Acrylic Nails 2023: Best 11 Trends and Acrylic Nail Designs 2023

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Acrylic nails 2023 are one of the most common types of nail extensions. They have become so popular due to some of their features.

The design of acrylic nails 2023 is a specific matter, different from other types of design. It has its own trends that were or will be fashionable at a certain time.


Nowadays, women are increasingly choosing acrylic extensions, not knowing what to do after they have grown nails, how to decorate and decorate them. This article will help you understand all this.

Acrylic Nails 2023: Peculiarities

Acrylic extension, as mentioned, has its own characteristics that make it so indispensable and popular for modern women.

This kind of nail extensions is very durable. Acrylic nails 2023 are less exposed to the environment, respectively, they are less brittle than the same gel nails.

This is an absolute advantage that attracts many women.

Acrylic Nails 2023: Peculiarities

In addition, acrylic is much cheaper than gel. So, why not choose such a build-up if it is less expensive than other types of it?

If you still managed to damage the acrylic nail, which is rare, then you can bring it back to its previous state on your own, without the help of a professional.

Removing acrylic nails is even easier. You just need to hold your finger in a special solution.

Acrylic nail designs 2023 have their own fashion trends that have become popular this year.

The most relevant of them will be presented below. And a description of the technique for its creation is attached to each trend, which greatly simplifies the task for beginners.

Due to the fact that extended nails will not be in high demand in 2023, experiments with them are not welcome.

You should not use extreme length and extravagant shapes. It is better to limit yourself to the classic oval or almond shape and no more than 5-7 mm long.

This year, the trend will be an unobtrusive and unusual design, such as applying wires to the acrylic nails 2023.

This technique first appeared a few years ago in South Korea and quickly gained popularity all over the world. In addition to the wire from this country, such a kind of decor as the effect of broken glass migrated to us.

These two types of designs have found their way to long acrylic nails 2023, and will remain popular for more than one year.


Short Acrylic Nail Designs 2023

The half-moon design has long been considered a classic, as it is versatile and can be paired with a variety of looks. And this type of design looks great on both short and long acrylic nails 2023.

Such a manicure can always be refreshed by adding fashionable decor elements, thereby transforming it beyond recognition.

This season, a combination of a half-moon manicure and other types of design on acrylic nails 2023, such as art painting, slider stickers, stamping and lace patterns, will be popular.

Pastel shades will become trendy shades in 2023. However, using the moon design for acrylic nails 2023, they can be complemented with various bold and juicy nail colors, playing on the contrast.

On acrylic nails 2023 of medium length, a combination of moon and classic French will be popular.

In addition to the classic combination of nude and white in French, for extended medium nails this season it is recommended to add bright colors, for example, replace a white smile with bright red or blue.

Such a design will look dynamic and positive and is perfect for a casual look.

If you make the smile line a little wider than usual, by adding another strip of bright contrasting color, you can simply refresh a boring manicure.

No less original would be the addition of sparkles or a gradient based on.


Long Acrylic Nails 2023

The classic French manicure is universal, and therefore will always be popular. Because it looks beautiful on any length of the nail and can be decorated in a variety of ways.

In 2023, the trend will be the execution on the classic French of the “caviar” style, which implies an emphasis on several nails in the form of coatings of special small beads.

In order to refresh and give a festive look to a boring everyday manicure, stylists recommend using a fun-French design.

It is better than anything else able to decorate nails in a formal outfit with the help of small pieces of holographic foil, sparkles or rhinestones of various sizes.

Various patterns made with gel or acrylic fit perfectly on long acrylic nails 2023. You can use artistic painting around the entire perimeter of the nail plate or paint only some fragments.

Also, you can apply a pattern to the entire nail leaving a monochrome smile line, or vice versa, leave the base in one color or gradient and use a white lace pattern instead of a smile.

Another trend for long acrylic nails 2023 will be the image on one or more nails of abstract swirls or hieroglyphs applied using stamping, or decorating the nail with flowers or geometric patterns.

