Best nail polish: nail colors and nail designs 2018

Beautiful well-groomed hands are one of main elements of modern image of woman. Best nail polish trends and shape of nails change constantly. Long claws are not in demand. This year’s best nail colors 2018 are soft, natural shades. Nail designs 2018 color gamut is gentle shades in various variations. Pink, beige, lilac and apricot shades, you can choose any of them.

best-nail-polish-best-nail-colors-2018-nail-designs-2018-Best nail polish

Best nail polish: Natural and Metal colors

In this season, emphasis is done on natural color scheme, such as milky, vanilla, blue, cream, pink, peach, white. If you need to add brightness, you can use blotches of saturated tones. What are best nail colors 2018? In addition to classic glossy, use glitter and matte varnish. Fashionable design “matte” is best nail polish in this season.

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For dullness, you can use a slightly darker color scheme, mouse gray, lilac or marsh. The metal colors are also actual, silver, iron and gold. Coating can be either monophonic or interspersed. It’s important to observe proportions, on short basis, minimalism style is welcomed.

best-nail-polish-best-nail-colors-2018-nail-designs-2018-pink-peach-Best nail polish

best-nail-polish-best-nail-colors-2018-nail-designs-2018-metal-and-blue-best nail colors 2018

best-nail-polish-best-nail-colors-2018-nail-designs-2018-apricot-milky-best nail colors 2018

Nail designs 2018: French, Floral Motifs and Velvet style

Designers offer excellent nail designs 2018, such as stylish double French. It will always be appropriate to use classic French coat (white tint coating). The rest of nail plate is painted with best nail colors 2018, such as peach, apricot, dairy vanilla. In fashion, there is also abstractions, various patterns from dots, zigzags, and divorces. Subject of abstraction changed only color gamut. The “moon” design with silvered or gold-plated hole remains popular. However,  “smile” on nails doesn’t tend to roundness, wavy or zigzag strip is becoming popular, as well as shape V. Moon manicure with addition of French looks original. You can use compositions with mirror effect, as well as foil can be used.

best-nail-polish-best-nail-colors-2018-nail-designs-2018-velvet-best nail colors 2018



Floristic motifs are also in trend. Floral covering of nail plates looks feminine and relevant. However, size of flowers has changed. Velvet nail art is special chic of season. To do this, cover nail plates with pastel base and, without allowing to dry, powder with velvet powder. Your stylish nail design is ready!

best-nail-polish-best-nail-colors-2018-nail-designs-2018-floral-best nail colors 2018

best-nail-polish-best-nail-colors-2018-nail-designs-2018-floral-nail designs 2018

best-nail-polish-best-nail-colors-2018-nail-designs-2018-french-nail designs 2018

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