image a puppet style, to which you should add the final touch, called glued eyelashes.

popular makeup palettes 2018, yellow eye makeup, green eye makeup

Eye makeup in 2018 embraces almost the entire color palette, as designers and makeup artists decided not to focus on one or two favorites. However, you can still designate the prevailing colors, namely: mandarin and coral, azure blue and ultramarine, turquoise and emerald green.

popular makeup palettes 2018, mandarine eyeshadow, ultramarine eyeshadow

In the fashion both shiny and matte lipsticks, as well as transparent and pastel lip gloss. All shades of nude, puppet pink, raspberry, and fuchsia, purple and lavender will be in fashion.

popular makeup palettes 2018, raspberry lipstick, nude lipstick

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