Long Acrylic Nails 2023

2023 Acrylic Nails with Patterns, Rhinestones, Sequins

This year, stylists recommend playing with textures on acrylic nails 2023.

The most demanded textures for acrylic nails 2023 are: matte, mother-of-pearl, metallic and glossy polishes. As well as the addition of sparkles and acrylic powder.

The hit of the summer acrylic nails 2023 trends will be chameleon polish. As it changes shades under the influence of temperature and the angle of light. This unique coating will make any manicure exquisite and unique.

Acrylic nails 2023 go well with additional decor in the form of a small scattering of rhinestones or liquid stones. And the acrylic modeling technique is also well suited for decoration.

A fashionable novelty in 2023 will be painting nails in the form of a pattern on malachite, turquoise, marble, agate or onyx.


Matte Nails 2023

A great idea for the design of 2023 acrylic nails would be to use matte polish as a cover, since it has been a popular and sought-after trend for the second year.

For long acrylic nails 2023, it is recommended to use dark red shades of matte polish, complementing this design with a stamping of glossy polish on top to match the matte finish. For a more expressive effect, you can add a few small rhinestones or sparkles to the matte finish.

Acrylic nails 2023 covered with matte polish look stylish and noble. Especially if they are complemented by luxurious decorative elements in the form of mother-of-pearl polka dots, shiny drops or stripes or lace. Matte manicure with such decor looks not only noble, but also expensive.

In addition to matte and velvet manicure on fake nails 2023, you can use the “broken glass” technique. Since it allows you to combine the most diverse and extraordinary shades, while creating a beautiful and unique appearance of a manicure.

Matte Nails 2023

French Nails 2023

Well, of course, the eternal classic among any type of manicure are French nails 2023.

Acrylic manicure can also be done using this technique. To do this, you will need special disposable extension forms, on which you need to apply a preparer, primer, and then the acrylic powder itself along the selected length of the nail.

After all these machinations, it is necessary to file and polish the resulting nail as good as possible.

Then you can already decorate the acrylic French, creating a unique design. This is where your imagination takes over. Come up with interesting acrylic nail ideas 2023, get inspired by them on the Internet and embody them on your nails.

French Nails 2023

Black and White Manicure

Another flawless and fashionable idea is a black and white manicure. You can decorate acrylic nails 2023 in black and white style, creating extraordinary and creative designs.

You can go for a geometric black and white manicure that will look great in an office environment. Or you can go for a more relaxed style of prints that are great for any occasion.

A black and white manicure in general is a versatile type of manicure that you can do if there are no other suitable options.


Acrylic Nail Ideas 2023: Aquarium Design

One of the insanely creative acrylic nail ideas 2023 is aquarium design, which comes into fashion this year.

For those who are not familiar with this technique, a brief introduction.

The technique lies in the fact that a drawing or print is created, as it were, in a kind of “aquarium”. This nail design really looks just great and magical.

However, if you are a beginner in this business, then remember that you should not overdo it with the insides of the “aquarium”. Otherwise the nail will turn out to be too voluminous and ugly, and the client will remain dissatisfied. Nobody wants this, right?

Acrylic Nail Ideas 2023: Aquarium Design

Fake Nails 2023: Velvet

A very popular choice among fashionistas is the velvet style design.

This design is created using acrylic powder and gel polish to match.

First, apply gel polish to the entire nail or to the part where the velvet pattern will be. And then pour acrylic powder on top. After drying under UV rays, you will be surprised at how amazing the result is.

Using this technique, you can create patterns of incredible beauty that will become the highlight of your manicure.

Fake Nails 2023: Velvet

Northern Lights Design 2023

One of the more challenging acrylic nail trends is the Northern Lights design.

Northern Lights Design 2023

Such a design is made with light acrylic, on which it is necessary to lay out iridescent mica and sparkles. Then a curved strip is created with white acrylic. And as a result, all this is covered with stained glass paints.

The result is incredibly beautiful and deep. Such a manicure, of course, is suitable for any evening looks, because it shines with splendor.

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