Top beauty trends 2018: fashion trends and ideas for makeup 2018

In this season you can try on dozens of fashionable makeup images, more about which we will tell in our article. Neon shadows, juicy lip glosses, and colored mascara, as a rule, will be in our cosmetic bag. Let’s see what top beauty trends 2018 will be in fashion. We’ll study the question in detail!

top beauty trends 2018, fashion trends and ideas for makeup 2018

The summer version of the gum in golden-bronze tones was presented at the Daks show. It is enough to get bronze and cinnamon shadows, mixing them until you get the right shades. It’s one of the stylish top beauty trends 2018.

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top beauty trends 2018, golden-bronze makeup

Makeup artists bet on the intense blush of a cold pink hue. The models with the display of Bora Aksu blush begins from the lower eyelids.

top beauty trends 2018, stylish cold pink blush

The failed eyes in the style of rock and grunge remained the hit of almost all the shows. Makeup artists Roberta Einer preferred a grassy-green eyeliner, emphasizing the lower eyelids. At other shows, one could notice makeup with wide lines made in black pencil.

top beauty trends 2018, fashionable green eyeliner

Fashion for metallic will be preserved in the top beauty trends 2018 but will be more often seen in silver shade. Silvered eyes will still be relevant. However, at the London Fashion Week, you could also see a couple of original ideas: Holly Fulton showed silver foil over a moving eyelid, and on Shrimps, a large glitter adorned the lips.

top beauty trends 2018, fashionable silver eyeshadow

The blue shadows returned to the podium again. The upcoming makeup artists offer to choose saturated matte shades and cover the moving eyelid with shadows. The exception was Mary Katrantzou’s show, on which light blue shades adorned only the corners of eyes.

top beauty trends 2018, stylish blue eyeshadow

Glitter lips are in top beauty trends 2018. This is not the most practical makeup because with him you can’t eat everything that your heart desires. But all the attention of others will be riveted to your seductive brilliant sponges. In addition, this is the most budget makeup-look for a party, which can be done in 3 minutes.

top beauty trends 2018, stylish glitter lips

Another one of the most popular trends in makeup 2018 is golden arrows with metallic luster. And this makeup is the best for the party makeup 2018.

top beauty trends 2018, metallic arrows, golden arrows

In the spring and summer season, cherry shades will be replaced by bright ones, such as scarlet, fuchsia, coral. No effect of kissed lips, only a clear contour, and minimal eye makeup.

top beauty trends 2018, stylish lip trends 2018


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