Almond nails 2018: fashionable and interesting almond nail designs

The effective almond nail designs will provide every fashionista with the attention and reputation of the style icon. We’ve prepared photos of the freshest and brightest ideas for the design of almond nails 2018.

almond nails 2018, interesting almond nail designs

Almond nails 2018: interesting variants

The best “attire” for almond nails 2018 is a French style. However, we should not dwell on the usual framing of the smile lines with white color. The “smile” will look much more interesting in a non-standard solution. Consider the ideas of almond nails in the variation of the French style.

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almond nails 2018, french almond shaped nails

Almond shaped nails don’t like bright geometries. Straight lines and angles contradict the classical rounded outlines of the almond shape. Only rounded outlines of a “smile” and soft curved lines will look relevant.

almond nails 2018, original almond french nail designs

Familiar classic French with a standard smile arrangement will look much more interesting if you use the usual white smile line to play with a picture or replace it with a picture or a lace. But what exactly will look fresh? It’s a combination of different ideas of a French style in one.

almond nail designs, ombre fashionable nail design

Another interesting solution of the French for the almond shaped form is dying in the ombre technique. The tip can be as white as if being a blurred version of the classic French. You can supplement it with rhinestones, pattern or sparkles.

Almond nail designs: stylish ideas

One of the most difficult variants of almond nail designs is the aquarium nail painting. You’d use a large number of layers of gel, on each of which one of the decor elements is drawn or applied. This is how the 3D effect is created. Naturally, with this technology, the nails will look a little thicker than with the standard design. In addition, not every natural nail plate can withstand such a load.

almond nail designs, 3D effect for almond nails 2018

A very original and fairly simple version of the almond nail designs is a water design. Its essence is simple and even a beginner can cope with it. You need a container of water and colored gel-varnishes. On the surface of the water, it’s necessary to drip color gel-varnishes, simultaneously or alternately. With the help of a toothpick, give a drop to a fantasy drawing, in which each finger should be alternately dipped. The procedure will be repeated from one to several times, depending on the design.

almond nail designs, water design for almond nails 2018

Gel-varnishes, acrylic paints, sequins, decor elements such as strips, rhinestones, ribbons will be fashionable for painting on nails. You can produce paintings by brushes of various lengths of nap and thickness, dots, needles, toothpicks.

almond nail designs, almond nails with rhinestones and ribbons

Almond shaped nails: tips and techniques

The richest decor is a rhinestone. You shouldn’t place the rhinestones on the tip in the case of the almond shaped nails. However, an exception is possible, but only if you decorate the entire nail plate with rhinestones. Then the tips on the almond shaped nails with rhinestones will look harmonious and appropriate.

almond shaped nails, stamping on almond nails 2018

Stamping is a real salvation for beginner masters. You can create amazing drawings, such as lace, floral design, a complex decorative pattern, the effect of graffiti and newspaper with the help of stamping. Stamping promises to take a leading position in the decorative design of almond nails 2018.

almond shaped nails, almond nails with feather, almond nails with lace

Pieces of lace, small shells, threads, decorative stones, feathers, decorative sand will be trendy. It’s important not to overload the tip of the almond shaped nails.


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