Winter makeup trends 2018: stylish trends for winter makeup 2018

We figured out what makeup looks are at the peak of popularity in our last article. Makeup trends again can boast of their versatility. We will tell what winter makeup trends 2018 we are dictated by podiums.

winter makeup trends 2018, winter makeup ideas

winter makeup trends 2018, stylish trends and ideas for winter makeup 2018

Winter makeup trends 2018: stylish ideas

Natural beauty is a trend that will never go out of fashion. “Naturalness” has won its place in the list of the winter makeup trends 2018. To emphasize your natural beauty, you need an absolute minimum of funds. Stock up with a good moisturizing face cream, because a healthy skin color is the guarantee of an ideal natural makeup. Give a little shine to the lips with the help of a balm and a couple of highlights on the cheekbones, using a highlighter.

winter makeup trends 2018, stylish nude makeup

While some podiums propagate the beauty of minimalism, others rush to a different extreme, betting on aggressive black. In this war, all means are good! Take all possible coal resources, such as pencils, eyeliners, shadows. Arrows a la Cleopatra, graphic graceful lines will be in the trend.

winter makeup trends 2018, grunge makeup, cleopatra makeup

Winter makeup trends 2018: fashion tendencies

This time designers didn’t limit themselves completely wrapping the upper and lower eyelid in color. Too bold for winter makeup trends 2018? Then there will be enough pairs of colored highlights. The main requirement of this trend is a pure bright shade and unlimited imagination.

winter makeup trends 2018, bright eye makeup

This trend gained inspiration in the distant 60’s when a naive and flirty look was a popular beauty-reception. Remember the legendary model of Twiggy and her “spider paws” in the lower eyelid. We repeat this trend with the help of overhead beams. The area of action is the lower, upper eyelid, or locally at the corners of the eyes. On the catwalks black was a trendy color, when going to a party or a club, the usual orange or blue “paws” will be perfect.

winter makeup trends 2018, dolls eyes makeup

Winter makeup trends 2018: modish images

It is difficult to understand where the makeup ends and natural beauty begins. Pink shades fall on the skin with a light haze, emphasizing natural beauty and giving the image of naivety.

winter makeup trends 2018, stylish pink makeup

The main beat-arsenal is blush, shadows, and lipstick. In this case, all means are sustained in one tone. Cosmetics are applied neatly, with light movements, erasing all boundaries. This is one of the most modish winter makeup trends 2018.

winter makeup trends 2018, stylish pink makeup ideas

Absolute romance is the cherry sponge. Maybe this color will seem too flashy to you. However, we have two counterarguments in favor of berry shade. First, this trendy shade is perfect for everyone, and a soft blonde, and a cold brunette. Secondly, the technique of applying lipsticks and glosses is incredibly simple and literally knows no boundaries. No intrusive color, just a light cherry gloss or a modest juicy hint.

winter makeup trends 2018, berry makeup ideas


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